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Aug. 20th, 2016

Day 20 of the Create & Thrive Instagram Challenge...

Day 20 of the #ctmonthinthelife Instagram Challenge by Create & Thrive has a prompt of "finished"...

Day 20 of the #ctmonthinthelife  #igchallenge  by @createandthrive  has a prompt of #finished... As in a finished piece.  This is a #handdyed #silkscarf  that has been #handembroidered with #tentacles. It was a #customorder for @snowcinder82 :) #nofilter

As in a finished piece. This is a hand dyed silk scarf that has been handembroidered with tentacles. It was a custom order for a friend :)

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Aug. 7th, 2016

Day 7 of the #CTMonthInTheLife Instagram Challenge

Couldn't post Day 6 because, well, it's a video and Flickr doesn't allow videos to be uploaded, but you can see it here if you're so inclined.

So the prompt for day 7 was "Packaging"-

Day 7 of the #ctmonthinthelife  #igchallenge  presented by @createandthrive  is #packaging    I like to keep my packaging simple- clean, white boxes with acid free tissue paper for the scarves, silk and woven, and fiber cushioning for the jewelry.  A clea

I like to keep my packaging simple- clean, white boxes with acid free tissue paper for the scarves, silk and woven, and fiber cushioning for the jewelry. A clean, simple label with my Dante's profile, shop name and Facebook link go on the front.

This way, the pieces themselves are allowed to be the focal point when you open them up.

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Feb. 16th, 2016

The world ends in ice & the idiots come out to play...

We got 8" of snow Sunday night into Monday. Then, we got a coating of sleet. Then, as if *that* wasn't enough, it started raining.

Freezing rain, no less. All Monday evening through Tuesday morning. It was a mess. Thankfully we went out and shoveled the driveway before it started raining and put a crust of thick ice on everything.

The Birch Tree at 3 am. Insomnia sucks sometimes. Heh.

The two bird feeders out front were completely coated.}:/

Thanks to the thick coating of ice, power went out at 437am, for about 10 seconds. Then again around 630am, for another 10 seconds. Now that the sun has come up, the ice is crashing down from everything.

Everything had a 'shell' of ice this morning, as the snow melted out from under it.

Caena wasn't too keen on the ice and snow suddenly collapsing beneath her, but she got her sniffing on.

The back hill was very shiny. Heh.

Dear people-

How stupid are you? No, really, just how stupid are you?

You have a roof leak *right over valuable computer equipment*. It drips *right on said equipment*.

So. Do you do the smart thing and put a bucket directly under said leak? No! Of course not! You're morons who put buckets *everywhere but*!


Mark said there was a quarter inch of water in the bottom of the computer equipment cabinet. Buckets all around said cabinet, not a one on top where it was really leaking.

He works with some real winners.

Anyway, back to work. Almost finished with this silk scarf-

Clockwork handembroidered silk scarf, in progress.  One end finished, on to the other.  #silk #embroidery #handmade #handembroidered #clockwork #steampunk #silkscarf #scarf #handdyed #dantesspirit

Once it's finished, I have a couple ideas for some handwoven scarves I want to finish for Mysticon. So, back to work I go!

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Feb. 1st, 2016

No matter how hard I try...

I seem to keep falling behind on my mental list of things I want to have made before Mysticon. Which is in 26 days. Yeah.

I foresee more of these in my future...

I did finish the embroidered tentacle silk scarf. And promptly sold it. Which is awesome!

I have at least one other hand embroidered silk scarf in the works. I'm hoping to have at least it finished by Mysticon and the third started so I can actually work on it there.

Have several steampunk/clockwork jewelry pieces done, but want to get several more beaded pieces finished. Need to finish getting price tags on everything and sewing up the last 3.5 themed gaming bags.

Spending the weekend weaving up the last few shells for themed gaming bags. Love @wildharefiber 's hand dyed yarns in Time Machine and Doctor Blue. I need more of these yarns in my life.

The shells are all woven, just need to sew the liners. So that's what I've been working on the past couple days. I get those done, I can spend the rest of the week beading and next week beading and putting price tags on everything. I figure that'll give me a week to test out various setups and see which display version works best for my stuff.

Two weeks ago, we actually got the ball rolling on getting serious about getting a house this year. We sat down with a loan agent to figure out how much, based on what we were willing to pay per month, of a mortgage we would be able to get. It was less than we were hoping for but more than we expected if that makes sense.

So now we work on the credit card debt, saving money, keeping an eye out for potential houses- there are several out there in the price range we're looking at the would work nicely, one moreso than the others as it has an inlaw suite, but is also at the extreme range, timewise, of our potential search area- and when we're ready to house hunt, go prequalify again and try to find a house by the end of the year.

Meanwhile we watch our spending and save as much as we can. Fun times!

Back to work I go...

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Jan. 28th, 2016

Fun with dyes...

Ah, the fun of coming up with a custom dye color...

*adds a dash of Blue Wisteria to the water*

Hmmm, even as weak as that is, that's way too purple. It needs more blue.

*gets the container of Indigo and adds barely a pinch*

*watches it darken immediately*

Ummm... that might actually be too dark now. Hrm.

*drops scrap cotton fabric in anyway to see what it looks like, pulls it out 5 minutes later*

Huh, I think that will actually work just fine.

*adds silk scarf and crosses fingers.*

Now we wait.

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Jan. 26th, 2016

So tired of this.

You know, I really cannot wait until we have our own house. One that's not 10-15 ft from the neighbors whom I swear, are crazy. Whom I won't have to watch open their curtains, make strange faces out the window and yank them shut again. Whom I won't have to go have words with because I found *bread* in my yard again- and you know she does it deliberately because there's no way she's not aiming for throwing it over the fence. And I know it's her, because *we don't eat that type of bread, let alone throw it in our own backyard.*

I'm also really, really tired of this cold. It's on the tail end, but the hacking, nonproductive cough is really annoying. And makes my head hurt. And disrupts my sleep. Ugh.

In other news, we got snow. 13" of the 18-30" they were predicting. The birds left me lovely tracks on the porch...

The birds are looking for seed...  #nofilter #snow #birdtracksinthesnow #birdtracks #winterstormjonas2016 #winterstormjonas #birds #swva #dantesspirit

The feeders on the back hill actually stayed filled for longer than a day. Until the squirrels ventured out again. There are now piles of bird seed under the feeders. *sigh*

While it snowed, I made things, the latest of which is this charm style clockwork bracelet-
Clockwork charm bracelet, finished.  #nofilter #clockwork #steampunk #bracelet #handmade #jewelry #charmbracelet #dantesspirit

And I finished the embroidered tentacle silk scarf, only to realise that the jars I use to dye in are currently buried under a foot plus of snow... whoops.

I'm sure I have a jar inside, upstairs, somewhere. Heh. The best part is, this particular scarf may already be sold, as long as the buyer likes the overdyeing.}:) If not, well, that's what custom orders are for!

Meanwhile, I have a very special order to finish packing to ship tomorrow and the loom warped up for more gaming bag shells.

Packing a very special order today.   #nofilter #silk #handdyed #scarf #silkscarf #habotai #dantesspirit

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Jan. 12th, 2016

Tentacle silk scarf progress

One end is completed. This will be the main focal point of the the scarf itself. The other end won't have a full tentacle on it, but only a portion. It also should only take a day or two. (This was actually finished last week, but well, stuff happened and I'm only now getting around to posting it.)

Couple of close up photos-

It'll look a lot better once its completely finished with the hand embroidery, washed and ironed. This is a 8" wide x 54" long silk scarf, the tentacle itself is roughly 10.5" long, the other end will be roughly 3.5-4" long.

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Jan. 4th, 2016

Hullo, 2016

I'll try to do better on the blogging front, I promise.

I've already decided that Facebook makes me angry too much, sometimes daily, and as a result, my whole day gets thrown out of whack. So, cutting back on Facebook is a definite thing. Which means, more gets posted here instead, even if it's just a random thought, scatter shot type of posting, its still a posting, yes? Heh.

Christmas was fun. And I mean that sarcastically.

We woke up to a completely flat tire on Christmas day. Then we found out the hard way, that all five tires- to include the spare had a locking lug nut on them. And we did not have the wheel lock key to remove them. Or the proper sized socket set and a breaking bar to force them off. Yeah.

Those 5 things right there cost us over $300.00, since we ended up having to buy two new tires instead, as the flat was not repairable and putting a new (the spare) tire on it with a worn tire, might have resulted in damage to the transfer case, which would cost over $3,000.00 to repair. Merry Christmas to us! Ugh.

Then, yesterday, we took down the Christmas lights and discovered that half the new net lights we bought (and ended up actually hating the colors on) no longer work, half had gone out a couple days ago, but it was wet and rainy and we weren't messing with them in the rain, - good thing we got them at half price. They went into the trash. New Year's Day, discovered that a portion of our strand of white lights we use on the porch was out. Closer examination after taking them down, it was discovered that an entire bulb had been removed- read, chewed completely out by the wildlife. Found the bulb section on the ground when we went to look for it. Yeah.

The first quarter or so works, then there's about 50-75 lights that don't, then the rest work. It's a 250 bulb strand. Yeah. Might end up using it for the dwarf alberta spruce, then using the unlit section to cross to the porch, then the rest on the porch, assuming we're here next holiday season to put lights up. *After* we electrical tape the cut section off. Otherwise, the plan is to try to find a white LED strand instead.

We set a house hunting goal line. And that's October-November of this year, with an eye towards hopefully being in a new home by Christmas if not New Year's. So, between now and then, that means figuring out what we absolutely can cut out (going out to eat so much, for starters) and instead put towards savings to build up that nest egg faster, as well as pay the credit cards down and potentially off completely, and figuring out how to build the husband's credit record up more. He's got a reasonably good credit score right now, but ideally, we'd like it to be a lot higher and a great score instead.

We've been narrowing down areas we're interested in potentially looking at houses in, as well as styles of house, size of both house and land, number of bedrooms, etc. We also have a 'theoretical' price range - well, what *we* would be interested in paying per month towards a house, if it's less, awesome, if it ends up being more than we'd ideally like to pay, well, we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Research is your friend.}:P Still a long way to go though.

In the mean time, I have just under two months to finish the hand embroidered silk scarves I've got planned, the steampunk/clockwork jewelry pieces in the works and the last few themed gaming bags, all for Mysticon. Which is another reason I've decided to drastically cut back on Facebook time. Heh. Distractions are very distracting and time consuming.

To that end, these are in various stages of progress...

Habotai silk scarf, hand dyed and being hand embroidered with an octopus tentacle. Have another ready to go when this is finished that will be hand embroidered with clockwork gears.

The third steampunk/clockwork brooch in the process of being beaded. Also have plans for a steampunk/clockwork charm style bracelet and a couple necklaces.

Need to weave the shells for at least 5 more themed gaming bags and then, do a couple dry runs and see which display set up works best. And put price tags on everything still. Heh.

And as a heads up, sometime over the next few weeks, all gaming bags will be moved to the Square shop. Each will be an individual listing with multiple photos. It'll free up space in the Big Cartel shop and better display the bags themselves.

Fun times. Guess I better go get started, eh?

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Nov. 30th, 2015

Finished things, for sale and not...

So several years ago, I started the embroidery on this quilt and never finished it until recently. Not only did I finish the broidery, I then put the blocks together and made it into a quilt top. Then I managed to actually quilt it.

It's not perfect, there are wonky parts, but it's finished and the cats, who have taken it over the moment I tossed it across the end of the couch, don't care and love it.

Cat of the month throw quilt, finished.   #nofilter  #catofthemonthblock #quilt #quilting #handsewing #handsewn  #machinesewn #embroidery #embroidered #stitchery #quiltblocks #quiltblock #throwquilt #lapquilt #dantesspirit

After I finished the embroidery of the above throw quilt, I designed and embroidered a quick, small art quilt hanging, along with several hand designed Akita embroidery blocks.

Clockwork, Artquilt

This particular piece is currently for sale here.

I needed more steampunk/clockwork themed pieces for Mysticon next February, so that's what's being worked on now. This is the first of a dozen or so pieces in the works.

Clockwork Compass brooches, in progress   Needs a pinback and the suede cover, then this one is finished.   #clockwork #steampunk #beadwork #handbeaded #pin #brooch #handmade #mysticon #dantesspirit

I'll post photos of each as they're finished, but these won't be put in the shop until March 2016, whatever doesn't sell at Mysticon.

Speaking of the shop, it's Cyber Monday and a great day to help support small Handmade busineses. You'll find lots of items in my shop marked down and on sale, so come check them out!

Such as this lovely 100% Silk Noil handwoven scarf or wrap-

Barfight Aftermath

Barfight Aftermath is available here. There are lots more items, so definitely take a look!

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May. 14th, 2014

Couple of new things...

I've been busy lately, so I thought I'd share...

Fairy Sock Silver wrap

This was a wrap made for a friend in exchange for her inkle loom, using Puff the Magic Rabbit Fairy Sock Silver hand dyed yarn. She loved it and now I need to figure out how to use an inkle loom. After I get shuttles and a tension peg for it. Heh. (Weaverbird, I'm still interested in yours as well, just need to wait until I have the spare money for it.)

Xiane's Violets

This gorgeous habotai silk scarf was inspired by a friend's recently hand dyed roving. I saw her roving and knew I needed to do a scarf in similar colors, it was that stunning. Thus, it is named for her. It is available HERE.

Melancholy Skies

This gorgeous silk charmeuse scarf reminded me of a stormy sunset. I loved the way the two dyes played off of each other. While shibori remains my favorite silk dyeing method, this comes a close second. It is available HERE

And finally...

Green Snow Rockstar

A new handmade bag was listed today. It features a handwoven outside using gorgeous handspun Rockstar Art Yarn from Threeravens Fiber Studio. As well as a handmade raku bead from Smoking Turtle Studios, which has been in my stash since early 2008 and it appears, the artist no longer sells online, so is a rare piece. It is available HERE.

And that's it for now. I have a few smaller pieces in progress that need to be finished, then a couple more bags and a couple more cuffs. Hopefully by the end of the month, I'll have some more finished. Doing everything by hand can be slow going, but oh so worth it in the end.

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Oct. 31st, 2012

Akita Rescue in need

Monday night, Jo, of Big East Akita Rescue, and her family were home with 12 of the Rescue Akitas under BEAR's purview. It was supposed to be the safest place for them during the storm.

But we all saw and heard what happened to New Jersey's coast.

According to Jo, the barrier islands off Tom's River, NJ were gone in the storm surge. Between 10pm and midnight that night, sudden storm surge resulted in 4ft of water in their yard and home. Her husband and 2 teenage kids went into the water to rescue the Akitas from the kennels and bring them to the second floor of their house.

Tuesday morning, they had no power, no running water, no food, heat, etc and the first floor of the house was destroyed. Both vehicles are gone.

Word got out via other Akita Rescue people and is still being spread across Facebook and the internet. Donations have started coming in, via non Akita Rescue groups, Akita owners and others.

The area they are in was and is restricted to emergency personnel only because of the water and down power lines.

They could have left. They opted to stay. For them, the love of the breed is a family thing and they refused to leave the Akitas behind. Many are senior Akitas and Rescue is the best place, next to a forever home, for them.

Boarding for the Akitas has been offered, others are gathering supplies for them, and someone else has a van with a generator waiting for the word that they can go in.

Last word was from today. They have been able to take the dogs out for a morning walk and put a few back in the kennel runs in the garage.

But they still need your help to rebuild. The link above takes you directly to their donation page. Anything you can send will help BEAR rebuild and resupply to help these Rescue Akitas as well as Jo and her family.

To that end, I am running a scarf sale on Artfire. Each scarf has been put on sale. You DO NOT need an account to buy there. Proceeds from each sale will go to Akita Rescue, specificly BEAR.

Even if you can't donate, or don't wish to buy a scarf, at least pass the word.

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Aug. 9th, 2012

One of THOSE days, it seems...

Woke up to a dead monitor. Yeah. Had to swipe Mark's.

So now I'm sitting here, watching Individual Dressage, medal round, in Olympic Equestrian. Beautiful stuff, let me tell ya.

Listed a new set of silk fat quarters yesterday-

7 piece, 2 color run, Bubble Gum to Eggplant. Fat Quarters, 100% habotai silk

Available HERE

Mark actually picked out these colors this time. I think he did a great job. That other silk fat quarter set I listed recently? Has been reserved for a friend who requested 2 more sets just like it. So this afternoon, I'll get those rinsed, photographed and update the listing for her. She said she wanted to make them into an autumn themed quilt. I think it'll be beautiful.

Two weeks until vacation. Not that I"m counting...

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Aug. 1st, 2012

New Colorwheel- Hand dyed Habotai Silk

100% Habotai Silk, Fat Quarter size (22.5"x18.5", cut extra 1/2" for trimming of edges), Hand dyed Cranberry to Golden Pineapple to Indigo. The photos honestly do not do the jeweltones of these pieces justice. They are simply gorgeous.

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Jul. 31st, 2012

Sneak Preview

New hand dyed colorwheel batching. I love the colors I'm getting in this fabric. Hopefully when I rinse them later tonight or tomorrow, they'll be just as rich. And you'll have to wait to find out what kind of fabric it is. Good thing is- I have roughly 8-9 more yards of it, all ripped into 1 yard pieces.}:P The plan is to do a few color runs as well.

This 2 color run was listed today. Cranberry to Indigo, 6 pieces, Fat Quarter size (22"x18") 100% cotton (bleached muslin), so it's a lighter weight fabric.

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Jul. 19th, 2012

So, Artfire...

About that new listing page?

Yeah... No.

Not crazy about the new listing page. It's annoying to have to click on MORE stuff just to expand a section(descriptions, tags, materials used) that should already have been expanded. And apparently it doesn't work properly for IE9. Yeah. (If you have Firefox or Chrome, apparently you can drag those sections to expand them. On IE9, you can't. Only the description sections now has an expand/shrink button, meaning yet another click to add stuff that we didn't need to do before)

And I really don't like the wording on the listing scoring thing.(They added a scoring system for sections of the listing. Add 10 photos? Get 20 points out of 40. Add captions to each photo? Get 40 points out of 40, that sort of thing). Makes it sound like we're competing with other sellers over how robust we can make our own listings. (From the bottom of the listing page- "Your average listing score will be displayed on this progress bar along with the average for all sellers. " Yeah.) Not to mention, really? A listing rating? That's ridiculous in and of itself.

I shouldn't be forced to use captions if I don't want them, nor should I have to have exactly 10 photos of each item. Sometimes, there's only so many ways you can take a photo of something before they all start looking the same. And there's only so much you can say to describe something without sounding trite or overblown. Same with tags.

Yes, yes, I know I don't HAVE to do those things. But the way they worded things in regards to how robust your listing is and what sort of rating it gets, makes it seem like if you don't do/use these things, you won't get seen anywhere. (And also it seems that Google sees the captions and that can affect your SEO/rankings in a image search or something. I don't even know because I've never used captions, so, who knows? Anyone?)

I'm glad I don't have hundreds of listings and I really feel for those who do, because going through all 20+ of mine to put everything back in its proper shop section, add vanished tags, etc, was annoying enough.

I get that they were trying to potentially streamline and make the listing page look cleaner- which it definitely DOES and I do like that aspect, but this? Isn't it. It's a good start, but not quite there.

Looks like I'll be listing exclusively on Zibbet until the bugs are all worked out and properly fixed. *sigh* And I have about 6 silk scarves to list this weekend too.


They made some helpful, GOOD tweaks to the listing page. They actually listened to those of us who said it looks like crap on IE and the resizing thing doesn't work for us. So they resized the boxes- made them wider - and added expand/shrink buttons so we have the choice to make them even larger if we want.

That definitely helps. But there are still so many bugs yet.}:/

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Jul. 8th, 2012

New Scarf

Wild Violets, 15" x 60" 100% Habotai silk, hand dyed in the Arashi Shibori method. Available Here

Dec. 13th, 2011

Playing with dyes...

It's been some time since I've dyed any silk scarves or fabric. It's not that I'd forgotten what I was doing, it's that I forgot that sometimes the dye has a mind of it's own.

Take this scarf, for example. It was supposed to be a cream base with green over dye. Yeah, that so did not happen. I got a teal green base with an olive green overlay. Why? No clue. Maybe I didn't tie the cording tight enough or something, but that still doesn't explain where the teal came from, heh.

I tied another scarf in the same method (Kumo Shibori), that I'd already dyed and over dyed twice before, just to see what it would turn out like. That one is very interesting, it has almost a hidden picture effect on camera that you don't see in person.

A third scarf, already base dyed, was tied in a version of Kanoko Shibori, with marbles, as an experiment. That one was interesting as well. It has a sundappled effect to it.

All three were not what I was expecting.

I have a fourth already wrapped on the pole, Arashi Shibori method, that I'll be discharging this week, and a special request one that'll be wrapped, also Arashi Shibori, tonight and I'll dye tomorrow. I'm kind of wondering that one at least will turn out like I want it to. Heh.

Right now, I have photos to edit, scarves to list and a new kumihimo cuff to list.

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Sep. 21st, 2010

Disappointment and a Sale

News broke this morning that Bonanzle, changing its name to Bonanza, acquired 1000Markets yesterday.

Users on 1kM are up in arms, so to speak, many are saying they will be closing down, or have done so already. I'm sad, as I really like 1kM, even though I mainly used it as more of a portfolio instead of a selling site. But I DID sell there, so that was something at least. And the really ironic part? Views on my shop have skyrocketed these past 2 weeks. Heh.

No forewarning, no inkling that this was happening, nothing until this morning when 1kM users suddenly received an email telling them that 1000Markets would be effectively closed on Sept 30th, start getting ready to move now.

The email went on to say that Bonanza would be a great site to sell on (no, it won't be) and that in the next day or so, we'd get an email detailing how to move our items 'seamlessly'. That gives users less than a week to fully integrate their 1kM shops into Bonanza. Otherwise, they would find themselves locked out of their own 1kM accounts by 5pm Pacific Time, Sept 30th.

From everything I've been reading and looking at the Bonanza site myself, I've come to the conclusion, that, yes, it is rather like a 'flea market' site, as it was described.

Others say it's hard to navigate, hard to search and just plain ugly.

Forums on Etsy, Artfire and 1000Markets- as linked above- are full of sentiments like this.

Having done a bit of exploring on the Bonanza site myself, I find I cannot and will not compete with mass market sellers, blatant resellers, flea market finds, hell, even magazine subscriptions to magazines I already HAVE or HAD a subscription too! ( I kid you not.)

My OOAK items would not and do not fit in there unlike what 1000Markets claims. Therefore, I will not be making the transfer over. Currently, after my 1kM shop closes, I will be only at Etsy and Artfire. I may reopen either the Big Cartel shop or check out Zibbet or Ruby Lane.

What does this mean? Well, for YOU, it means a huge sale on 1000Markets! Before I close the shop or let 1kM close it, I want to try to sell things first.

So, Sept 21st to Sept 29th, all 1000Markets items are now 60%-75% OFF.

1000 Markets

Get it while the gettings good.

Jul. 1st, 2010

Fourth of July Clearance Sale, now in my Etsy Shop

Everything in my shop is now marked down, 50% off!

That's 50% off all hand dyed silk scarves!
50% off all handmade beadwork!
50% off all ArtQuilts!

And so on!

Get it while it lasts!

July 1st through July 7th!


Sep. 21st, 2009

New Shibori Scarf...

From this, the one on the right is the finished scarf. The one on the left is being worked on now...

To this... Scarf was 14"x72" by the way...

To THIS... hard to believe that large of a scarf tied down into something less than a foot long and 3 inches wide...

To soaked in soda ash solution, then dunked in blue Procion MX dyes, allowed to dry, then rinsed and allowed to dry again...

To pulling out the strings, two days later...

To washing again and ironing it flat (this was wet)...

To the finished product. This is Kumo Shibori. This is awesomeness.}:P And makes 5 types of Shibori I have attempted and succeeded in varying degrees.

As yet unnamed, so as yet unlisted.