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May. 6th, 2014

Sometimes, you demand a do over and sometimes, you get one.

So apparently that sudden quick thunderstorm we had yesterday morning, killed our modem. Which was likely dying anyway since it was 10years old. (Luckily both computers as well as tv, ps3, etc is all plugged into surge protectors or we might really be in trouble. Modem was too, but well, didn't help).

130.00 later, new high speed modem/router in one with wireless capability.

Yeah. But at least we can definitely tell a difference in internet speed. Things load smoother and a tad quicker now.

And according to Cox, we'd have needed to either downgrade our internet speed (not an option) or get a new modem in a couple weeks anyway, as the old wouldn't have worked anymore with their new internet speed update at that time.

Fun times, I tell ya.

Then, later that evening as I'm sewing and playing Sims 3, the kid ages up into a teenager, her dad gets a free 2 day vacation and leaves. All well and good, she's a good kid, and usually doesn't misbehave- even without my intervention.

2 days later, he comes back and berates her for skipping school. Umm, it's Sat, there's no school and I know she went to school the Sim day before, because I sent her. Oh and he's aged up into an elder while on vacation as well. So, wtf, game?

Send him out to tend the neglected garden, and later, her as well. It's not a particularly large garden, but he's old, so he goes slowly now. It's evening, she's gone to bed and suddenly, he turns into a ghost. Huh?!? Now, I have a long lifespan- 125 sim days- on my sims, pets included, so he was only at 87 days and suddenly my game was killing him without me even trying?

Good thing he had not one, but FIVE death flowers in his pack - I'm crazy, but not stupid, when I want him to die for real, I'll take them from him- and he hands one to Death. All well and good, right?

Well, the garden wasn't finished, things still needed to be fertilized and now weeded again. So I set him back to work. Morning comes, and he's still going. Now stuff needs to be harvested again, so I send the teen out to do that while the dad weeds.

And my stupid game tries to kill him again. This time, via a meteor. Yeah. First time since I've been playing Sims3 that my game has spontaneously tried to kill a sim before the end of their lifespan, not once, but TWICE and the first time I'd had a meteor fall without my forcing it.

So I make him move out of the way and wait. He gets bored and wanders off to find a rocking chair- as you do. Meteor falls, destroys a good third of the garden, the cat playhouse, sets the house on fire, sets a NPC sim who somehow wandered onto my lot on fire, sets the damn family cemetery where the mom's gravestone is on fire and generally screws up the entire back half of the lot.

After literally banging my head on my desk, I said, Nope and hit quit without saving.

I will have THAT particular do over today.

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May. 31st, 2012

No grills were seriously damaged in the making of this post....

No canines, felines or avians either.

So THIS is how my day is going to go, eh?

Why, yes, Caena managed to not only knock the grill up on end, but flip it over and around the side of the house this morning. While I stood there watching, bemused, as it happened in near slow motion.

Her lead caught the corner of the ledge on the grill and pulled it up on the wheels. Which promptly startled her and made her try to GET AWAY FROM THE THING that was clearly after her. Which caused it to swing around, tangling the lead further, and pulling the grill over onto its top.

Then she saw me standing there with my phone, and very contritely walked over to me, head hung low, tail slowly wagging.

I couldn't help it. I laughed at her.

(The grill is still there. It'll take both of us to move it from its current position back into place. Not because it's heavy, but because it's awkward.)

The Carolina Wrens who built the nest on the front porch, right next to the front door, either have eggs or, more likely, given how actively they've been bringing insects and such back, have babies in the nest.

They spent 5 solid minutes berating the Chipmunk who dared to come on the porch to eat the bird seed. Much like they do the Blue Jays, the House Sparrows, the Tufted Titmouses, the Nuthatches, the Indigo Buntings, even the poor Purple Finches and the poor, much maligned by the Blue Jays, Crow that comes by sometimes when there's peanuts out.

Now, I'm getting 'looks' through the window where I sit at my desk, as still as possible, when they land on the chair or the baker's rack right outside it.

Cute birds, but really, this is getting nuts. It could be worse though, I could be getting divebombed everytime I go out the front door, like the poor Crow does by the blue Jays.

Got rid of the majority of the rats. They disappeared for roughly 3 weeks, completely. Then, a small, halfgrown one showed back up again. I'm gradually moving the rocks that were once around the pond out front, that'll never likely be rebuilt, to the back, along the fence and around the Wisteria, as that seems to be where they like to burrow under the fence to come eat the bird seed that falls to the ground.

With the Chipmunks showing back up (finally, after years of being gone), I'm hesitant about putting out more rat poison. But it's looking like I may not have a choice.

The Tomatoes( Hillbilly, Great White and Black Krim, you can see them to the right in the above photo) are finally budding and blooming. They've grown 4 times the size they were. Combination of good compost before planting and plenty of water, I suppose. Hopefully we'll get lots of maters this season.

Much of the rest of the gardens are doing quite well. A few of the Irises my GrandAunt Rosie gave me last summer, have bloomed. Nearly all of them came back and doubled in size. Several plants need to be cut back, such as the Lemon Balm and the Greek Oregano, as they're trying desperately to take over where they are. The St John's Wort tripled in size over last year and bloomed abundantly this year.

The Wisteria is being trained along the fence, mostly on my side of my fence, because I noticed that the guys doing the yard work on the other side, had weedeated really close to the fence, killing half the Honeysuckle, much of the Strangling Dog Vine (thankfully) and whatever else they did, affected a few vines of my Wisteria. So I pulled it all back to my side. Better safe than sorry, and besides, I'd appreciate more blooms next year than an empty house will.

The Love In A Mist has nearly taken over the front Iris bed. There's dozens of seed pods. So when they ripen, I'll collect them, and pull the plants out. The plan is to lift the remaining Irises from the bed this fall and compost/replace the soil before replacing them. Hopefully that'll give them a much needed boost next year, as simply top feeding them isn't working. Many didn't bloom this year either.}:/

In 4 days, it'll have been 4 years since Dante-Inu left me.

In 15 days, Caena will be 4 years old.

I have not played Skyrim in nearly 3 weeks. Haven't played Assassin's Creed Revelations since Dec 2011. My computer has actually been behaving itself for the last 2.5 weeks, so I've been enjoying playing Sims3 for the time being.

And here comes a Carolina Wren with what appears to be a cricket. Must be feeding time again.

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Nov. 4th, 2010

My Sims3 Game hates me.

That's all there is to it.

I have a bachelor Sim- lives alone, has few friends, in a 1 bedroom 'Penthouse' highrise in Bridgeport(the newest neighborhood that came with the latest EP, Late Night). His callbox rang and Morrigan Hemlock, one of the new Vampires that came with the new EP, wanted to visit. He'd just met the Hemlock family a Sim day before, so I figured, ok, why not, he needs to work on his relationships anyway.

She arrives at his apartment, with her toddler daughter in tow. Walks into the study (could be a 2nd bedroom if he [I] decides to get married and have kids). Kid is throwing a fit because she's tired according to her thought bubble. Mom's thought bubbles alternate between HER being tired and STARVING.

Morrigan Hemlock puts her toddler down on the floor and heads to my Sim's fridge to get whatever she thinks she can eat- I had no Plasma Fruit, the Vampire food, I suppose. My Sim, Brendan, picks up the toddler.

Suddenly my game zooms to the living room area, where MORRIGAN IS DYING OF STARVATION.

Wait... what?

What the devil am I supposed to do with a TODDLER, you fool woman! Brendan is so not set up for a kid, being single, having 200 simoleans to his name and NO PLACE FOR A COFFIN FOR A VAMPIRE TODDLER.

The damn fool was so busy mourning and wailing that he ran out of time to play Death a game of chess in a bid to save her. &*#@$%@%$^&%^**()#$.

Thankfully, after she went into the square plain box of an urn, it and the toddler- who walked into the room literally deathglaring at Brendan, like it was his fault her mom didn't eat before she came over- both vanished. My Sim had to clean up the pile of ash.

Things I learned- When Vampires die, they flash brightly and turn to smoke, then ash. Their ghosts, as evidenced here, are pretty damn cool looking. MAKE SURE THE VAMPIRES HAVE EATEN BEFORE THEY VISIT.

Nov. 2nd, 2010

Progress photos of new beadwork piece...

First, a belated Happy Birth Day to Morrigan, who glares at me as I work, more often than not. Samhain was when she first showed up here, so we, ok *I* , designated that as her birth day. And yes, that would be Sims3 loading in the background. It used to take up to an hour to load, until we figured out the issues and fixed it. That was when I'd get the majority of my beadwork done. Now it loads in 20 minutes. Whoops.

Work moves apace... )

Sep. 20th, 2010

Random bits...

It's hilarious watching Morrigan bound 2+ ft into the air, just to pounce on a jingle ball in the kitchen.

There's been a rash of spam commenters on the unlocked posts in my IJ again. This is why I can't and won't remove the screened comment feature. Unfortunately, I can't disable the anonymous commenting so fellow Daring Bakers and Daring Cooks can still post. It's a Catch-22, I'm damned to spammers if I don't, and damned as far as the Daring Kitchen comments go if I do.

Did some yard work this morning- watered plants/gardens, chopped back butterfly bush and overgrown vinca vine- why did I plant that crap again? It's impossible to get rid of. Chopped down a few weed trees out back, chopped/pulled all the bramble vines and other vines off the fence near the outdoor unit. The front walk is clear again, you don't have to push past the butterfly bush to walk on it now.

Speaking of Daring Bakers- need to do the Sept Challenge sometime this week. ESPECIALLY this week, as It's due next Monday to be posted. Yes, I'm procrastinating.

Been playing Sims3 as I can. Sometimes it's so lagged it annoys the crap out of me. Sometime by the end of the year, I'll be able to upgrade my power supply and video card to run it better. I hope. Currently I'm on a building kick and am designing/building a French Chateau style house. Complete with hedge maze garden Screenshots later.

Need to call the parents sometime this week and let them know we won't be coming back up again this year. Yes, I'm procrastinating that too.

I'm good at procrastinating.