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Feb. 1st, 2008


My computer hates me, that's all there is to it.

I can play Sims2 for roughly 10-15 minutes before I get a Blue Screen o' Death.

Mark's gonna take a look at it this weekend.

It was fine a week ago when I was playing, now suddenly, it hates me. Grrr.

Jan. 30th, 2008


Got woke up by the high winds early this morning. In particular when one gust blew the window fan in. Yeah, it was that bad.

I asked Mark when he came back up to let me know he was heading towork, if we had any windchimes and bird feeders left.

If I'd realised it was going to get that bad, I'd have taken them down last night.

Heard from the 'rents. Dad's mitrochondrial(sp?) valve IS leaking again. There's a knot to one side that's allowing the back flow, but it's not as serious as it was years ago when he needed the first surgery. And the stent in the right side appears to be possibly collapsing again. However, his kidney doctor has said absolutely NO catherizations unless it's a matter of life and death. So he goes back in 6 months for a checkup and goes from there. Mom said she was described all the symptoms for when it does collpase, and they'll be watching for them, as it apparently happens quickly, symptom wise.

The sad part? His leaky valve bit is genetic. }:/

Need to edit some screenshots for Chapter 2 of The Blackblade Clan. Then get to work on Chapter 3. Been puitting it off, trying to finish my monthly Challenge piece for the Etsy BeadWEavers, who by the way, have a very nice article up on why we bead.}:) That piece needs to be finished by Feb 5th. I have 5.5 inches and a clasp to do on the choker/necklace itself. That will be the main entry.

I'm planning a bracelet and earring set to go with it, but want to get the necklace done first, so I can hopefully enter it.

This weekend, Goat might be coming over with Julie for dinner. Need to work on my other shops as well.

Have to get a new Bodrum Teapot.}:( I broke mine last night, putting dishes away, a small spice cup fell out of the cupboard, hit it and proceeded to land on my toes. I then, later, when getting dinner together (Shepherd's Pie, Wolf style- herbed garlic redskin taters, and venison burger with celery heart chopped into it), sliced the back of my finger open on an edge of it.

I've lost 7lbs in a week. This is good.

Got a new CD in the mail, Eisbrecher Leider/Vergissmeinnicht. Just need to get the rest of them now too, especially their newest. And Emigrate's new one too.

Jan. 19th, 2008

Waiting on the snow....

Looking at the radar, we may get a brush of it, but I'm thinking that 3 inches they said we were going to get, isn't going to happen. We still have roughly just under an inch left on the ground out back. Need to upload the photos I took Thursday of it.

Tried playing Sims2 last night, after finally getting the fool computer straightened out.

Ended up having to remove all the hacks, and redownload them. Got tired of the errors they were throwing up every 20 seconds or so. TwoJeffs has a 'Director's Cut' of the hacks he uses in his game. Surprisingly, most of them are ones I use in my game. Ended up getting rid of the Squinge hacks. Will look later to see if someone updated the few I used.

Game ran well for a little while. Then I tried to adjust my Sims penis (yes I have a penis hack), as I'd downloaded an updated version. Well, the game immediately crashed. Hrm.

So I removed it, redownloaded it, reinstalled it, and tried again. It crashed again. So I went looking for the old version. Heh. After all, I really didn't need all the new features the new version has. Also, ACR (Autonomous Casual Romance) seems to be causing errors. Even after downloading and installing the supposedly updated version. So I took it out this morning and later I'll try again to see if that fixes it.

Took abit of searching, but I found the updated version of the Lot DeBugger as well, so THAT will help greatly.}:)

Hopefully I've got the bugs worked out. And now I can concentrate on working on The BlackBlade Clan.

Jan. 18th, 2008

Took nearly 7 hours..

But the 160gig drive got put in and most everything reinstalled.

I say most everything because I need to wait to reinstall Microsoft Office as Mark's boss currently has it and she's out sick.

I know there's programs I've not installed, but obviously I don't need them.

Photo software is in, editing software is in. FRAPS redownloaded, ICQ redownloaded, etc.

Even, obviously, Semagic redownloaded and set back up.}:P

Then I had the Fun! job of reinstalling 12 Sims2 games- the actual game, 6 epansions and 6 stuff packs. AND almost 10gigs worth of Custom Content and the programs used with the Sims2 (CleanInstaller, See Them hack, Color Enable Package).

So I loaded up all the games, took 3 hours. Started up the game to make sure SecuRom wasn't going to cause issues. amazing how fast it starts with no CC. Made sure to enable CC, reset the screen settings, the display settings, etc and exited out.

Then I spent another 2 hours reinstalling all the CC.

1am I finally finished. Started at 2pm.

Naturally I had to start the game back up again to make sure that the CC showed up. Especially the Insimenator, as it was updated and I wanted to see the new stuffs.}:P

Needless to say, it worked fine, most everything showed up. Somehow I'm missing a few meshes for clothing. No biggie. Played around with the new Traveller family, sent them on vacation, then went to bed.}:P Today I'll mess around with things that require the other hacks I have and make sure they still work. Might have to find a new camera mod, I don't think GunMod's works as well anymore.

I did notice that the 160gig drive runs slower than the 80gig drive, even with 25% more free space. Odd, that. (the 80gig was at 56% free, this one is at 77% free)

Right now I need to work on Chapter 2 of The Blackblade Clan. and get it uploaded.}:)

Wow apparently I got the new improved updated Semagic as I now have a tag option while logged into IJ on it, woohoo!

Oh and on top of the 4 inches we got yesterday, and have maybe 2 inches left of, they're calling for another 3 inches of snow tomorrow. And funny how when you get a raise, you see to have even less money than before. But hey, the bills are all paid off for the month, save one that's due next week, and that means that next week's check will be mostly stock up on groceries and set aside money. }:P

Jan. 12th, 2008

Trying something new.

The Blackblade Clan

Jan. 11th, 2008

I am so far behind...

I still have Christmas trip photos to edit, New Year's eve photos to edit, various other recent photos.... I at least got them uploaded to the external drive.}:P

Need to stop playing so much Sims, I guess... NAH>

Oh yeah, need to do the next installment of my Uglacy as well.


Oh yeah, also have birth day pics from Mark's birth day dinner, as well.

Nov. 28th, 2007

UggTowne Ishkabibbles, Gen 1, Part 1 (30+/- screenshots)

When we last left them, Grian and Brandi had just celebrated the birth of their firstborn son, Gaothan...

Warnings- Mild nudity, nonpixelated.

Generation 1, Part 1 ) 

Nov. 20th, 2007

UggTowne Saga, Part One... (40+ pics)

Welcome to UggTowne!
Population... Unknown at this time. No one bothered to count the Native Population. Heh. However, a new family will be arriving soon...

(Warnings- none in this episode, amazingly)

Meet the Ishkabibbles... )

Nov. 16th, 2007

Note to self..

When your Sims are having their Golden Wedding Anniversary Party, try not to let the male Sim flirt with a female guest in front of his wife.

She really didn't like it.

Now she wants nothing to do with him.

Thankfully, she's already plat for the Lifetime Want of said Anniversary and he's already plat from becoming Capt. Hero, but still, man was it funny.}:P

Oh and her face got stuck with the 'oh my god! I can't believe you did that to me!' look.


Yes, I have screenshots. All in good time.

Sep. 23rd, 2007


THIS reminds Mark of Silent Hill and is spooky and creepy to others....

I am highly amused.

Sep. 21st, 2007

Selected screenshots...

From my [yet another] newest Sims 2 family. the Illusionares.

Con't... )

Sep. 13th, 2007


My hair is now purple. Well, some of it anyway. Ultra Violet and Deadly Nightshade, to be precise.

Con't... )

Sep. 9th, 2007

Holy cow...

I knew I took alot of screenshots from my Sims2 families (FRAPS is da bomb for screenshots), but HOLY SHIT.

I so did not realise I took 30,000+ screenshots.


I just deleted maybe 8,000 of them, from families I no longer have, ones I can't use, etc. I still have 21,582 screenshots left. 15, 820 are from THREE families that have been intermarried.

Yeah. About half of those will end up deleted, but still.. Yikes.

Selected Screenshots... )

Aug. 1st, 2007

HaHAHAHAH Oh Shit....

Gave my official month notice at work today.

Going to Busch Gardens on the 24th-27th. Have simply got to ride the new roller coaster, the Griffin.

Found an entire forum of Sims2 Challenges. Hence the Oh Shit. Cause now I found a shit load I want to try. This one, in particular, would drive me insane. Especially when they became toddlers. That is, if I wasn't insane already.

You know, if you're having a Bad Day(tm), taking it out on someone who made a comment that was meant to be funny, is so not cool.

Jul. 28th, 2007

Pleasantview Times...

Tulip Grove Estate Orphanage considered Success
Experimental Orphanage nears 20th anniversary
Con't behind the cut )

Jul. 9th, 2007

Glitches galore... and Irian is still evil...

For whatever reason, my Sims2 game loves to have glitchy births and/or birthdays. Some, as previously seen, are quite funny. Some are 'WTF' caliber.

These are both.

Quite a few screenshots... )

Jul. 8th, 2007


So I played Sims2 for ... roughly 7 hours yesterday.

Me and this FRAPS screenshot proggy can get into alot of trouble. I had over 2700.. yes TWO THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED PLUS, screenshots from ONE family. Marriage, through the toddler years of their twins. I managed to winnow it down to 2200+ screenshots last night before I gave up from being tired and my eyes going fuzzy on me.

I've decided not to move the families from the bro in law's computer to mine. I'll lave them there and play them when I'm over there, which is roughly 3-4 times a week anyway. That way if something happens to my computer, I don't lose everything and won't have to start over again. (Yes Kat, you told me so, I know, I know.)

So yesterday, I started playing the Ramaswami family on my computer. Except I changed their first names. Told Mark they'd be the cousins of the other Clan or something. So instead of Sanjay and Priya, on my computer, in Pleasantville, they are Isai and Isobel.

Now, keeping with the 'whole my computer/game hates me theme', I got Isobel preggers. I intended them to have at least ONE kid to start. But the game gave me twins. Idris and Irian, both boys. (You sense a theme here? Hmm?)

Idris is the good Twin. Irian is the evil Twin. Seriously. Idris has 10 nice points. Irian has... none. Exact opposites. Born in game too.

Case in point- (and sneak preview)

That would be Irian in the grey/black STEALING Idris' bottle. Yup. He stole his brother's bottle. Which promptly caused my drama queen in the making, Idris, to start bawling. I'm serious, he gets out of bed, he bawls, he gets left alone, he bawls. Argh.

Look at Irian's face here-

Either he's really pissed at them butterflies, or he wants his Twin dead. O.o


Sometime this week, I'll post a story entry about these two and their parents. Heh. Before Friday, before we head to Michigan, I'll update all of my families. Maybe. If I get the time.

But these two are freaking hilarious.

Jul. 6th, 2007

Well, it's progress at least...

So I reloaded Sims2 last night.

Started adding back in all my CC, folder by folder. This is why I have 16 different folders. One for Clothing, one for furniture, etc...

Restarted the game after each folder. Got to the last two folders. Added them in and... it crashed at the same loading spot.

I thought , ok, well my mouse was acting stupid, so I'll remove those two folders, remove any files from the teleport folder, and restart the computer.

Game started up just fine.

So now, eventually I'll start adding in the contents of those two folders, package by package, until I find the culprit package that's causing the game to crash while loading. Then I'll delete the little bastard.

But I can play Sims2 on my computer again. That's a good thing.

I don't have any of my families on here, but oh well.

It may not work tomorrow (I'm a realistic pessemist with optimistic tendancies, what can I say), but it works tonight, and that's all I care about.

Jul. 5th, 2007

For me notes... adding as I find 'em...

Death - Ghost Color (if it does anything) - What Causes it

Old Age - White - When a sim reaches the end of his life

Drowning - Blue, they leave puddles - When a swimming sim's energy is -100

Electrocution - Yellow, they have sparks flying off them - Can occor when a sim repairs an electrical object/plays with evil kite

Burning - Red, they bring smoke - When a sim stands too close to a fire

Starvation - Normal, but Transparent, they steal food from your fridge - When hunger reaches -100. Kids and below can't starve

Satellite - Orange - When a satellite falls on a sim while stargazing or Watch Cloud

Death By Flies - Purple - In a very messy room, all flies may form a deadly killer swarm

Disease - Green - If a fatal disease isn't treated for 10 days

Scared To Death - Pink - When 3 needs drop below -90 because of a ghost Scare

Cowplant - Light Green - When the sim is eaten by the cowplant

Burn as Vampire - Transparent - When all needs (except social and room) drop to -100 because of sunlight

Elevator - Transparent - When elevator breaks down while having low needs. More chance at breaking down when doing woohoo in elevator

Rally Forth - White with Megaphone - After doing the Rally Forth social when needs are very low

Hail - Dark pink - When at least 4 needs drop below 50% while standing in hailstorm

Spontaneous Combustion- Red , rather like burning up.

Electrocution by being struck by lightning- Yellow maybe?

Death by scissors (via a hack/download- Pink?

Death by WooHoo (Sex)- ???? Too funny.

Ultima Online:Kingdom Reborn

Alrighty then. After 2.5 HOURS of messing around with the damn download last night- it took an hour to download, then I had to install it, then I had to wait another half hour for all the patches, then it refused to acknowledge a DirectX dll, so I had to uninstall it and try again, then I had to go to the Microsoft website to manually download the damn dll, well I gave up last night.

So it wasn't until this afternoon that I actually sat down and messed with it (hey, I had to go to the Inlaws' to get my Sims2 fix, sue me (not really, I had to do some stuff with Kat, playing Sims2 was bonus)).

I'm... not real crazy about it.

Warning- lots of pics, some snark... )

I really should be reinstalling Sims2 to try to get it running... I just... don't really feel like fighting with it. Heh.