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Apr. 1st, 2013

Video games are supposed to be fun...

Not depressing.

Been playing Assassin's Creed: Revelations lately, trying to finish it so we can play Assassin's Creed III before Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag comes out in Oct.

But it's been damn depressing. And because of that, it pisses me off easily and I quit for a day or so.

In other words, I simply don't WANT to finish the game.

I will admit, Altair and Ezio are my first favorite video game chars. (Mordecai and Zero from Borderlands are the others. Don't get me started at what happens to Mordecai's Bloodwing in BL2. I'm still not happy about that.)

So if I finish ACR, that means their stories are finished. I have all 5 Masyaf keys. I've done the memories for them. Each one was progressively more depressing than the previous.

I know- they're just pixels, they're not even real life people. But you know what? This is why there are books I will never reread and why there are entire book series that Mark will never finish.

I already know how the game ends- I have the Assassin's Creed books and I've read the one for this game. Yes, I wanted to throw it across the room. I have before- I threw one of Gail Dayton's Compass Rose Trilogy books across the room when she killed my favorite char in the third book. Needlessly, senselessly, in a pointless and utter idiotic way.

I get too attached to inanimate objects.

Maybe I won't finish the game. Maybe I'll stop playing it right where it is, with everyone still alive- and I mean everyone, including Yusuf, just in a sort of limbo. Or maybe I'll go kill more Templars and Ottoman and Janissaries and not worry about advancing the story line any further.

Maybe I'll start playing Bioshock myself- watching Mark play Bioshock Infinite is fun. Or finish Skyrim, or start playing Uncharted or even start Dishonored that's been sitting here. And we have Defiance coming this week too. And Mark wants the newest God of War. Or I could go finish the first Borderlands. And we're playing Borderlands 2 through again on True Vault Hunter mode and Ultimate Vault Hunter mode is coming soon. And there's Sims3- I still don't have University yet...

So see? I don't have to finish the game if I don't want to.

Even though, I already know how it ends.

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Feb. 21st, 2012

Dear Solitude, Your tailors suck skeever tail.

So I decided to visit an area of Skyrim I hadn't been to yet- the far reaches of Solitude.

Which, I find, is overrun by Imperials. Yuck.

Got there in time to see some poor unfortunate lose his head. Something about opening a gate or something. Who knows. I DID learn that, in trying to find out what's going on, one should most definitely NOT go up to the guards and try to talk to them. They don't like that and will attack you.

I think I took out 4 of them before they got me. Yeah.

And then I went to a tailor shop, where the proprietor reminded me of the stuck up girls I went to high school with. You know the kind, think they're better than you and their shit don't stink. Seems she had 'issues' with my clothes. Something about it being an open wound to her eyes. Well, it's steel armor and you know what? Serves me quite well in taking out those Dragons so you can run your little shop and be a stuck up reptilian bimbo. Needless to say, I left without doing any business with her.

Anyway. The whole reason I went to an unexplored area was because I was trying to get more gold to stock up- ok, hoard- heal potions, resist cold potions, resist fire potions and the like. Dragons go down easier when you have plenty of either.}:P

Speaking of Dragons...

It's quite amusing when you clear an area and another Dragon shows up and tries to sneak attack you. They really need to work on that whole shake the earth when they fly by bit. It rather alerts one that they're there. And I'm glad I had 2 Resist Cold pots on me when I came up on that last Dragon, at Lost NorthWatch Camp I believe it was. Thought he was a statue until he fly away. First Frost breathing Dragon I'd encountered so far too. Used the buildings to my advantage and took him down in under 2 minutes. Why yes, I'm an archer, why do you ask?

Mark's playing Skyrim too. He's a level 15 already. I'm only level 14 but damned if I don't have more Shouts than him. And *I* had a contract taken out on me, he was surprised at that. Seems Ungrien took exception to the fact that instead of delivering the keg of stolen Black Briar Mead to him, I returned it to the Meadery. Yeah. Oh well, he needs to hire better thugs.

Hmm, I need Skyrim icons methinks...

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Jan. 26th, 2012

Bleak Falls Barrow is not my friend.

For that matter, neither is Ustengrav Barrow. Or the local wildlife. Or it seems, those who don't like Dragonborn.

I have a knack for making 'friends' in Skyrim, can you tell?

Overall, I'm thoroughly enjoying myself, even if I've never played any of the previous games. We have Oblivion for the PC- Mark plays it, and I borrowed it for the PS3 from the InLaws, but I've not actually played it or any of the preceeding games- there ARE preceeding games, yes?

After all, if Oblivion is The Elder Scrolls IV and Skyrim is The Elder Scrolls V, it stands to reason there was a I, II and III. Right?

Haven't picked a side (Imperial or Stormcloak). Though I'm now a 'Thane of Whiterun'. Go me? Heh. Something about killing a dragon, even though, really, it was mostly the other guys. So. Um, yeah.

Haven't gotten back into Assassin's Creed: Revelations yet. No particular reason.

Seems a small percentage of multiplayer people in ACR are really, REALLY unhappy with the MP that came with ACR, and it appears, back to ACB. Something about glitches, MP mechanics not working like they think they should, PC players getting content so much later than console players (really??? REALLY?? this is a problem that'll make you boycott the game??? Seriously? Most game developers don't make the bulk of their money off the PC version anyway, so no wonder they don't release them at the same time), etc.

Umm, it's a video game, there's going to be glitches. You either deal with them, don't play anymore or inundate the Dev team with emails asking when a patch is coming. But really? Boycotting the game after the creators already got your money? Seriously? Saying you're not going to buy the DLC- as if the game creators make any sort of significant amount of money off them in the first place (here's a hint- they don't.)?

I think this is a proper place for that good ol' phrase, 'First world problems'.

Me, I could care less, as I don't play Multiplayer, so therefore, they don't get money from my for MP DLC anyway. When the game itself stops being fun, glitches included, then I'll stop playing it and stop buying it. Until then, whatever. Hell, I've run into glitches in the 6 hours worth of playing in Skyrim already. It's to be expected. That's part of playing video games

Tonight I get the 'fun' task of setting up my new computer. Last night's attempt was an utter fiasco, as we couldn't find the disc for the photo program I use, and when Mark downloaded an updated version on his new computer, figured out that it will not work with Windows 7 anyway. So now I need a new photo editing program.

And reinstall all the other programs I use, set up all my quick links...

Yeah. Fun.

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Jan. 1st, 2012

So it's a new year already...

Happy New Year and all that jazz. The BiL, SiL and niece were over last night. We played disc golf on the PS3 Move until 5 minutes to midnight, then watched the ball drop. That was actually a lot of fun, well, until Mikayla stopped trying to actually play and tried throwing a fit a couple times when we told her to play right. I think she was simply tired.

Figured out I am not a wine drinker (neither is Mark, really). It gives me a headache. No other liquor does that, oddly enough. So I'll stick with cooking with it. Ah well.

I've been working on unfinished beadwork projects lately, trying to clear out the backlog essentially. This is the one I'm working on currently.

When it's done it'll have four strands, two to a side. It's rather long, definitely not choker or princess length. Maybe in another week, I'll have finished photos...

There's a hole in my kitchen ceiling. Thankfully it's only a temporary thing and will, hopefully, be fixed by next weekend. Whereupon we can start working on the kitchen again. It'll be nice to have it finished and be able to have everything we need in the kitchen again. Tomorrow the landlord will be here to replace the flange on the toilet and tub drain line that's cracked. Which means I'll be at the InLaws' doing laundry much of the day. Mark will have to deal with the noise, lol.

Mark pulled the tile up in the bathroom today, in preparation for tomorrow. We figured we'd kill two birds with one stone and since the floor was being opened up in there, why not replace the tile while we were at it. There were FOUR layers of vinyl tile on that floor. FOUR. Mark took it back to the original flooring, so now, there will only be one.

See this kitten? No, it's not Aries, though she's a near ringer for him. She showed up in the yard a few days before Christmas. Mark spotted her first, stalking the birds on the front porch. We thought she was another feral kitty. Then I realized how tiny she is. She's not more than 4-5 months old, if that. And cuddly and friendly as all get out. Add in the fact that she's apparently going through her first heat and that adds up to someone tossing her out rather than taking her to the vet or Angels of Assisi to be spayed. Instead, she'll likely get pregnant by one of the ferals and the cycle will start all over again.

Currently she's camping out on the front porch, having decide our house was THE house to be at, as we'll feed her and there's a blanket out there to curl up on. It's all a gimmick really, as Tuesday, she's heading to the shelter where they'll spay her, give her shots and find her a great home that'll take care of her. We'd keep her but with 3 already, we absolutely can't, and the InLaws , while agreeing she's adorable, are apparently not ready for another cat yet after losing Sinman a little over 6 months ago, so I can't blame them.

Took the bird feeders down, cleaned off the front porch, told the landlord about the rats and am working on getting traps for them. They dug a tunnel under the front steps. That was the last straw. The landlord will be calling the neighbors' landlord about them, as that's where they're coming from. It doesn't help that they leave bags and bags of garbage sitting out back for days at a time. It only entices more rats. So. Hopefully we can get them to decide this isn't the yard for them any longer.

Still undecided as to what I'm going to do about Artfire. Still in wait and see mode there. But a lot of sellers are already leaving, so I think 2012 is going to be rough for Artfire, at least at the beginning, until new sellers replace the lost income.

And that's the beginning of my new year. How's yours?

Aug. 12th, 2011

Video Game Playing- Know your Limits and don't go past them.

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So I've been playing my Assassin's Creed game again. I'm 3/4 of the way through. It's getting harder but I'm getting better at it, slowly.

Most days I do very well. Most days I have no issues and can play for up to 3 hours, not straight, mind. I get up and move around often. Any longer than 3 hours, I start to get a headache. Only with video games though. Sims3 doesn't do that. No idea why.

Most days I have great fun playing my game. It's been awhile since a PS3 game caught and HELD my attention this long. Usually I get so stuck it pisses me off to the point I quit playing, or I lose interest in it. (God of War and Darksiders, I'm looking at you.)

This game is different. It's holding my attention. Most days.

Because MOST days, I have fun and want to keep playing. Even when it takes me 7 tries to get to a wall to climb for a view point because I keep missing my jump and drowning. Yeah.

Today, however, was NOT one of those days.

I've come to the conclusion I need a new controller because my R1 button is only intermittently working suddenly. Even with a full charge on it. I can hold it down and watch it flicker between 'Counter' and 'Attack'. It's not supposed to do that. You hold it down, it's supposed to be 'Counter'. Period.

So when I'm sitting there, getting increasingly pissed off to the point I want to throw things and I'm yelling obscenities at the TV, so loudly it scares Caena, I know I've reached my breaking point and I've gone way past my limit. I should have stopped when it first started going wonky. THAT was the limit. But I had to push it.

When I got the urge to throw the controller across the room, I knew I really needed to stop playing my game.

Otherwise, I'll never finish it. And I really want to finish this game*.

Next time, I'll know to stop BEFORE I reach my limit. Cause being this angry over a video game? So isn't worth it.

* And Assassin's Creed II and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood- both of which I also own- and Assassin's Creed Revelations that I have on pre-order. Oh and Assassin's Creed III that's due to come out sometime next year.

Jan. 14th, 2011

See this is why I don't play the PS3 that much...

Was thinking of moving Mark's college books out of the pie safe so I could use it to store quilting and beadwork stuff in it again. Was thinking I needed him to bring home a box I could use when I remembered I have an empty (or nearly so anyway) embark box from our Marine Corps days upstairs that I'd been at a loss as to what to do with it.

Hmm, most, if not all, of his books, that he never uses anymore anyway, will fit in that , but it's underneath all those other boxes that still need to be sorted through and there's the 2 drawers from the nightstand I'd moved into the closet to use as storage for shipping supplies and stock to go through yet.

Then I need to vacuum the floors both upstairs and downstairs . And Rue's bedding needs changing- I'd promised her I'd do that today. Then I need to dust, cause it's getting bad again.

By that time, Mark will be home and ensconced in front of the TV, playing HIS game (Borderlands). Then it'll be time for dinner and catching up on DVR'd stuff...


Maybe I should just start getting up earlier... Nah.

And Bonus! Caena in the recent snow pic-

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Jan. 12th, 2011

Mark's frustrated with me.


Well, because unlike him, I don't need to play video games every day.}:P

He does it as a way to relax when he comes home from work, generally. But he'll also sit there and play for hours on the weekends.

So yesterday, we were talking about something and he asked if I'd even played my game lately (My game being Assassin's Creed.)

'Speaking of games, have you even been playing yours?'


'Why not?'

'Because I've been doing other stuff, like decluttering the houser, cleaning, trying to sell stuff online, you know, other stuff'

'Uh huh.'

Granted, it's been a week since I've played, but I'm just over half way through the storyline part of the game (starting Memory Block 4 for those who've played) with a good number of the side missions either completed, halfway or three-quarters completed to boot (sitting there going, 'Die, Templar! Die!' is strangely cathartic.). Don't get me wrong- I love this game. I love the visual artistry, the historical aspects, and the game hasn't really pissed me off to such an extent that I won't play it for nearly a year (God of War I comes to mind, I still haven't finished that game, nor have I even started GoW II).

See, he wants me to finish my gae so HE can play it, because I won't let him play my games until I either finish them or get so stuck it pisses me off and I don't want to play it anymore. Otherwise, he gets ahead of me, like in Darksiders, and then spoils what's coming up next in the game.}:/

I'm actually excited to play Assassin's Creed and really can't wait to get to Assassin's Creed II or even Assassin's Creed Brotherhood after that- yes, I have all three games, and the Collector's Edition game guides for II and Brotherhood, and the regular game guide for I, as Christmas gifts to myself- but video game playing is not that important to me at this point in time. Taking care of my house and my online shops, paying bills, IS.

Does that make me a bad gamer girl? }:P

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