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Nov. 1st, 2007


When I called my mom last Sat and talked to her for ovcer an hour, she asked if the kids (Allison, Colin and Emily, the nieces and nephew) had sent us a box of 'Goodies' yet.

I said, nope, this was the first I'd heard of it. She was surprised, as they were apparently pretty happy about it.

So when I opened the door today, there was a box sitting on my front porch. I knew immediately who it was from.

I just opened it a few minutes ago. It was stuffed with things, complete with a 'Read This 1ST!!' letter. Which of course, I read first and busted out laughing over.

Well, mom sent me my MSU shirt back, I guess dad got tired of pretending to be a fan. LOL And she sent the little plastic bottles to store beads in. Those will definately come in handy here.

THe kids went to Wisconsin with their parents, and sent Mark a 'CheeseHead' ROTFL. He'll LOVE that.

They sent me a small Wolf in a wood crate that says 'I captured this Wolf for you, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin'. Very cute!

And another letter, lol. Allison says she didn't want to have to tell me about the trip all over again}:P Instead of one puppy, they ended up with two. Jack Russells I believe, if I remember what mom told me right.

And a box of Girl Scout Cookies- Carmel Delights, aka Samoas.}:P Those are getting hidden from mark. *shifty eyes*

They should be getting their packages soon too, I sent them in mom's birth day gift box. Need to call tomorrow and make sure she got it.}:) now I need to get together new packages to send them}:P

I bet Mark will want to wear his new CheeseHead to rapier practice tonight. *groans*
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Oct. 24th, 2007

*dies laughing*

The Attack Laurel Acadamy

Caid Fires

This was posted by the West Kingdom's disaster coordinator this

'The Disaster Coordinator for the Caid Kingdom is totally on all
this. She has said all people are accounted for and are in safety at
this point. Damage assessment has not been able to be done for
obvious reasons. Once things settle and more is known, she will post
needs for the Scadians in her area. For some needs may be enormous
and a disaster relief call will be made thru the Kingdom
Coordinators. Right now she is asking folks to donate to Red Cross or
other agencies which take care of the basic needs. As we learned from
Katrina, once they can begin recovery, needs will vary and gift cards
or SCA supplies will be needed.

During Katrina, many peerages lost valuable books or equipment and
one thing lost that was unreplaceable were their scrolls. Many
Scripes across the country helped replace scrolls. Other seemingly
simple things were basic garb and kit supplies. Think of how much we
cherish our SCA closet and what's in there... How it connects us to
our family. These are the things which will be missed and needed as
we know damage for each Scadian involved.

Also, many hands were used to help in rebuilding the Gulf Wars site,
so that too may be called upon later.

For the moment, she has requested prayers and to keep them in your

Hearing that everyone is safe and accounted for is DEFINITELY a good
thing! I know there has been an outpouring of support from the SCA
community with offers of places for the evacuees to stay and other
means of support. I have not heard any official news on the Potrero
War site, but I believe it may have been in harms way - we'll have to
see how things pan out.

In Service (albeit from the West),
THL Syele

Oct. 18th, 2007


now know more about the Hapsburg Dynesty and 15th/16th Cent. German clothing than I ever really wanted to know. In particular mid 15th- early 16th cent Landsknecht clothing. Yes, he *finally* settled on a more or less time period.

Good thing Mark's cute.

Sep. 28th, 2007

For those who are interested in these things...

I have 2 silk scarfs stewing in dye. No photos tonight, I'm tired , outta spoons and don't feel like editing them for upload. So you'll get them tomorrow evening possibly.

One in deep cranberry and spruce blendings. The other is suspended over golden pineapple and will have probably ecru done over the rest of it.
Should be interesting.

Mark got me 5 hospital/vet tech smock type shirts from work awhile back so I could wear them while dyeing. I guess he got tired of me ruining my Tshirts.}:P They're quite comfy and it's rather nice to be able to simply wipe my dye covered hands on my shirt without worrying about ruining it. LOL.

Wore the first one yesterday while trying my hand at 'shaving cream dyeing'. It's basically the cheating way of marbling. The first two Fat Quarters I'm not super impressed with, Mark likes them, says they look like 'pastels' (eww). So I bought more shaving cream today (hey, Barbasol was 99cents a can, don't knock it) and tried again with less water and longer stew time. I'm thinking the dye may need some Thiox to thicken it abit so it's not as runny when the shaving cream loses it's foaminess. We'll see.

Currently uploading nearly 1k in photos from my 2gig photocard prior to completely wiping it. This is taking awhile.

Heading the the Medieval Faire at Green Hill Park tomorrow. Must remember to take the camera. Black Diamond is supposed to be holding a demo there, even though they're not listed on the site. Hrm. Avi said she'd see me there, so we'll see. His parents are in town, so while we're going with a neighbor, Kat and Dale are taking them and we'll most likely run into them there. Had dinner with them tonight, was supposed to go to breakfast in the morning, but we're heading out too early to meet up, so oh well.

Mark wants to go to War of the Wings II now. He's been talking to the guy at work to see if he absoultely has to be there that weekend. He ordered his rapier stuff yesterday, to replace what was essentially stolen, and is waiting quite anxiously for it to arrive. *rolls eyes* And he's whining about his armor not being finished yet. *rolls eyes again*

Need to find the rest of my damn garb so I can alter the black skirt and white underskirt to fit again and find my green shirt as well as *my* belt. I know it's in the closet.. it's just a matter of moving the stuff in front of the door to actually get in there and look. Kat says she's not wearing garb(she doesn't have any), so not to feel bad if I want to go 'mundane', but I've been SCAdian long enough to know, even with a 6 year 'break', that I'd feel conspicuous about it.

Camera's done transfering- 910 pictures, duplicates (of which there were probably 100 or so) not transfered. Heh.

Need to renew our SCA membership before that week too, so we'll have our blue cards prior to the event, or at least a receipt saying we're card carrying members, damn it. And hopefully some spending money after we pay bills.

Avi mentioned that she and Rook were planning to merchant at WoWII, I mentioned my chainmaille jewelry, gave her the website addy to go take a look at it and see if they would be interested in possibly carrying some of it. Would be a good place to make a little more money than what I am at Etsy. Been looking at Yessy too. Not a bad deal, no selling fees, a 59.00 yearly site fee. And a quick perusal reveals that while there are silk scarf sellers there, they are well above or at what I sell mine at, as well as totally different. A search for 'shibori' revealed nothing. Might be the place to try come Jan 1.

Have to find some steel wool. Got vinegar, just need the steel wool. Oh, and another spray bottle. Don't ask, just wait and see.

Sep. 10th, 2007


In a fit of manic creativity last night, instead of merely cutting the pattern out for Mark's SCA rapier armore, I laid it out on the duck canvas, traced it out in seamstress chalk, and proceeded to cut every piece out. That's 4 of each piece.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find my full size scissors, so had to use small, thread cutting type ones (instead of the 7", I had to use my 5"), and broke one side of the handle in the process. Really need to find my other scissors.

And that's just the black duck canvas, still have to cut out 4 pieces of each in the burgandy duck canvas, then again with with natural, only 2 pieces of much of the pattern for that, and in the nice silk weave cloth we bought to make him a court doublet.

He did the dishes for me last night. His ulterior motive was so I'd have more time to work on his armor. *rolls eyes* I honestly did more last night than I planned. Heh. Was originially going to cut it out over the next couple of days. But now... Now I have to set the sewing machine up and actually start sewing it. Heh.

But first, need to find the drill bits and move the sections of fencing we're supposed to work on putting up next weekend. If it doesn't rain.

It's kind of odd... waking up at 530am and realising you don't have to get up and go to work.}:P Need to retrain my brain to stop thinking about work, dammit.

Ok I've procrastinated enough, time to go to work.. err.. not really.
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Apr. 1st, 2005

A view to the past part 2..


Large Pictures again. )

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Mar. 31st, 2005

A view to the past..

Large Picture heavy. )

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