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Dec. 11th, 2013

A final thought.

On my On my perma mute in the Etsy forums that came down last night.

Several people keep apologizing for Etsy's actions. Don't. It had nothing to do with you. Besides, if they aren't muted already, more than likely, they will be next. There are very few Old Timers (sellers who've been there since 2005-2007 until now) left unmuted. Eventually, there will be none.

Others have mentioned that I should appeal. I don't think so.

The public forums have become a cesspool of unprofessionalism, of copyright riddled promotions, of childishly petty arguments reminiscent of high school.

The only thing I'm sad about was the fact that my comment, which had good, polite advice, was removed completely from the site. That's what they do. If someone thinks your comment doesn't fit their definition of respectful- which said definition seems to be extremely fluid given what gets removed and what stays- then it will be deleted completely.

Certain topics have been banned- mentioning China, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, or copying another's listings being a no-no is all now banned. A sense of humor and joking around is hit or miss- someone else received a 7 day mute last night for a joke they made to another seller in the public forums. The other seller found it funny, Etsy did not. ( This has happened before, users were banned for the word 'Cheese' in a humor thread, another user for saying 'Yippee, Diane!' to a user who had good news that the first user asked about. They both were perma muted.)

Advice from long term users, such as myself, is no longer welcomed, no matter how politely you say it.

Whereas, calling out other sellers, discussing feedback- which now has the person who left said feedback's name on it, so you can trace it back, various inane topics such as what you had for breakfast, what your pets did, what's for dinner, whether the boy you like likes you back (seriously), bullying, etc are all now allowed unrestricted.

Combined with their new policies of allowing mass manufactured items and resellers, and well, it's become a free for all.

I'd already curtailed severely my participation in the public forums- the teams are not so strictly regulated- so this honestly is no big loss to me. Besides, the end of January, my items expire and I will no longer be selling there. I wish the best for those who stay, but in my opinion, the site is crashing and burning itself. I do not want my business to be there when it happens.

See you on Big Cartel and Zibbet.

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Dec. 10th, 2013

Well, it finally happened.

*takes a bow*

One of the last of the Old Timers has fallen. Aka me.


Because I mentioned the 'C' word (copyright).

"The content you recently posted in the Etsy Forums was found to be in violation of one or more Community Policies and Guidelines.

You realize you're violating their copyright by copying their descriptions, word for word, right? When you get found out, they can ask Etsy to remove those listings. It's always better to come up with your own descriptions instead of copying others'.

The low prices might be your issue. People might see them and have second thoughts as to the validity of the item. It's worth raising them just to see what happens.

And of course, promote, promote, promote- off Etsy, blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

(Don't bother following the link. They removed my post.)

Policies/Guidelines infringed:
• Experienced sellers can often look at a shop and quickly identify potential problems, but don’t use the Forums to tell someone they’re breaking laws or Etsy’s marketplace policies. If necessary, flag the shop for review by clicking Report on a listing or shop page.

This is not the first time we've needed to contact you about our community rules. Therefore, we are revoking your Etsy Forum privileges indefinitely, effective immediately. This impacts all your Etsy accounts."

Mark is rather flabbergasted. Me, I'm thoroughly amused.

And it's not even Thursday. \o/ (They usually mute on Thursdays or Fridays.)

I briefly considered appealing the perma mute. But you know what? Screw it, Etsy and their joke of a public forum isn't worth it anymore.

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Oct. 2nd, 2013

PSA- Downsizing

As of January 1, 2014, my Artfire shop will be closing. The account will be converted to buyer only.

As of February 1, 2014, my Etsy shop will also be closing, though the account will stay open so I can continue to support the Artisans I love there.

From a financial standpoint, my sales on Artfire have been essentially nonexistent for well over a year. The last order there was in June, before that it was Dec 2012. I cannot afford to keep paying for a shop that doesn't support itself. Etsy, I reopened in Oct of 2012. I have had exactly 8 sales there since. Again, it is not supporting itself.


I sat down and crunched the numbers and decided that I would be better served by taking the money I am spending on Artfire and Etsy and dumping it into my Big Cartel shop instead.

That will become my main selling site from now on. My Zibbet shop will be my back up site, as well as where I will be destashing some things in the near future. Some things will only be available on the BC shop, but most things will be available on both sites, for your convenience

Yes, part of the reason I am shutting down the Etsy shop IS the new guideline changes and the direction Etsy has decided to go in. For me, that new direction is not what is best for my business.

As I said in the Forums there-

For those who are not moving and those who are moving off of Etsy-

Keep in mind it WILL take time to build your traffic back up to what it is here. In the grand scheme of things, Zibbet is fairly new and young when compared to Etsy.

And they do not have the venture capital Etsy does, so they cannot afford to do paid advertising. They have said they will do paid advertising as their budget allows. What comes first is the rebuild.

What can you do? Well, word of mouth. Promote the crap out of your store there and Zibbet in general. Every little bit will not only help them, it will help you. But you have to be willing to put the effort in. It took time to get the traffic build up to your stores here, it will take time to do the same there.

I'm a firm believer of not putting all my eggs in one basket. So, for those saying they can't afford to leave Etsy- diversify. There's no reason you have to up and close down completely here. Open a shop on Zibbet, Artfire, Storenvy, DaWanda, etc, or a stand alone store front type of place like Big Cartel or Indiemade or any of the other storefront sites out there. For every listing you make here, put two up there. Promote your new site twice as much as you do here. (Personally I'm a big fan of Big Cartel.)

Eventually you WILL have the traffic elsewhere and can start to close down your Etsy store if you so choose, or keep it as a back up site instead. But you can do it if you want to put the effort into it.

Keep in mind- no one is saying you absolutely have to leave Etsy completely. All we're saying is maybe it's time to start spreading out a bit. Maybe it's time to look for a personal site instead. Maybe it's time to grow your business on AND off Etsy.

But most of all- good luck to everyone, no matter what you decide to do or whether you stay or leave.

In the end, we have to decide what is best for our own businesses and for me, that means leaving Artfire and Etsy.

I do hope you'll follow me to my Big Cartel shop (they have guest checkout!) or my Zibbet shop. As always, thanks for your patronage!

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Oct. 1st, 2013

The latest Etsy Fail

I've really got nothing to say about it, because really, what's the point?

Etsy is no longer the handmade site many of us signed up on. Handmade, OOAK is going the way of the Dodo Bird on Etsy. I've stopped listing there, my items expire in January 2014- right about the time the new changes take affect. I've long since stopped promoting unless an item was in a Treasury. There's just no longer a point for me any more. I will be focusing on Zibbet and Big Cartel- mainly Big Cartel- from now on.

In short...

Rocks fell, Handmade, Vintage and Supplies died. Resellers, Mass Producers and Drop Shippers cheered.

That about sums it up.

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Aug. 27th, 2013

A long winded rant...

In response to this article, Chad decided to comment.

The following is my rebuttal and response as posted to his comment-

"You know the reason why such a small percentage of listings are flagged anymore? Because we the sellers are doing your jobs for you and we the sellers are fed up, so we stop the useless flagging.

You claim that premade items, ie mass produced, are not allowed, then go so far as to attempt to convince us that those J. Crew bubble necklace knockoffs are handmade when you know darn well they are not. And that's just the bubble necklaces! What about the knockoff pave cuffs, earrings and necklaces? You know darn well that there are resellers and you are blatantly not doing anything about it, other than to start calling them 'collectives'.

Instead, you feature them, like you did the boat furniture reseller, Ecologica Malibu. Instead you post asinine articles in the Storque, by people who don't even sell on Etsy, extolling OUR BUYERS to not buy anything made from coral, faux, legitimate, vintage or otherwise. You blatantly feature articles and people/shops that hurt your legit handmade, supply and vintage sellers and then try to cover it up.

Instead of removing resellers, you target legit sellers, such as the one earlier who made those wood boxes for electronics. He provided all sorts of proof that he was handmaking his items and you STILL shut him down. The term reseller has NOT become a catch all as you seem to think. We legit sellers know exactly what it means and honestly, many of us have given up on you in regards to them.

178 people muted in the last two years? More like in the last 8 MONTHS. And that's just the ones who go to a specific Team and tell us that they have been muted. And when you do mute people, you mute them for things like saying 'Cheese' in a thread designed for fun. For things like 'Yippee, Diane!' that was a legitimate response to someone else, but Admin saw as snark without reading further. You mute for pointing out the flaws, no matter how tactful or politely it was done. There are threads and comments and posts everywhere that detail why people were muted and some of them are for the most innocuous things. You mute to keep the public face all happy and shiny. You mute to hide your flaws. And you know it.

What's the real reason behind blocking PayPal this last weekend? You can't simply claim its because you were testing an overlay when obviously, Direct Checkout worked fine. You know it was deliberate, you just can't admit it because you'll get the kind of backlash you are getting now about the asinine feedback system changes, if not worse.

Why don't you have a telephone number users can call with problems like other legitimate selling sites do? There is absolutely no reason why after 8+ years, you cannot have a working customer service number. Yet, you still have failed to provide anyone with a satisfactory answer as to why you refuse to have one. Instead relaying on emails and convos, days, sometimes weeks later , or not at all.

If you really do have measures in place that survey, test and monitor user satisfaction, then you are blatantly ignoring the alarm bells that have got to be ringing madly right now. You are being complacent. You can tell that by a simple perusal of the gutted forums to
know that your user base is NOT happy. Not even generally.

Call this a rant if you want. I don't. I call it a discourse on exactly how wrong and blind you are being to what's truly happening right in front of you. I call it a wake up and take off the rose colored glasses you are wearing before you run the site even further into the ground and all that's left IS the mass produced items and resellers.

And hey, look, my name is even on this, as it is on all my comments. I'll expect the retaliation against my shop any time now. "

Mark and I will be starting the process of starting up my own website and hopefully by the first of the year, well have it up and running. The feedback fiasco and the PayPal debacle have become the final nails in the coffin for me at Etsy. I will no longer promote that site. Instead I will be concentrating on Zibbet, Big Cartel and in time, my own website.

Aug. 26th, 2013

Oh Etsy, why...

It seems Etsy decided to run a test over the weekend. Said test TURNED OFF THE PAYPAL OPTION FOR SHOPS THAT OFFERED DIRECT CHECKOUT AS WELL.

You read that right. They BLOCKED PayPal for shops that offered the Etsy checkout option of Direct Checkout.

The fact that they even considered this enough to actually run a test on it, sickens me.

And we may never know exactly how many sales we all lost as a result of this test.

Of all the tests and changes Etsy has done these past 7+ years that I've been here, this has got to be by far the worst.

And the new 'star feedback' system- similar to what Ebay now has, where sellers will have absolutely no recourse against a potential buyer with a grudge- is a very close runnerup. Ugh.

The start of the holiday season is NOT the time for these sort of things!

Is it any wonder I've been promoting my Zibbet shop lately? Heh.

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Aug. 6th, 2013

You know what?

I'm really tired of the people who like to brag about reaching a set number of sales, and when you mention you haven't quite gotten there yet ON ETSY, they go off on a tangent about how they don't do spammy emails, don't do sales or coupons, don't twitter or use Pinterest, have the world's best SEO and great photos and if you just did what they do, you too would have that many sales...

Then you look at their shop and gee, all white, bland backgrounds- just like everyone else, which means they don't stand out. Price points that are generally under $10.00. Well no wonder you have so many sales in just over 2 years- you have cheaply priced items.

Well guess what, so and so? I DO Twitter, I barely Pinterest, I rarely do sales or coupons because they never do anything, I have good SEO and great photos that don't blend in with everyone else. And really, if I added together all my sales from the various sites I sell on and the sales offline, over the years, it's pretty darn close to 1,000.

But I cannot and will not price the majority of my items for what amounts to mere pennies for me and that means, in this economy, people still don't have the spare cash to spend on my sort of items.

TL;DR- Tired of newbie sellers with cheaply priced items and photos that look like everyone else's spouting bullshit that if you do what they do, you'll have as many sales as them.

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Jul. 22nd, 2013

Typical Etsy hamfisting their policy changes again.

So Etsy decided to [finally] ban certain items based on the Endangered Species Act. That's all well and good, I'm all for protecting endangered species and such, as well as restricting the sale of parts sourced from before the enactment of the Endangered Species Act- because it can be really difficult to prove age and source for many items, but the way Etsy went about it, is with a blanket policy that has serious ramifications across the board and affects thousands of sellers.

Basically, if it's from an endangered species on their list they provided, you can no longer sell it on Etsy, be it vintage, ethically sourced, or what have you.

This means ALL parts of the animal. Fur/Wool included.

Yes you read that right.

If it contains fur from an endangered species, that yarn you just spun cannot be sold on Etsy. That includes camel seta, bighorn sheep, chinchilla, and certain cashmeres, to name a few.

I have several cashmere blend yarns. I can't prove that cashmere didn't come from an endangered species, even if it was commercially made. And now, according to Etsy, I can no longer sell my items made from those yarns here.

And what about the wool yarns? We don't know for a definite fact that there's no bighorn sheep wool in those yarns. But according to Etsy, bighorn sheep wool can't be sold here now, so does that mean all wool yarn is now suspect? (I know, this is taking it to the extreme, but hell, that's what Etsy's doing!)

And what about felt? That's typically made from wool. It's a downward spiral with no end in sight. Where do we draw the line?

Of course, they claim they're not wanting to ban all leather goods, fibers or wool. They just want to 'reduce the market for items made from protected species by disallowing products on Etsy described in the FAQ and specifically noted in the ESA'. Which opens the market up for yet more resellers who don't give a rat's ass about the Endangered Species Act or the Migratory Birds Act or CITES or any other wildlife law that is US based only. Typical.

Etsy. Swatting a gnat with a sledgehammer because that's what they do.


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Apr. 5th, 2013

Why, Etsy? WHY?

Someone thought it was potentially a bug that not all items were showing up in Search.

It's not a bug. It's deliberate.


"Laura from lauramhood says

Hi there,

I want to share the same response I posted in a separate thread for anyone that did not see it...

Thanks for the questions. I I can confirm that the behavior you're seeing is not a bug, rather, we're testing a different type of experience with a small percentage of visitors to Etsy.

I'm unable to share specific details during the test because it could potentially influence the results, but please be rest assured that only a low number of visitors are seeing this test and we're monitoring the results very closely with all types of sellers and buyers in mind.



WHY would you do this?!? As a buyer, I'd want to be able to see ALL of my options, not have them arbitrarily picked over for me before hand! Why does Etsy think I need a shopping experience chosen by them instead of by ME? Why does Etsy think ANYONE wants their shopping experience picked and chosen FOR them beforehand?!?

As a seller who regularly buys supplies and such on Etsy, this is absurd! Why is Etsy arbitrarily deciding what I should see instead of me doing that for myself?

Are they trying to drive sellers off the site? Because if their listings are going to be hidden for no real reason, then that's what's going to happen.

I really do not understand this 'test' whatsoever, all it's going to do is hurt sellers in the long run.

And also, how is this not considered a form of Bait and Switch? Which is ILLEGAL. Pay for something, expect to get that specific something and instead get something completely different?

We pay for our items to be listed in search and viewable by anyone who comes to the site for 4 months at a time.

If they are deliberately hiding a significant number of listings, then we are NOT getting what we are paying for!

I do not understand the thinking behind Etsy anymore. First the test combining OUR SHIPPING WITH OUR ITEM COSTS- which confuses the hell out of everyone, as well as shows incorrect pricing on sites such as Wanelo. Then the beta test a new Forum format which looks gods awful and takes away anyone who's muted's ability to report a violation there. And is apparently being streamlined for those with smartphones- iphones and androids only! No Windows phones or Blackberrys or any other smartphones need apply!- and ipads.

And there's the new listing page beta test which shows exactly ONE photo of a listing and isn't clear that there are others or that there may be shipping to other places than what is shown. Oh and changing the autopay to default to the credit card on file INSTEAD of the paypal account that had been selected as the payment processor- THAT screwed a lot of people up and they never once mentioned it until it was brought up in the bugs forum.

And who the devil knows what other tests they're running that we haven't found out about yet.

It's just... ugh.

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Mar. 13th, 2013


So I ordered some more yarn from an Etsy seller I bought a skein from last month.

Enroute to me, before it even left their CITY, it somehow got 'Missent', according to the tracking.

Contacted the seller, and said hey, we might want to keep an eye on this because of what it's saying. I'd never had it happen to me before, I'd never seen a 'missent' tracking update, so wasn't sure what we needed to do.

Well, the good news is, the seller has had this happen before.

The bad news is, the seller has had this happen before.

They said it'll go to the town my brother lives in, back to their town, then SHOULD come to me.

Their closing statement doesn't fill me with confidence in our postal system or in them either- 'Hope you get it!:)'


Last night, I filled out a stolen/missing mail online form and sent it in. Tracking never updated until early this morning.

You know what's worse than seeing the tracking updated to 'out for delivery', knowing that your mail has already gone and it's not here?

The SELLER saying, well, hope you get it and doing nothing on their end to find out what has happened to the package THEY sent.

Congrats, seller, no matter how much I love your yarns, that just cost you future purchases from me.

I'm not perfect, but holy cow, part of a seller's job is to make sure the package gets to the customer, not wash your hands of it as soon as it's in the mail and say well, hope you get it, leaving it to the customer to figure out what happened to the package, when it never arrives.

What a farce this has become.

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Mar. 6th, 2013

Wherein being polite makes you a troll...

Long story short- This seller/blogger asked what other ETSY SELLERS thought of someone taking one of their items and posting a DIY tutorial online about it. Overwhelming negative responses.

She apparently had done it anyway...


And the backlash was astounding. So much so, that she made another blog post about the fact that people were literally questioning the existance of her kids, the validity of her daughter's shop -which IS legit, by the way- the validity of one of her blog posts about surrogacy, etc...

So I tried being polite, unlike others who started tearing into her kids, etc (that ain't kosher in my book. You may have a beef with someone, but don't bring their kids into it, they didn't do a damn thing to deserve it.)

Kestris - Please don’t ever buy anything from me. Ever.

A lot of time, care, joy and effort goes into creating my items. It would be a big slap to the face if you bought something and tried to recreate it, only to fail miserably because you don’t have the proper materials, supplies, experience and then to have my shops’ names on that blog would be the icing on the insult cake.

Do yourself a favor and create your own items, stop trying to dissect what others do simply because you feel you can do better, for cheaper. Eventually you’re going to do that to the wrong person’s items and they’ll end up sueing you for copyright infringement.

And yes, the sharpie WILL wear off. Run them through the dishwasher and they’ll start coming off immediately. Why? Because you didn’t use the proper tools for the job.

SlapDashMom - I don’t have a dishwasher, but thanks for the tip. :) I never said I could do better (I even poked fun at myself because I am NOT an artist), just said I wouldn’t spend $32 on coasters and recreated a set for 52 cents.

Kestris - Even handwashing them, the sharpie will wear off. They may say ‘permanent marker’ but on ceramic, plastics, and even fabrics, they are not.
Like I said before, you’d do better with your own designs instead of trying to copy someone else’s, artist or not.

SlapDashMom - They’re coasters. We don’t really wash them too often… but like I said, so far so good! :) There are literally thousands of people that post tiles + sharpies, yet because I was trying to link to an Etsy shop and get them some attention it’s “oh so horrible”. Go troll elsewhere and for heaven’s sake stop trying to get traffic from my blog by linking yours… I’m going to remove your link every. single. time.

Kestris - Oh for cryin’ out loud.

If I was trying to get clicks for my blog, I’d have linked to my public one, not the one with a single public post from well over a month ago.

And yes, there ARE many DIY tile coasters with sharpies out there. And I bet all of them didn’t link to an Etsy shop and make it inadvertantly look like you were deriding the cost of them and saying you could do better.

I tried being polite to you, unlike some of the other commenters and now you call me a troll. I tried giving you some advice about the sharpies- so your KIDS wouldn’t be disappointed when the tiles they may make for your mom inevitably wear off- cause coasters DO get dirty, you know, they will need to be washed eventually, even if it’s just a dusting once in awhile, the sharpie WILL come off.

And you called me a troll. That’s real mature. Nice example to set for your children. (Your comment is awaiting moderation.)

(And my last comment was still showing as waiting to be moderated, which means, it'll likely never show up on the blog.)

Maybe I was rather blunt, but compared to the other comments both here, on the Regretsy forums AND in the Etsy forums- I was downright sugarcoated nice. Why? Because I've used sharpies as they were intended before, and hey, guess what? They came back off when I washed the items in question (mini tupperware bowl lids I had used as misc. bead holders and written the contents of on). It will wash out of fabric- sharpie was used to mark my Marine Corps uniforms, after 3 washings, the name was gone and had to be remarked. Even on ceramic and glass it will wipe off, maybe not right away but eventually it will. Been there, done that.

And she called me a troll.

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Jan. 4th, 2013

Truth Hurts I guess.


Your recent post here is considered in violation of Etsy Forum rules:


Please review our Forum Guidelines here: http://www.etsy.com/dosdonts.php#thecommunity

You can find our complete rules in the Help section of the site.

This is not the first time we've needed to remind you of our community rules.* Therefore, we are temporarily suspending your Etsy Forum privileges for seven days, effective immediately. During this time, you will still be able to post in Team forums but you will not be able to post in the Etsy Forums. Please note that if we need to contact you again about violating Forum rules, you may indefinitely lose your Etsy Forums posting privileges. This impacts all of your accounts on Etsy.

Thank you for taking the time to review our rules before posting in the Forums again.

All the best,

Leslie O.

*( I got a 'warning' 2 months ago for something else that really, really needed to be said about a damn copyright infringer who was whining that they were being copied themselves.)

Damn straight I'm going to talk about it. Because in the last 2 months, dozens have been muted for being too critical of something Etsy has done, questioning the status quo, or pointing out the flaws. It's gotten ridiculous. It's as if all they want in the 'public' forums is those users who will lick their boots, fall over themselves to agree with them and in general, love every little thing ETsy says or does, no matter how detrimental it may be to their shop and their sales.

There's a reason I stopped selling there for nearly 3 years. And that same reason is why, when my current listings, that were only listed for potential holiday sales, run out, will NOT be renewed and I'll stop selling there yet again.

And that's because Etsy doesn't care about the little guy anymore. All they care about is the money- be it from a successful handmade artisan or a mass producer or a reseller, it's all the same any more. If you don't use their inhouse payment system, they don't care about you and they'll blatantly promote those who do use it over those who don't. Which screws international sellers because they CANNOT use it.

And the gift cards are a joke. They buried in the gift card tou, on the second page, at the very bottom, that yu can ONLY use the gift cards in shops that take Direct Checkout, which is a very few US ONLY shops.

So many complaints and they keep pushing them. So many issues with the Direct Checkout and they keep pushing it.

Ridiculous. Take away my forum privileges, see if I even notice.

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Mar. 29th, 2011

A RESELLER that should be raising serious red flags, but isn't.

ETA- As of this afternoon, the shop itself is empty. However, the shop is STILL OPEN. I give it a day before the items are relisted with descriptions coached by etsy to make them look like they're either handmade or vintage.

This shop- http://www.etsy.com/shop/fineartcn is listing and attempting to sell MUSEUM REPLICAS are vintage/antiques.

There is absolutely no way a Ming Dynasty vase (ex- http://www.etsy.com/listing/71035472/ming-dynasty-shouzhou-ware-porcelain )is only 300.00. There is absolutely no way a Qing Dynasty vase (ex- http://www.etsy.com/listing/71032276/qing-dynasty-kangxi-reign-five-colored ) is only 500.00.

If they were genuine antiques, they would be either in a museum, or asking thousands, if not hundreds of thousands for them.

Another red flag- Song Dynasty plates (ex- http://www.etsy.com/listing/71034796/song-dynasty-yaozhou-ware-porcelain-bowl) should not be 300.00. That would be a 1000+ yr old vase and would most definitely not be cheaper than several thousand dollars.

Another example- Han Dynasty pottery( ex- http://www.etsy.com/listing/71032948/han-dynasty-painted-gray-pottery-duck ) that they have listed for 400.00. They are saying that a 2000+ yr old pottery is only worth 400.00? I don’t think so.

NO WHERE in any listings does it say they are replicas. In their tags, they claim they are vintage and antiques. THIS IS NOT TRUE.
These are museum replicas and should not be allowed on Etsy.

(Here's another tip off- in the closeups, something THAT OLD, would be crazy cracked through the glazing. THEY AREN'T.)

Here’s a quick rundown-

Han Dynasty- 206BC-220AD
Three Kingdoms- 220-280AD
Jun Dynasty-265-420AD
16 Kingdoms- 304-439AD
Southern & Northern Dynasties- 420-589AD
Sui Dynasty- 581-618
Tang (2nd Zhou- 690-705AD) 618-907AD
5 Dynasties & 10 Kingdoms- 907-960AD
Liao Dynasty- 907-1125AD
Song Dynasty- 960-1279AD
Yuan Dynasty- 1271-1368AD
Ming Dynasty- 1368-1644AD
Qing Dynasty- 1644-1911AD
Modern Era started in 1912 with People’s Republic of China

These are brand new items and have no place on a site that is supposed to be Vintage, Supplies and Handmade. If Etsy is going to start allowing this sort of shop and doing nothing about them, then they need to be upfront with their users and tell us outright that this sort of thing is now allowed. Because quite obviously, FLAGGING DOES NOT WORK. This shop is still here, still listing, still attempting to scam people into thinking they are getting an authentic antique.

Shame on you Etsy. I feel so sorry for anyone who buys these, being fooled into thinking they're getting authentic pieces, when they aren't.

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Mar. 15th, 2011

I just... wow. Etsy fails yet AGAIN.

Here. Have a bunch, and I mean a bunch, of links to various sites with posts/articles that have appeared since Friday about Etsy's latest privacy fiasco.

Penny Arcade. Of all places!


The Consumerist


Ars Technica


Brief mention on the Washington Post (about halfway down, single paragraph)

And these are just the ones I remember. There are others.

EDITED- I found more- (more being added throughout the day)

Huffington Post


Business Insider


New York Magazine

NY Convergence

Digital Trends

Digital Trends AGAIN, different article

Now Public

Help Net Security


Switched over on Yahoo News


EDITED- to add more


Geek Sugar

Of course, Etsy Bitch.}:)

New post from Ars Technica

Esscentual Alchemy

Silver Iodide

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CNET mention

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Read them all. Rob Kalin, Etsy CEO, responds in the Ars Technica and Boing Boing articles and of course, is promptly slapped down by Etsy users.

After you read them all, IF you are an Etsy user, PLEASE go check your privacy settings and make sure you aren't inadvertently allowing Etsy to broadcast your real name and buying history/feedback to all and sundry.

I'll add more links as I find them.

After all this, I'm honestly wondering if it's even worth bothering to leave feedback as a buyer anymore.}:/

Various Etsy Forum links-

Etsy's latest response- Rethinking Feedback It's not going so well.

People Search Feedback (CLOSED)
Rokali's announcement about changes to feedback
Rebuttal thread to said announcement
Request that Etsy address users concerns (last I'd read, Admin had not even left a single comment in the first 20+ pages or so)
Why Etsy's bad press is bad for users
A thread by Neat Things dismissing other users' concerns, need I say more? *sigh*

There are more, but those are the most recent ones.

Edited to add this information today-

Via Scentery on Etsy-

Where to complain about Etsy's privacy issues, and the REAL issues users are having (here's a hint- it was not originally about the feedback system.)

Federal Trade Commission: http://www.ftc.gov/ftc/contact.shtm
FTC phone: 1-866-653-4261

New York Attorney General: http://www.ag.ny.gov/contact.html

TRUSTe, the organisation which according to Etsy, advised them that the changes were fine (click on button at the bottom): http://clicktoverify.truste.com/pvr.php?page=validate&url=www.etsy.com&sealid=102

Send CNN a news tip: http://us.cnn.com/feedback/tips/index.html

Contacts for blogs writing articles on this issue:
Consumerist: tips [!at] consumerist.com
Ars: http://arstechnica.com/site/contact-ars-technica.ars
Gizmodo: tips [!at] gizmodo.com

-People still have to opt-out of being searchable. Those who signed up before this change are still automatically opted in regardless of if they gave consent. The feedback change does not prevent this.
-Despite the feedback change, the old Google results remain in Google cache, which includes people's feedback and their names.
-As of yesterday the sign up form still does not warn people that their real name will be public once filled in and that it is not required.
-Etsy did not notify everyone of the privacy change, only some. And the e-mail they sent out simply glossed over the issue.
-Most announcements/changes are still made via the forums which the minority frequent.
-Removing your name is still not automatic- it's manual and requires an "approval" process.
-People cannot have their information deleted when they choose. Even upon account closure, Etsy still keeps their information.

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Feb. 23rd, 2011

For the record, to clarify, the last I'm going to say on the matter, yadda, yadda...

I've had an Etsy account for 5+ years now. I did very well there the first 3 years, before Etsy did some changes to their SEO, combined with how Google crawled websites, etc, that caused many sellers' views to drop- including mine. However, I have never relied on sales from anywhere to pay my bills, instead, they help me to buy more materials to expand my repertoire and keep creating what I love to do. That's not to say I don't prefer to sell things, I would rather sell, than store the items I create, as storage is limited after all.

I had little to no complaints about Etsy until that point. I stuck with them through the fiasco that was the Version 2 release, where many were unable to even get to their shops for nearly 6 weeks. I took it in stride when some [now defunct] user convoed me about my chainmaille, blasting me for naming it what it was really called web wide, telling me my items were trash, etc. In hindsight, maybe I should have reported him, but I didn't. I sent him snarky responses right back, which caused him to go off even more. I didn't complain on Etsy when I started seeing obvious copies of not only my items, but my listings too- I simply stepped up my game, changed my listings, learned new techniques. But it was when my views and sales started slipping drastically, I started sitting up and actually paying closer attention to what they were doing in terms of how sellers were seen, how buyers were treated, etc.

It was then I started branching out more. Granted, when I started on Etsy, I had also opened a DaWanda shop, a Shopify shop, and a Big Cartel shop. Only Etsy made sales, so I stuck with it and closed down- but kept the accounts- the other shops.

When my sales started slipping, about the time Artfire also came along, I decided it was time to branch out a bit. Etsy was getting too saturated for what I create and that meant, overall, we were competing with ourselves and undercutting our own prices just to make a sale at times. I reopened my Big Cartel shop, I got a buyer account on Artfire, I opened a 1000Markets shop.

I voiced my concerns about the search changes, the SEO, along with hundreds of others at the time. I questioned why Etsy was saying it wasn't them, right up until they finally admitted it may have been some changes they made.

I did reasonably well on 1kM. When they closed down, I looked at Bonanza/Bonanzle and decided it wasn't for me. I turned my Artfire account into a seller account and started listing occasionally there. I focused more on my Etsy shop.

But then Etsy started doing more and more that just didn't sit right with me. It wasn't so much the Forums, as honestly, in the 5 years I've been there, my participation was a drop in the bucket compared to many. I think it was more the apatheticness of Admin after awhile. When people start asking the same questions, over and over, with no responses other than from other users asking the same things, you tend to notice and wonder what's going on.

This past year I noticed there were a certain group of users who seemed to exist in the Forums just to rile people up. There seemed to be another group who existed just to counteract them. There seemed to be a certain Team who was so devoutly religious and seemed to have the ear of Admin completely. There are also those users refer to as 'Etsy favorites'. This happens on any site with a community or Forums.

Then Etsy started censoring Mature sellers. We had to opt out of the search that automatically hid those items in the Treasury. We didn't get a choice in that matter. If we wanted to see it, we had to change the settings so we could. I'm not a mature seller, but even I know enough to understand that IF they start hiding who and what we can see with one group of sellers, which group of sellers was going to be hidden next?

It was then I started to be a bit more vocal about my concerns and disagreements with Etsy's actions. It was then I realized that my sales were not going to improve, no matter how low I went, no matter how much I promoted. It was just too saturated in the categories I listed under, with handmade sellers starting to compete more and more with resellers. I stopped listing new items there, I stopped renewing existing items, I paid more attention to upcoming changes.

I got used to the changes in where the column that had my shop name, profile links, etc was- I'm a lefty, I prefer that stuff on the right, honestly. I liked the change that allowed me to have 4 photos across instead of three. I got used to the changes to the announcement area. Yes, I voiced my concerns about them at them time, but I got used to them.

I was very vocal in my opposition to the Coral article in the Storque. Remember what I said about mature sellers being the first to be targeted? Well, it appeared that coral sellers were the next with that article. Yes, some things I said in the main coral thread were report worthy. They SHOULD have been reported. Why they weren't, I don't know.

When Etsy changed our profiles to include links to other shops, taking potential customers OUT of my shop, I drew the line. I'd had enough. Last year, I had maybe a dozen sales in the last 6 months. It was a slap in the face to see links out of my shop when I was trying so hard to get customers TO my shop. I deleted all my listings, I made my favorites private, I stopped making Treasuries and deleted existing ones. And I voiced my reasons for doing what I did, in the Forums.

It may have started to appear at that time that I was a member of that certain group of users who existed to rile people up. Granted, I know quite a number of them off Etsy, as online acquaintances, but while I may agree with some of what they say, there was the same amount of things several said that I don't agree with and never have in the years previous. Yes, I'm referring to those people call the 'ducks'.

By that same token, there are things that the users people refer to as 'cupcakes' have said that I will agree with, just as there are things they say that I vehemently disagree with.

And there are people on Etsy I will never, ever buy from, or interact with if possible, simply because their comments tend to rub me the wrong way.

I think for me, the Storque article was the catalyst to remove everything from Etsy and just be a buyer. Then came the new Findability and Circles. However, as a buyer, I don't feel my email needs to be search able by anyone I haven't had a business transaction with. And if I HAVE had a business transaction with them, then they already had my email. That was good enough in my opinion. Again, I voiced my concerns over privacy in that matter. Same with Circles. When they were introduced, I deactivated it. But then they changed it to be on whether we wanted it or not, with no options to turn it off again. So I voiced my displeasure over that and took the steps others suggested to exclude myself, deliberately from the Circles and turned the Findability tool off. And I let it go.

I don't have a huge dislike or like about the new setup for the Forums. Do I feel they eviscerated them? Yes. Do I feel I don't need to join a Team to find something? Yes. My experience with Teams hasn't been the best, to say the least. Have I spoken up about not wanting to have to join Teams just to be able to post in certain sections of the new Forums? Yes, many times.

You know what though? Through all that, the vast majority of my comments had been respectful. Had been related to the original post. Unless someone was overtly condescending and rude to me, I generally wasn't back. Now, that was in regards to other USERS. I have been openly disdainful of Etsy's actions. I have been openly condescending of some of Admin's actions. Yes, I admit that sometimes I have been disrespectful. Who hasn't, really?

So when I got that warning email 2+ weeks ago, I questioned it. I questioned it throughly. I find it extremely hypocritical that another user- a relative newcomer at that- could call someone like me, a long time user who voiced my disagreement over Etsy actions, and my concerns, a 'Troll' and told me (and others like me) to leave if we weren't happy, and *I* got flagged for it.

I found it highly immature for another user to knowingly come into a thread where users were hurling insults at one another in complete fun, and then get offended when the same is done to them, only to have my comment said in jest, flagged and labeled as a personal dispute- when I had never had any business transactions or any other interaction with said person before.

Was I a tad disrespectful when i said I didn't believe an Admin had actually read the entire thread before closing it and calling it a personal dispute as for the reason? Yes, I will admit that. And I will also state that I don't believe it was a flaggable offense. Others have said so much worse, blatantly and never had a thing happen to them. Yes, yes, I know- that's others, not me and everyone thinks they shouldn't have been flagged, yadda, yadda...

Am I unhappy that while Rob White did name three people in his response to my request for explanations, he also still did not respond to my assertion that there can be no personal dispute if a person has never had any dealings with another person before? A little bit. I'm also a bit miffed that they never replied to my second email.

Am I lying when I say that he named 3 people in that email? No.

Have I stated-ANYWHERE- that he outright said, these are who flagged you? No. I stated that he named 3 people in his response. I did not say he explicitly stated they were the ones who flagged me. However, given the context of the rest of the email, I can say for certain that one of those three- and NOT the Admin named- definitely did flag me.

Do I think Admin routinely falsifies information they say in the Forums and elsewhere pertaining to mutings and warnings? Yes. People have stated numerous times that they never once got warning emails before they were muted, despite Admin claiming they always send warning emails first. And they are rarely given the third degree to the extent I have been given across the internet.

I do not go to the Forums any longer. I have limited my exposure and contact with the website itself as much as possible. I have the shops I frequently buy from saved in my Favorites and go directly to them, buy what I want and leave. I am a buyer who has silenced herself in order to keep my account so I may continue to sporadically support those few shops I like there.

I do not have a hidden agenda. I did not and I am not embellishing anything about said emails. Rob White included three names in his reply to me. THAT is what I have said. THAT is what I stand by.

This is my side of the story. Such as it is.

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Feb. 12th, 2011

Until Monday...

The 'Reader's Digest' version of events that started on Friday, continued today and most likely will culminate by Monday, whereupon, if things go as I'm expecting, I'll post everything under a public filter instead of friends only...

Over 2 weeks ago, on Jan. 29th, I posted a few comments that were 'flagged' (reported) as TOS violations. I received my first ever 'warning' email from Etsy Admin in the 5 years I've had an account there. I had my suspicions as to who reported them. Those suspicions have since been confirmed, via another email after I requested explanations.

Some user named McBuddyLove was being disrespectful to those of us who voiced concerns about recent changes and called us trolls who only post in the forums when we aren't happy. So I called them on it and apparently they decided to flag my comment.

PeaseBlossomStudio had reading comprehension fail in the joke thread and thought I was insulting her for real and flagged me for it rather than ask me for clarification in convo. Which would have been the mature thing to do.

Anee, an Admin, closed the thread citing personal dispute- which is impossible since that was the first time I'd even interacted with PeaseBlossomStudio, and have never bought anything from her or sold anything to her- so when it was mentioned in another thread, I laughed about it and said I didn't believe she'd read the entire thread, yadda, yadda. She felt I was disrespecting her and flagged me for it. A thread I started, nonetheless.

When I got the warning email, I questioned it and requested an explanation. Rob White sent me one back with details as to who flagged what and why. The only one I grudgingly agree with is the one about Anee, because, yes, it was borderline disrespectful, but nonetheless, ridiculous.

I told him flat out I thought PeaseBlossomStudio was being immature by running to Admin instead of asking me if I meant to truly insult her. That McBuddyLove had been the one who was disrespectful in that entire thread, yet didn't get a single thing said to them about it and I felt it was a double standard.

All said rather tactfully, despite Mark saying I needed to tell them exactly what they could do with my account. Heh.

I expect by Monday, I'll get an email saying something along the lines of it appearing I no longer wish to continue the business relationship on Etsy and my account has been closed, I'm banned, yadda yadda.

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Feb. 2nd, 2011

Etsy- Selling handmade no longer at its core.

Yes, folks, Etsy has failed yet again.

First, they introduced 'Circles' and Activity feeds- Think Facebook friends feed, but with Etsy sellers, buyers and items.

Now, they've introduced a way for ANYONE to search for you via your email address. They call it 'Findability'.

That's right, if someone has your email address in their electronic address book, they can search for you on Etsy. Buy a gift for someone at work? Well, if they log in to Etsy, and run this email search, they can see exactly where you are, what your Etsy name is, and if you haven't made them private, exactly what you're favoriting and buying.

When they first introduced Circles, we had the option to turn it off, so we wouldn't be spammed on our own profiles- which, coincidentally, wasn't fully OURS. It also showed other shops if you'd favorited items in them and any Treasuries you created, unless, of course, you made everything private.

Now? We don't get the choice. It has been removed from us.

Circles have been changed to ON for everyone, even if you turned them off. The option to turn them back off has been REMOVED.

And that Findability that when they first announced, hundreds, if not thousands of users said NO, let it be defaulted to OFF? Well, it was defaulted to ON.

They did, to their credit, send out an email a few days ago, with deatails about it as an 'upcoming feature'. However, that email contained NO dates at all. So how many users don't know that they can now be found via email? How many will have psycho buyers that liked to stalk them and now can find them easily?

Sean, an Admin there, is saying that "Circles and the activity feed are really core to what Etsy's about, and will be integrated more fully into the site. "

No, Sean, you are so very wrong.

No, they are not.

The core of what Etsy WAS about was selling HANDMADE, SUPPLIES and VINTAGE.

SELLING, not social networking.

In the last 5 years, SELLING was the main and principle thing behind Etsy.

The selling of HANDMADE fell by the wayside within the last year as resellers became more prevalent and you(admin) did little to nothing about them (May, 2010- 'there are no longterm resellers that we are aware of').

In the last 4 months, social networking has become what you seem to think the core of Etsy.

WE the sellers and buyers, built this place for you with our own money. We, the users, paid your bills through our own hard work at promoting our own shops, buying stupid showcases that you touted out as the next best thing, and in general, kept Etsy afloat the first few years.

Now that you have venture capital, you feel- as evidenced by your actions and various tweaks and 'improvements', that you no longer need the sellers who were the backbone of this site.

That's a huge slap to the face.

Now, I no longer sell on Etsy as of the end of Oct, 2010. I only buy sporadically and then, only if the seller is not on another site. I wonder, how long until they get tired of hearing me bring up the issues and failures from the past? How long before they get tired of hearing the dissension?

Well, not long, anyway, they already intend to move the Forums behind the Teams walls within the next week, after all. That'll hide the dissension from their venture capitalists when the rumors of them going public this year eventually come about...

By then, it'll most likely be too late as more sellers wise up and more buyers get tired of being unable to properly search for what they want, and take their business elsewhere.

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Oct. 28th, 2010

Just when you think you've seen it all...

Etsy manages to sink to a whole new low...

Yes, that would be TWO listings for a 2004 Ford F250 Lariat truck. TWO exact same listings for the exact same truck.

Wonder who he was planning to scam, buyer of the first listing or buyer of the second listing? Heh. Oh hey! There's NO RESERVE! So, who knows, maybe if buyer one offers a dollar more than buyer two, they'll be the lucky winner of this non-auction.

Either way, it took FIVE DAYS, NUMEROUS reports and TWO now closed Threads in the Forums to get Etsy to remove the listings.

Thing is, the shop is still there. So, I bet within a week, the seller will be right back to trying to scam buyers with non-TOU allowed items that Etsy will turn a blind eye to until forced to deal with it.

All you can do anymore is laugh.

By the way, my Etsy shop?


Nearly 5 years of dealing with Etsy screwing the sellers was more than enough.
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Oct. 18th, 2010

Etsy fails yet again.

This time, they got a jewelry designer who signed up on Etsy 10 days before her Storque article came out, who does not sell on Etsy, to write an article calling for the outright BAN of ALL coral. Not the ban of illegally obtained coral- ALL coral- legal, washed up on the beach type, even fake- it makes no distinction.

Not only that, but the article then goes on to link to offsite selling areas for said jewelry designer's pieces. Yeah, another flagrant violation of the Etsy TOU.

When sellers started calling Etsy Admin out on the numerous TOU violations, the writer, and her offsite linking, comments were immediately disabled on the article. Numerous threads in the Forums have been started- and subsequently locked- about what is now being called 'Storquegate' or 'Coralgate'.

Someone posts in a thread that they were glad the article was written, about ethical/environmental choices- which the article doesn't provide any of, and that it exposed a 'big issue' on Etsy.

Problem is- That's not what the article was about at all.

The article was not about ethical/environmental choices. The article was about NOT using ALL of a certain thing, without offering any alternatives, or mentioning that some of that certain material ARE legal to use and that many sellers here are ethically conscious and use only the legal stuff.

The article bashed an entire range of sellers, not only here, but elsewhere as well, without going into whether those sellers who use that material, use the legal stuff or not.

It was NOT an article designed to promote a reasonable discussion of ethical/environmentally friendly alternatives, it called for a complete and utter STOP of any use of that certain material.

It was designed to inflame the community at large, it deliberately flaunted multiple violations of the TOU WE as sellers are forced to abide by and it denigrated us as users overall.

Etsy Admin must be proud of themselves for creating such a failtastic firestorm.

For the record- I do not use coral, fake or otherwise, in my pieces. I do have a few pieces, of beach combed coral, in my private collection. I am not about banning all coral, I respect those who use legally obtained coral in their pieces.But this flagrant touting og the TOU we as sellers are forced to abide by, is utterly ridiculous.

Edited to add- apparently there are now sellers being HARASSED in convos for having coral in their shops. And still Etsy keeps silent on the matter.

Sep. 27th, 2010

This and that...

I'm not around much on the weekends, can you tell?


Seems there was a hornets' nest on Etsy over the weekend. Several Old Timers were muted (ie not allowed to post) in the Forums for supposedly being disrespectful to other users.

Old Timers are like me- been there since the site started or shortly thereafter. I've been there nearly 5 years now, this Feb will be 5 years. So suffice it to say, we've seen what the site started out as and what it has now become.

It started out as a great place for all things handmade, vintage or a great place to find unique supplies. Now? Etsy doesn't seem to care if its truly handmade or just resold items imported from China, Thailand, Hong Kong, etc and branded handmade. And don't get me started on the ripoff artists in the 'wedding' category. Wow.

Poor Vintage is so inundated with crap from yard sales that's not even a year old, let alone a decade that cupcakes are near constantly trying to get it removed. 'It doesn't belong here!' they proclaim. But Vintage was there from the beginning.

And oh man, if a certain Etsy Team sees something they don't like, say, a butt, clothed or not, in a Treasury, they start a thread, wringing their hands about how pornography (there is none, nor is it allowed on Etsy) is all over the place, and won't we think of the children. Thereby targeting EVERY mature category seller in one fell swoop. Yet... not a thing gets said to them. Happens roughly once a month lately.

And man, the Front Page Treasuries. THAT'S a whole nother kettle of pitch there. I've been on Etsy nearly 5 years. Been on the Front Page ONCE, and then, for only 5 minutes before my item, which didn't sell, by the by, was switched out. Never again did I grace the Front Page. Yet there are resellers and others who get on the FP nearly daily. And in the daily emails, the Storque... Yeah. But speak up about it and you get told to suck it up, in not so few words. Too bad, sucks to be you. Yadda, yadda.

So. Several Old Timers were muted this weekend. Why? Well, for standing up for themselves when they were disrespected by others who've been there, at most, 2 years. Apparently, being on the site 2 years or less makes one the most knowledgeable user around and the rest of us are just complainers when we speak up about bugs or glitches or question an action by Etsy which they later reverse.

No, wait, we get told we're 'unhappy inside ourselves' and 'need to step out of Obama-land, stop drinking the kool-aid and pour it down the sink.' I kid you not. Yet, THOSE people, whom are not so affectionately called 'cupcakes' in the Forums, are never once muted, never once reprimanded. Only those of us who stand up and say, that's not right.

One of the Old Timers muted this weekend, sent me a convo, giving me heads up and to watch my ass.

Well, me being me, I took on the challenge of seeing just how far I could push it without actually crossing the line into violating the Forum policies by straightforward mentioning locked threads (threads get locked by Admin when , to them, it gets out of hand, or a cupcake complains.), by NOT straight out mentioning those threads, but doing so obliquely.

So far, I'm disappointed. Maybe I was TOO obscure in my references. After all, Polestar hasn't shown up, wagging her finger at me, yet.

I know, I know, if I'm unhappy, why do I stay on Etsy? Well, because despite its faults, I've managed to build a name for myself there and a customer base of sorts. So while I do have an Artfire shop and am working on building my base there, my Etsy shop, unfortunately, still does well enough to rate my keeping it.

For now.