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May. 5th, 2021

Oh Pollux. The view will never be the same without you.


Yesterday's severe storms had 60mph winds and they proved too much for Pollux.



He snapped at his base.


Crushed the Adirondack chair and foot stool.
But thankfully, where he fell, all he took out was invasive Ailanthus which was slated for removal this year anyway.
Ironically, the young Black Walnuts were untouched.


The top of the base where he snapped *was* a large root. It looks like it had some rot and just gave way, causing him to collapse.

Trying to identify what type of pine he was, so we can replace him, even if we won't be here to see it mature to this size.

In other news...


Spotted this absolutely gorgeous Cecropia moth on a bush outside the dojo last night.

10 days.

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