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Jan. 29th, 2020

Let there be green...

I love horror podcasts. DreamWidth user Rydra_Wrong turned me on to The Magnus Archives a while back.

Since then , Mark has told me about a few others that apparently he listens to. And then a friend on Facebook mentioned a new one.

Old Gods of Appalachia is amazing. They use historical events to form the basis for their stories. Names and places sometimes change, but dates remain the same, sort of thing. It's an alternate Appalachia of sorts. (Though sometimes I wonder just *how* alternate it really is.) This one gives me chills.

Episode one is set in Barlo, Ky. There's a 'Barlow', Ky, but no 'Barlo', mind. The historical event it portrays was the Western Kentucky #7 mine disaster, Aug 4th, 1917. That same mine had another, similar disaster, 10 years later. There is a prologue and a half episode to set the stage, so to speak, but Episode 1 is where it really gets going.

What they describe in the podcast really did happen, the numbers remain the same. In 2017, the town, which remains and was actually known as Clay, Ky, held its first ever memorial, 100 yrs later. That town is still a mining town, generations later.

Suffice it to say, this is one horror podcast that will lead you down a rabbit hole, to figure out what historical disaster they refer to. so if you're a history buff who also likes a bit of horror, definitely check this podcast out.

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