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Aug. 26th, 2016

Today's prompt is "In Situ" for the #CTMonthInTheLife

Day 26 of the #ctmonthinthelife  #if by @createandthrive  is #insitu ...   This is one of my first #artquilts hanging above the mantle in the bedroom where Dante, Max and Aries reside.   'Icarus Falling ' is #handdyed, #handsewn, #stamped, #embellished wi

This is one of my first artquilts hanging above the mantle in the bedroom where Dante, Max and Aries reside. 'Icarus Falling ' is hand dyed, handsewn, stamped, embellished with real found feathers and sunprinted with feathers and saltdyed . The wood piece is genuine #driftwood, sourced locally.

It is also not for sale.

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Jun. 15th, 2016

Eight years...

Eight Year ago today, a very special litter of puppies was born and they and their mother were rescued by Heart of Dixie Akita Rescue.

Eight years ago today, Dante sent us our next Akita, born exactly 10 days after she left us. Had to go prepare the new pupper after all, for the crazy family she'd be living with 3.5 months later.

Eight years ago today, Caena Kamikaze Ryu was born.

Happy Birthday, Caena! Here's to many more silly birthdays with you.}:)

May. 10th, 2016

Moving... And coming Home.

So a little over a week and a half ago, we closed on our new house. It's a wonderful 1940 bungalow on 1.73 acres with absolutely no neighbors nearby. The nearest neighbor is easily a quarter mile or more away.

After we closed, we brought Dante, Max and Aries' urns over and they were the very first things to be unpacked in our new home. They look right at home on the mantle, surrounded by their photos.

We then spent the next 3.5 days actually moving the rest of our stuff. We are still trying to figure out how two 15 ft UHaul truck loads and then some fit into a 700 sqft townhouse. After we got the big things, like the bookcases, the buffet, etc, I spent the next week, going back and forth, hauling odds and ends from the townhouse to the house and cleaning it. Last Friday, we made the final trip, grabbing the bikes and closed the door on the townhouse for good.

Now I'm trying to figure out where everything fits in this 1266 sqft home of ours. The living room is really the only room that's 90% setup as it'll be. I'm in the process of arranging the studio/office, it's about 50% of the way there. Heh. Then there's all the books to unpack and put back up on the bookshelves, all the photos and prints to figure out where they will hang, some painting to do...

Oh and mowing the nearly 1 acre of open grass. Yeah. I accidentally broke our new lawnmower the day after we just put it together, 3 days after we bought it. So we had to take that back and exchange it. So 75% of the yard is mowed so far.}:P

So far, it's been like Christmas. Everyday, we discover something new here at Five Oaks (I did mention that the property was named }:P ). Sunday, it was that we have grapes! Today, it was that we may actually have Mulberry trees! And the stars on a clear night! Wow. And the frogs and bullfrogs in the ponds below us... It honestly still feels like a vacation.

It's an itty bitty Peach! Woo!  #nofilter  #fruittree #fruittrees #peach #garden #fiveoaks #dantesspirit
Itty Bitty Peach!

There's a Catbird nest with 4 eggs in the cedar bush directly outside the back door, so we moved the walkway out further, to give the birds a touch of privacy. Morrigan has discovered them and now camps out in the windows on the back porch. Free cat TV. Heh.

Two owners ago, they buried a beloved cat in the back corner, complete with stone marker. The previous owners scattered the ashes of their beloved German Sheps there as well. So the plan is to turn that corner into a memorial garden. We brought Puck, Rue and Nyx's stones with us and will be placing them there, as well as selecting nice memorial stones from my collection for Dante, Max and Aries.

Still need to plant my Irises along the front of the front porch, got the compost bin set up, now need to lay out the garden area, plant the rest of our plants we brought with us and figure out where we want to put our new apple and pear trees and the future pecan trees we want to add, as well as clear the right back 'field/wild brush' area as well, thin out some of the sumac/paradise trees and bittersweet vines trying to take over in that area. Oh, and get the ivy off of Fezzik, our beloved 400+ year old White Oak next to the house. Speaking of irises, someone who lived here absolutely *loved* irises. They are everywhere! And in colors I didn't have.

So, as of right now...

Bird tally so far- Cardinals, Titmouse, Nuthatch, Catbird, Redwinged Blackbird, Goldfinches, Purple/House Finches, Blue Jay, Mourning Dove, Robins, Carolina Wrens, Sparrows, Chickadees, Pileated Woodpecker, Indigo Buntings...

All the birds at the townhouse and then some.}:P Seen Crows around but not in the yard yet. Canadian Geese and goslings in the field in front of us and a Redshouldered Hawk soaring overhead.

AND a Crane/Heron (couldn't *quite* tell which) flew over from the ponds as well.

Fruit/Nut tally so far- Plums, Peaches, Apples, Pear, Black Walnuts, Blackberries, Strawberries- the 5 plants I brought with me are producing- GRAPES, Quince, potentially Cherries and maybe Mulberries too.

In the near future, we want to get chickens as well. And look into solar power.

I'd say we are well on our way to being as self-sufficient as we possibly can be.}:P

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Nov. 14th, 2013

[Semi] Daily Photo


Caena being silly. She reminds me of Dante a lot, sometimes. Nov 2013

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Apr. 24th, 2013

Semi Wordless Wednesday- Dante at age 3yrs.

Was cleaning out the back room closet and found a scrapbook with lots of photos of friends from Okinawa, cards and a few like this. We have so few of her when she was younger.

Dante-Inu, age 3

Dante-Inu at age 3. May 1997. She was obviously blowing coat.

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Jan. 17th, 2013

Max's urn arrived today...

It's by the same person who made Dante's. Kristin from Urns handmade both and they're absolutely gorgeous.

It's empty right now. We pick up his ashes on Monday. It's perfect for him.

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Jan. 14th, 2013

Sometimes I think I'm losing it.

Thursday night, I couldn't sleep (nights are the worst as that's generally when he wanted attention the most), and I was at the top of the stairs, heading back down to the couch, where I could toss and turn and not keep Mark awake. I swear I saw Max waddling down the stairs ahead of me. When I reached the bottom, he turned the corner, walked around the coffee table and was gone.

This morning, I was laying in bed- I managed to catch Mark's cold, go me- watching a dvr'd episode of BBCA's Copper, and I swear Max tried to get up on the bed, in his pawing at the covers, then claw his way up style.

It's strange, really. After Dante passed, MARK saw her standing at the top of the stairs, looking down at him. I've never seen her. And yet, I'm seeing Max every few days.

Fickle cat.

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Jan. 13th, 2013


I can't seem to stop beating myself up over Max. The voices keep saying what if... And it hurts. It fucking hurts so damn bad. I just want my Max kitty back, just for one more snuggle, one more chance to tell him I love him.

It' hurts nearly as bads as when we lost Dante. tHe difference is we KNEW Dante was leaving us, we'd already made that appointment, even if she did decide to go a week earlier than planned.

With Max, the was no warning, there was no sign that there was anything wrong. We had no clues. He was fine the night before. He acted normal. So to walk into the back room and find him there...

I lost it, I really did. I couldn't breathe for a few moments, the shock was just so sudden.

That was Thursday. Today is Sunday.

Nights are the worst. I keep expecting him to pop his head up over the edge of the bed , so I know he wants to come lay on my pillow and claim my shoulder for awhile.

I saw him Thursday night, trundling down the stairs, and when I followed him, he waddled into the living room and was gone.

I still half expect to see him upstairs when I go up. I still hear his 'mrowf' or his 'mrrf, mrrf' when he wants my attention or wants picked up at the back of my head.

Aries is still looking for him. Morrigan is now sleeping in his spot.

The days aren't so bad- he hung out upstairs mostly. They all did, except Mo, who would wander downstairs and up all day. With Dante, it was the days that were the worst. With Max, it's the opposite.

We got an urn we think will be big enough for both Max and Aries, when Aries decides it's his time. They grew up together, so it's only right that they be together after they leave us as well.

I miss him.

Nov. 10th, 2012

Happy Birthdays

Happy 237th Birthday to my fellow Marines. Semper Fi.

Today would have been Dante's 19th birthday. Happy birthday, my fourlegged best friend, wherever you are. I still miss you dearly, even 4 years later. Thank you for Caena.

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Jun. 4th, 2012

4 years.

4 years ago today. I still miss you so damn much.

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May. 31st, 2012

No grills were seriously damaged in the making of this post....

No canines, felines or avians either.

So THIS is how my day is going to go, eh?

Why, yes, Caena managed to not only knock the grill up on end, but flip it over and around the side of the house this morning. While I stood there watching, bemused, as it happened in near slow motion.

Her lead caught the corner of the ledge on the grill and pulled it up on the wheels. Which promptly startled her and made her try to GET AWAY FROM THE THING that was clearly after her. Which caused it to swing around, tangling the lead further, and pulling the grill over onto its top.

Then she saw me standing there with my phone, and very contritely walked over to me, head hung low, tail slowly wagging.

I couldn't help it. I laughed at her.

(The grill is still there. It'll take both of us to move it from its current position back into place. Not because it's heavy, but because it's awkward.)

The Carolina Wrens who built the nest on the front porch, right next to the front door, either have eggs or, more likely, given how actively they've been bringing insects and such back, have babies in the nest.

They spent 5 solid minutes berating the Chipmunk who dared to come on the porch to eat the bird seed. Much like they do the Blue Jays, the House Sparrows, the Tufted Titmouses, the Nuthatches, the Indigo Buntings, even the poor Purple Finches and the poor, much maligned by the Blue Jays, Crow that comes by sometimes when there's peanuts out.

Now, I'm getting 'looks' through the window where I sit at my desk, as still as possible, when they land on the chair or the baker's rack right outside it.

Cute birds, but really, this is getting nuts. It could be worse though, I could be getting divebombed everytime I go out the front door, like the poor Crow does by the blue Jays.

Got rid of the majority of the rats. They disappeared for roughly 3 weeks, completely. Then, a small, halfgrown one showed back up again. I'm gradually moving the rocks that were once around the pond out front, that'll never likely be rebuilt, to the back, along the fence and around the Wisteria, as that seems to be where they like to burrow under the fence to come eat the bird seed that falls to the ground.

With the Chipmunks showing back up (finally, after years of being gone), I'm hesitant about putting out more rat poison. But it's looking like I may not have a choice.

The Tomatoes( Hillbilly, Great White and Black Krim, you can see them to the right in the above photo) are finally budding and blooming. They've grown 4 times the size they were. Combination of good compost before planting and plenty of water, I suppose. Hopefully we'll get lots of maters this season.

Much of the rest of the gardens are doing quite well. A few of the Irises my GrandAunt Rosie gave me last summer, have bloomed. Nearly all of them came back and doubled in size. Several plants need to be cut back, such as the Lemon Balm and the Greek Oregano, as they're trying desperately to take over where they are. The St John's Wort tripled in size over last year and bloomed abundantly this year.

The Wisteria is being trained along the fence, mostly on my side of my fence, because I noticed that the guys doing the yard work on the other side, had weedeated really close to the fence, killing half the Honeysuckle, much of the Strangling Dog Vine (thankfully) and whatever else they did, affected a few vines of my Wisteria. So I pulled it all back to my side. Better safe than sorry, and besides, I'd appreciate more blooms next year than an empty house will.

The Love In A Mist has nearly taken over the front Iris bed. There's dozens of seed pods. So when they ripen, I'll collect them, and pull the plants out. The plan is to lift the remaining Irises from the bed this fall and compost/replace the soil before replacing them. Hopefully that'll give them a much needed boost next year, as simply top feeding them isn't working. Many didn't bloom this year either.}:/

In 4 days, it'll have been 4 years since Dante-Inu left me.

In 15 days, Caena will be 4 years old.

I have not played Skyrim in nearly 3 weeks. Haven't played Assassin's Creed Revelations since Dec 2011. My computer has actually been behaving itself for the last 2.5 weeks, so I've been enjoying playing Sims3 for the time being.

And here comes a Carolina Wren with what appears to be a cricket. Must be feeding time again.

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Apr. 13th, 2012

Does it make you happy you're so strange

I wanted to hug Dante yesterday.

And the WANT was so sharp that all I could to do was cry.

Cause I can't. And I haven't been able to for nearly 4 years now.

And it still hurts as deeply as it did when she left me.
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Jun. 4th, 2010

Random and Rant...

I've not said much, if anything, about the Gulf Oil Spill disaster. Why? Well, quite honestly, I don't know what to say.

I've been through Hurricanes. I've been through Tropical Storms. I've lived on the coast, both in North Carolina and Okinawa, Japan. I've helped with cleanup after a Hurricane. I've seen first hand the damage those can do.

I have never been through an oil spill.

So I personally have no context into which to put it. What have I experienced that compares to it? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I have done things I can to help with the clean up. I've donated 2 bags of Dante's last coat blow to Matter of Trust for their hair booms, which have been shown to be extremely efficient and fast, at absorbing spilled oil/crude. As have thousands of other people, and are still doing so.

The problem is, BP is refusing to use them. In fact, they are so focused on capping the renegade well, to try to save as much crude as possible, that they haven't really even tried to clean up the beaches, or stop the oil from reaching them. That's been left up to the governments of those affected States.

BP is working really hard on trying to STOP photos of dying wildlife, oil coated Brown Pelicans, tar ball covers beaches, and DEAD MARSHLANDS, from being released to the public, rather than accepting the aid thousands of us have sent and created, for FREE.

The really stunning part of this, is the fact that this disaster will most likely top the Exxon Valdez spill. It may even top the #2 worst spill in the world, Ixtoc I in 1979- which they still do not know the full extent of damage from. Can we sit here and watch as oil spills from that well for TEN MONTHS? I hope to gods not. I hope that this capping works, even if it was only so BP could 'save' the oil, and their profit margins.

I have no context into which to put this disaster. I have not experienced it. What I know, I see on the news, or read online. What I hear, I get from those who have been there, who have seen what's happening, or who have experienced similar in the past.

And this? Breaks my heart.

The fact that BP is appearing callous and uncaring that they have DESTROYED OUR COASTLINE makes me angry. But the fact that we let them by our rampant need for more and more oil, is the most anger inducing of all.

We've done what we can, ourselves, to help minimize our impact on our environment- we use reusable grocery bags, line dry our clothes on sunny days, drive a low emissions vehicle that gets very good mileage (1 tank of gas lasts us 2 weeks!), use energy efficient light bulbs, grow our own veggies, and herbs, I don't use pesticides or herbicides unless I KNOW they're organic, etc, so on and so forth.

But even that, is not enough. And I know it, but every little bit helps in some way.

* * * * * * *

2 years.

Tomorrow will be 2 years since I lost my fourlegged Best Friend.

Even now, 2 years later, it still hurts. Not as bad, no, but it does still hurt.

I still miss her so much every day. Especially when Caena does something that reminds me of Dante. Then it's really bad, this ache.

There's a hole in me that will never be filled, no matter how much I adore Caena. You never forget your first, and the same is true about Akitas.

Dec. 4th, 2008

2009 MARS Akita Rescue Calenders are available!

These are the ones that have a photo of Dante-Inu in them.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Remember...the 2009 MARS calendars are now back from the printers and
available for ordering!

We have been shipping them all week and the feedback has been great :)

Please forward this email to other Akita enthusiasts, family members,
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calendar. It is our MARS grass roots supporters that help us promote
and sell our calendars each holiday season. Every purchase counts and
makes this a successful fund raiser for our orphans!

Please order early, especially if your dog is in the calendar, as we
only printed a certain number of calendars and we want everyone that
desires one for themselves or for gift giving to be able to purchase one.

Please see below for an order form that you can print out, or you can
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**For international orders, please email me privately for specific

The calendars are the featured product on the Moongazer website and are
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Or follow this direct link:

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This year the calendars features over 90 Akitas just being Akitas and
with over 1500 entries, we tried to pick some great shots! We have a
detailed Who's Who page, dedications, and every month has a miniature
calendar of the month previous and the month following in the top right
and left corners.

We are sure you will love them!

100% of the proceeds from calendar sales benefit the orphans under the
direct foster care of MARS.
Many thanks to all who have supported MARS
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Take Care,
-- Lisa
Lisa R. McCluskey, BS, CPDT
MOONGAZER.COM - "Intelligent Instruction Pets Enjoy"
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Certified Pet Dog Trainer, Certification Council for Prof. Dog Trainers
American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator #3950
Certified Delta Society Pet Partner, Animal Assisted Activities/Therapy
Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) Professional Member #2713
Assistant - John Rogerson's 21 Day Instructor Course - Kusur, India
Akita Club of America Public Education Committee (PEC) Chair
Midwest Akita Rescue Society (MARS) Co-Founder

MARS ORDER FORM - 100% of Proceeds from Sales Go to MARS Orphans

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Nov. 14th, 2008

Dante-Inu Commemorative Birth Day Scarf

Autumn Splendor by *WolfSilverOak on deviantART

This stunning silk scarf is the 1st of the Dante-Inu Commermorative Birth Day Scarves. Only one a year will be released, every November. No two will ever be alike, in coloring or style.

Autumn Splendor, close up by *WolfSilverOak on deviantART

Nov. 11th, 2008

This is why my head hurts sometimes...

Reading comments like this...

"Oh, and they can be really aggressive towards kids. edit Actually nvm, I think the aggressiveness is from american Akitas, not shiba inus or even akita inus :3" From this post.

Sorry, Caena! You, as an AMERICAN AKITA, have to stop being so nice! You're supposed to be AGGRESSIVE! What's wrong with you?!? You're doing it wrong!!!!

Oh and Shiba-Inus aren't aggressive? Bullshit. Tell that to the little fucker that threw itself at the fence, growling, snarling and barking like mad everytime Dante and I were out walking back in North Carolina.

ANY dog can be aggressive. It all depends on the OWNER.

Yes, there is such a thing as an American Akita-Inu line and a Japanese Akita-Inu line. The American line tends toward stouter, larger(heavier) with a more boxy face. The Japanese line is leaner, deeper chested with a more fox like face. Most times they are very hard to distinguish between though.

But they are ALL Akita-Inus.

Oh and thanks to that damn live feed video, Shiba-Inus will most likely become the next 'Hot Ticket Item' for Christmas.

Nov. 10th, 2008


15 years ago today, you were born.

Less than 3 months later, you were mine. My fourlegged Best Friend and soulmate.

14.5 years we had together. Good times and rough ones.

Today, you would have been 15 years old.

5 months, 5 days ago, you decided it was time to go.

Happy Birth Day, Dante-Inu, where ever you are.

Happy 233rd Birth Day to my fellow Marines as well. Semper Fi.

Nov. 2nd, 2008


Will have a photo in the 2009 MARS (Midwest Akita Rescue Society) Calender.

This one, to be exact.

I'm alterenating between joy and sorrow right now.

Calenders will be available they say around Mid-November.


Oct. 8th, 2008

Caena pic spam post.

Caena was more interested in the brick she'd found than paying attention to what was going on just in front of her.

Funny, but Dante liked bricks at that age too.

Can you see the visitor who's oh so carefully not looking at Caena?

Hint- It's feline...
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Oct. 6th, 2008

Puppy breath and Puppy kisses.

It's been 14+ years since we've had either of those.

Caena Kamikaze Ryu is a 3.5 month old Rescue Akita puppy, from Heart of Dixie Akita Rescue. She was born June 15, 2008.

Calliope and her 7 pups were dumped by her owner in a shelter in Georgia when the pups were 2 days old.

This litter was so sick, that Rachel (of HoDAR) wasn't sure at times they'd make it. As a possible result, they are smaller than average Akita pups at their age. Whether this is due to their being so sick, or it being Chrondrodysplasia(a hereditary genetic disorder that affects the bone growth and joints, as well as heart and liver issues), they simply don't know.

Other than small size, no other symptoms have manifested as of YET. So, Caena and her siblings could simply be small/petite Akitas. We think she may top out at around 50lbs, 60lbs if we're lucky, although she will always be short- or as I say, small in stature, and will most likely have arthritis early on and other joint issues. Which is why we want to get her into agility classes, to help work those joints and strengthen the muscles.

She's fiesty, and a lover. HATES being alone in her kennel at night. She's just not used to being by herself. Last night was the first night without a sibling. NO accidents in the house!

She's all Play!Play! with Mark and I. Very curious, wants to explore, can't figure out why the cats are bigger/as big as her and don't want to play. Loves the backhill. She's a digger too, roots out the grass, throws it around, chases leaves. Loves her puppy Kong.}:)

Aries came down twice on his own last night, to check her out. Came down again today, was going to hang out on the couch because she was sleeping, when Caena woke up, saw him, and wanted to play. Needless to say, Aries got scared and went back upstairs. I think within a week or two, he'll be fine.

Max on the other hand. He hasn't come downstairs on his own yet. I brought him down last night. He pointedly ignored Caena until he couldn't anymore, then hissed, snarled, fluffed up bigger than his 20lb self(at which he is 5lbs HEAVIER than Caena!), if that is possible and stalked across the back of the couch, then up the stairs. Where he has stayed since. He will take awhile. He never really cared for Dante either though.

When we take her down for a 6 month checkup in Dec, I'm going to talk to my vet about genetic testing for the Chrondrodysplasia, as IF she does have it, we want to know what to expect. If she does, she won't live as long as Dante did, but nonetheless, she will have a very full, VERY happy, love filled life.

There's nothing like a Rescue puppy. This was definately the right choice.

Expect to be spammed with photos over the coming days, weeks, YEARS.

(I'm on Mark's computer right now, later this evening, I'll have to make and upload Caena icons.}:) )