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Jan. 22nd, 2013

An update on that Kickstarter that I was burned on.

Remember this?

Yup. Never received the book. It's been 10 months since the project was funded. It's been nearly 6 months since the estimated delivery date. It's been nearly 2 months since I sent Kickstarter an email about it.

The author actually tried to get me to accept an ebook copy. Um, no. That is NOT what I was supposed to receive.

So. since I am now thoroughly done with this.

THIS is the book.

Here it is on Amazon.

Here it is on Barnes and Noble. Print copy. Nook book copy.

And this is the 'review' I left on all three. -

"I'd dearly love to be able to fully review this book. However, despite being a Kickstarter supporter, where this anthology originated, I never received any of the rewards promised to me at the level I backed the project.

That means, I never got my promised copy of the book. That means, as far as I know, NO ONE who pledged at the physical book level ever got their copies. We were to have received our copies BEFORE the general release to the public. We did not. The person running the Kickstarter project kept saying it was the publisher who was delaying the sending of the books. However, it's now a good 6 months past the estimated delivery date and a good 10 months since the project was funded and I have absolutely nothing to show for it.

To say I am disappointed is an understatement. To say that this has ruined Kickstarter for me and makes it so I will ONLY support authors I know from here on out, is also an understatement.

I will never buy a book by this author or support him in any way ever again."

Off to find out if I can dispute the charge on my credit card now.

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Dec. 3rd, 2012

Burned by a Kickstarter project

Back in March of this year, I backed a book project over on Kickstarter.

It was a local author, so I thought, what the hey. Project was fully funded and ready to go well before the cutoff date of April. Estimated shipping date was July.

Well, July came and surveys for our addresses came out. I filled mine out and sent it in. July went by, photos of the bookmarks we were to get were posted in an update, end of July, there was mention of a review posted online.

August goes by- no updates, no response to a comment asking what was up with the books.

Now I get that in the publishing world, these things can take time. So beginning Sept rolls around and we finally get an update saying the book is at the publisher's for review, tweaking, etc. No mention as to when we can expect any of our rewards for helping fund this project.

Rest of Sept passes, mid Oct before we get another update- seems the book is to go 'live' on Oct 30th. Great! Means I should get my copy soon, right? Wrong. That's the EBOOK version. Which means ANYONE who wants to can purchase it.

Early Nov- it's officially available to the world and we who backed this project STILL have not gotten our rewards. I don't care if Amazon and B&N were quicker at listing the ebook, it should NOT have gone live until those who funded at that level got theirs first. That was utter ridiculousness. People commented on it, clearly unhappy. This is the ONLY time the person running the project leaves a comment or replies to any comments left on any updates.

LAST update is also early Nov. Talks about how the PUBLISHER is going to be sending out the trade paperbacks and bookmarks to those of us who funded at that level. That would be me.

It's now DECEMBER and I have nothing, absolutely nothing to show for my support of this project. It's a bit frustrating to say the least. I had contacted Kickstarter once about this issue of nothing being sent that was promised and feeling mislead and they basically washed their hands of it, telling me to take it up with the person who ran the project. So if I really want my money back, I have to do a chargeback through my bank.

I feel like I threw away 25.00. Yes, it's only 25.00, but still, that's money that could have been better used elsewhere. I feel like I might as well wash my hands of it, because quite obviously, I'm never going to get the book unless I buy it at Barnes and Noble, essentially paying for it twice over. And quite honestly, this experience has turned me off of wanting to help fund future Kickstarter projects.

So. Lesson learned- thinking twice about whether to help fund Kickstarter projects in the future and the answers will likely be no.

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May. 8th, 2012

Insert coherent title here.


I just finished book 1 of a new trilogy I've started reading. Now, I don't read a whole lot of sci-fi type books, but when I do, I rarely manage to lose myself in the story. I tend to get bored and have to read something non sci-fi (usually fantasy based) in order to reset my mind to wanting to read that sci-fi book or series again. (See the Starfist Series by David Sherman and Dan Cragg, for example. There's 13? books, I've made it through the first 8 so far, with breaks every 2-3 books. Mark, on the other hand, has read them all, one right after the other. Yeah.)

I should have known better with this trilogy.

See, I love the October Daye books. I loved Discount Armageddon. Seanan McGuire has a way of writing that allows me to lose myself in the story.

So I gave her Mira Grant books a try.

I should have known better, honestly, from reading her other books. She has a way of drawing you in subtlely, of making you emphasize with the characters, of feeling real emotions when something happens to one of them. A way of making you care about the story. This carries over into her Newsflesh Trilogy as well.

I just finished Feed. I was originally planning to read a few pages- I had only 3-4 chapters left- while waiting for Sims3 to load. I ended up moving to the couch just so I could know how this book ended. I had to finish it after reaching THAT POINT. Sorry, no spoilers for you.

I had to know how it ended. I had to know that the one guy got what he deserved. And gods damn you, Seanan McGuire, I had to know if this story making me freakin' cry was worth it.

And it was.

Right from the start this story grabbed me and made me want to know more, made me want to read it without taking a break from it. The momentum built over the course of the book and when it finally broke, it was done in a believable, heart wrenching way that makes me want to read the next two books.

In fact, Deadline is sitting right next to me, waiting for its cover to be cracked and for me to immerse myself in it too. And Blackout is waiting after that.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a world so very like our own to revisit.

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Apr. 5th, 2011


Support rape crisis centers and enter to win an advance copy of The Snow Queen’s Shadow, by Jim C. Hines.

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Apr. 12th, 2009

Amazon Major fail.

Amazon removes rankings of nearly ALL LGBT books.And then some.

Meta Writer Comm has list of books affected, is being updated regularly.

I don't care what the fuck you call it, censorship is censorship is censorship and should NEVER be tolerated in any shape or form.

SmartBitchesTrashyBooks has created a Googlebomb called "Amazon Rank"

Twitter #hashtag - #amazonfail

LATimes blog has picked up the story.

Apparently this deranking by Amazon has been happening since FEBRUARY.

[info]elfwreck says it all perfectly-
Amazon has gone off the deep end.
On Amazon.com two days ago, mysteriously, the sales rankings disappeared from two newly-released high profile gay romance books: “Transgressions” by Erastes and “False Colors” by Alex Beecroft. Everybody was perplexed. Was it a glitch of some sort? The very next day HUNDREDS of gay and lesbian books simultaneously lost their sales rankings...
When asked for an explanation, Amazon came back with,
In consideration of our entire customer base, we exclude "adult" material from appearing in some searches and best seller lists. Since these lists are generated using sales ranks, adult materials must also be excluded from that feature."
That's right. Amazon has decided all "gay" content is "adult." Including textbooks, and books like "Heather Has Two Mommies."

Book list here, with more being added as people find them.

Anyone know how to file a suit for discrimination in business practices? I'm pretty sure that's not allowed in California.
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Jan. 27th, 2009

Famed author John Updike dies at 76

Author John Updike, regarded as one of the greatest and most prolific writers in modern American letters, died Tuesday, his publicist said. He was 76.

John Updike won many literary awards. His books, such as "The Witches of Eastwick," were best-sellers.

Updike passed away Tuesday morning after battling lung cancer.

"He was one of our greatest writers, and he will be sorely missed," said Nicholas Latimer, vice president of publicity at Updike's publisher, Alfred A. Knopf.

Updike was a rarity among American writers: a much-esteemed, prize-winning author whose books -- including "Rabbit, Run" (1959), "Couples" (1968), "The Witches of Eastwick" (1984) and "Terrorist" (2006) -- were also best-sellers. Updike won the Pulitzer Prize twice: for "Rabbit Is Rich" (1981) and its successor, "Rabbit at Rest" (1991).

The "Rabbit" series, about an angst-ridden car dealer in a town much like Updike's hometown of Shillington, Pennsylvania, spanned four novels, a novella and 42 years. In the books -- which also included 1971's "Rabbit Redux" and a 2001 novella, "Rabbit Remembered" -- onetime basketball star Harry "Rabbit" Angstrom negotiates marriage, divorce, wealth and health problems, never quite understanding the larger forces shaping his life.

Updike was incredibly prolific, penning essays, reviews, short stories, poetry and a memoir. His works frequently appeared in The New Yorker, including a famed 1960 essay about Ted Williams' final game, "Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu."

He was hailed by his fellow author Nicholson Baker in "U and I" and even appeared as an animated version of himself on a "Simpsons" episode as the ghostwriter of a Krusty the Klown book.

Updike's most recent novel, "The Widows of Eastwick," came out in 2008. A collection of stories, "My Father's Tears and Other Stories," is due out later this year.
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Jul. 26th, 2008

Too Many Books

New, Used and Rare bookstore down in Grandin Village is going to get me into serious trouble.

Not only was I able to replace the 2 books in the Flux and Anchor series by Jack Chalker, I got the original covers, and an original Ace books printing of The Hero and the Crown to replace the one I lost.

I also found at least TWO Black Stallion series books I'm missing, in hardcover, looked original.

Mark found an entire series that he didn't know there was more of.

Found a couple John Norman books, one I KNOW I'm missing, but not sure. Need to check for the other.

Yeah, that place is dangerous.

So is Plan 9 music store. Yup.

We'll be going back down there next weekend.

Coolness- Had my first ever Hummingbird Moth on the Buddelia bush, with the season's first TigerSwallowtail and numerous Bumblebees.

Jul. 2nd, 2008

I so needed this...(Friday, June 27, 2008)

Occasionally, you come across two authors who work so well together, that they exude energy. The repartee between them is humorous, witty and light-hearted.

Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman are two such authors.

I got to meet them tonight, at Hollins , where they were speaking about the collaboration that is The Fall of the Kings.

Where Ellen is forthright, frenzied almost, seeming to overflow with words and thoughts, Delia is a poignant counterpoint- thoughtful, calm, laid back. The perfect match between two extremely talented Artists.


Apr. 8th, 2008

Best Damned early Birth Day gift in a long time..

My father in law has successfully made me cry. And in a good way.

I had a package waiting for me on the front porch today when I went to get mail. I wasn't really expecting anything, so it was rather a surprise. It turned out to be from my mom in law and dad in law. It was a heavy package and I wondered what on earth they could be sending me, especially since I told them not to get me anything else from my birth day, after I saw the cost of the Cirque Du Soliel tix in May they got for us.

I came upstairs and opened it. Mom in law sent me a new cookbook (I collect them) from Taste of Home, this one dedicated to Chicken recipes. Pretty cool, we like chicken and it gets boring after awhile, using the same recipes over and over. And a really cute card, the mom in law makes all her cards on her computer, and does a great job with it too.}:)

But the REAL treat in the whole package, was this book...

The very book I'd been wanting since I first heard about it roughly a month ago on the Akita rescue list. Not only did he send me this specific book, but he went so far as to cut an article out about the book and the man, and send THAT to me as well.

This book is about the man who single handedly SAVED the Akita-Inu breed from extinction during WWII. Yeah, THAT book.

I lost it. I hadn't said a word to anyone that I wanted this book. And here it is. Wow.

Garden needing finished? Rabbit bedding neading changed? What garden? What rabbits? *stares at book*

The man is 92 years old and still living in Japan. I need to so win the lotto so I can go meet him. And thank him for my Dante-Inu.

Mar. 17th, 2008

Match It For Pratchett

MatchItForPratchett.org — As you know best selling Author Terry Pratchett (the Discworld books) was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. He's donated roughly $1,000,000.00 to Alzheimer's Research. This site is running a donation drive to match his donation.

Nov. 13th, 2007

This is when...

You realise you may have an addiction...

316 total

And that's just from one book case, a small 3 shelf bookcase, mind you.

This is when you realise that maybe 2 6ft bookcases aren't going to be enough. Especially when the other small, 3 shelf bookcase is just as full, as is the 6ft one on the other side, and there's another 3 shelf one in the hall, just as full, the 6ft bookcase in the hall is also nearly full, the corner shelf from Mark's antique desk downstairs is just as full, and there's still a stack of several dozen books on the chest on your side of the bed...

Nah, I don't have an addiction.

Edit- You know it's time to straighten up your desk when you are tapping in a nail and the stack of papers and such 3 feet away, slowly slides over and falls.

Nov. 6th, 2007


In showing Mark a series of Books that I was recently conversing with one of the editors of in her LJ, I came to the conclusion that Every. Single. Book needs to come off the shelves, sorted by Author, then put back in alphabetical order, by Author, then by Series/Title.

With 1400+ Books, this will be no easy undertaking. It's also something I think about everytime I try to find a particular book.

BUT, I think I will actually do it this time.

Need to get 2 new 6ft bookcases first though. Books are triple stacked and triple deep on the shorter shelves.

So maybe I'll start Friday instead of tomorrow.

Sep. 7th, 2007

Various and Sundry...

Finished the sleeves on my Quilt Show entries. Got the forms and fees sent off yesterday. Now I wash them, block them out and wait until towards the end of this month before I drop them off at the drop off site closest to me.

My last day at work was yesterday. Well, technically, it wasn't really my last day. I'm going extreme part time, meaning when the manager needs me for an emergancy that she has to have someone cover the paperwork for her, once or twice a month when she needs a day off type thing. means my time is still mine, but that I can have abit of spare money coming in every so often.

Melanie Rawn finally released/published a new book. Not 'The Captal's Tower' like I've been patiently waiting for, for nearly 7 years, but a completely different style of book. 'Spellbinder' is a good book, nonetheless. And her reasons for it having been so long since she's written/been published are very eye opening.

Clinical Depression.

Yup, she got so bad, she had to get help. She literally could not write. So this new book is a form of therapy for her. And she does an awesome job with it. Just got it yesterday and I'm on chapter 7 already. And these are relatively long chapters.

Here's hoping she gets back to 'The Captal's Tower' soon though, I miss the Ruins of Ambrai series.}:P

Found out today that I am no longer a qualified member of Etsy Dark Art. In fact, Etsy Dark Art doesn't exist anymore. It's now 'Spirit of Dark Art'.
There's a whole list of criteria that you have to meet with your shop. Most of which I have no issues with, I can come up with at least 12 items of Dark Art orientation. I have no issues with promoting the group or the website, etc. Handing out postcards, including them with my items, that sort of thing. Because it's all behind the scenes type stuffs.

It's the $10.00 entrance fee, which is fine in and of itself, honestly, and then the $5.00 a month fee for advertising funds. And writing articles for the website. Hel, I have enough trouble articulating myself properly within my own blog, let alone writing something for a website that thousands may or may not see.

I emailed Ahna back and told her to let me get my shop sorted out and back up to speed first, then we'll go from there. Right now, I just don't know... I feel so out of my league when looking at the things the members have made.

So I guess we'll see what happens.

Right now I have two dye schemes for silk scarves in a shibori pattern floating in my head and a few beadwork pieces that need finishing up and listed. As well as the photos of the Quilt Show pieces to upload, tweak and post. Tomorrow, Mark and I are going up to Floyd to pick up that hand quilting frame, if it's still there.

Oh and my hair to bleach and dye. Purple.
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May. 25th, 2007

Wants to become a stalker...

Was perusing the latest email from the Jacqueline Carey (Kushiel's Dart, Kushiel's Scion, etc...)website, and I remembered... she lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan...

45 minutes from where I will be in July.

I wonder if I can find her house and camp out on her doorstep until she signs all my books by her.}:P

Nah.. crazy, not stupid.

Feb. 5th, 2007

Sweetness in the mail...

So a month back, beginning of Jan, I preordered a book. The first thousand to preorder this particular book, got a signed copy.

Well, I wasn't entirely certain I was within that first thousand range.... )

Oct. 31st, 2006

Is feeling snarky...


your newest book is released today? Good for you. I won't be buying it, or any other books you get published.

Oh look, you state that you'll barter with those who can't afford to buy the book and you'll even autograph them..

Wow, rather like the barter for one of your books you never completed with me?

Careful, any promises you make, and then proceed to break, will come back and bite you in the ass.

Oct. 4th, 2006

[No Subject]

There is simply nothing like finding a few authors' whose books you recently(as in the last year) picked up, really liked and want more of, on LiveJournal.

Not much else to report. Considering cutting back my hours again at work(I'm at roughly 19-20 hours a week, thinking of going back to 12-15). Really tired of being, well, tired all the time. Wasn't like that during the 8 months I wasn't working there. The store is starting to suck my spirit away again. It's only taken 3 months, but they are right back where they were before I left.

Shorthanded with the weekend person wanting to be off until Tuesday.. will be interesting to see who works this weekend, because it sure as Hel won't be me.

It's odd having family in town. After 15+ years of not having family closer than 2 hours away, they are now 2-5 minutes away, depending on traffic. Odd, I tell you.

Went over to Dale and Kat's last night. Hey, they offered to feed me, so I went. Besides, Mark had school last night. Kat makes the comment that this will probably become a regular every other Tuesday event. Umm, love ya sis in law, but no. I may not have much of a life, but I do have one and it doesn't, hasn't, revolved around family for over 15 years, so why start now?

Did I mention the mom in law and dad in law are coming down on Thursday? Yeah. Luckily there's at least 3 transports going this weekend, that if I have the money for gas, I can do. Tried talking Mark into going on one or two so he wouldn't have to deal with his dad, but he didn't bite}:P

Last Sat, while we were in Danville packing/loading, Dante decided to chew on 2 cans of her Neura 95% meat and one of Max's Royal Canin Urinary SO canned in gel. Why? Who the Hel knows. She had food, she had water, she had several fresh RMBs. What she didn't have, was me there hanging out with her after roughly 6-7 hours, as per normal. Luckily she didn't break anymore teeth.

Max is slowly starting to drop the excess weight. They are getting used to not being able to free feed overnight. A few more weeks of little/no food at night and I can start scaling back on the daylight feedings. I've noticed a difference already though. He doesn't wheeze as much after bouncing, yes bouncing, he doesn't run, up the stairs anymore.

Still waiting to hear whether [info]exandthecity</lj>received her package or not.

Off work tomorrow. Yay. Get to spend the day trying to kill off Sims. Ok, not really. But I do know why I don't want kids.. the incessant bawling drives me batty. 'course, most of my Sim kids get sent to Military School. *shrugs* Go figure. Oh, did have one taken awat br Social Services, because the %$^&^&*$ butler wouldn't get out of the way, so they were charged with 'neglect'. Err, yeah, right.

Did I mention my sis in law thinks I'm a prude? O.o Told Mark she needs to hang out at work with me or read some of the stuff I talk about online. Heh. His comment? 'She's a blonde, give her a break.' Sorry, love, so are you but you don't think I"m a prude.}:P

Only 3 days left on the sale at Dante's Spirit. I'm thinking of running a Buy One, Get One half price on Scarves towards the end of the moth. Thoughts, Interest, Bueller?

Sep. 21st, 2006

Gifts in the mail.... (yes I'm a posting fool today)

So a few months back, I signed up to be a BzzAgent.  They had a Penguin books promo thingy going on, and I reviewed one of the books there. It was quite good, a different take on the DaVinci Code style of story. They only had the first few chapters, but it was enough to make me want to read more, and I said so as well. 

So imagine my surprise when I opened the mailbox and found THIS inside...

SA-Weet!  A Free book! A real, live, authentic, 25.00, Hardcover book that I didn't have to pay a penny for! Wheee!

Apr. 19th, 2006

New Kushiel book coming in June..

Hardcover, of course, so I'll wait impatiently for Kushiel's Scion to come out in paperback.  You can read the first chapter here.  Apparently she's doing another trilogy, continuing the tale of Imriel.

Meanwhile, Godslayer is also out in hardcover, so there's another book I have to wait on.}:(

Still have to replace Kushiel's Dart sometime.

Just a little nitpick here, looking at the 'fan tattoos'- ain't NONE of them done right. NONE of them have the finishing finial at the top. What the fuck is up with that? And they call themselves fans. Hmph.  Those of you who've read the books, will know what I'm talking about- the finishing tat that she gets that signifies her completion of the debt payment.  Its at the very top of the rose on her back, at the base of her neck.  Was briefly mentioned in the last book I believe.

Oh and have I ever mentioned that Jaqueline Carey lives less that an hour from my hometown in Michigan? Yeah.  I shall now bask in your envy. Not.

In other news, Charlie got the new Dresden Dolls CD, and Mark burned me a copy.}:P


Mar. 2nd, 2006

Running around..

Today was stock up on pet stuffs and run errands day. Its also pay a few bills day. Heh.

Only just stopped to eat something finally. No wonder I was running out of energy.

Ordered a book at Barnes and noble last week, "Shibori-Creating Color and Texture on Silk". Picked that up today. Gorgeous photos in this sucker. Can't wait to try some of the the techniques in it. Knew I was saving that 11+ yards of silk for a reason. No I still haven't even opened the wrapping on it. Heh.
Picked up a book on Eddie Guerrero for Mark. Eddie G was/is his favorite wrestler who died a few months back. The book is is autobiography. Mark's been asking me to get it for him when I could for awhile now. I finally remembered.

Stocked up on Dante's food, canned and dry, got more treats for her. She loves the sample sized Natural Balance food rolls. Wish I could afford to buy the 2lb size for her. They'd last a day at least as a treat.

Went by the vet's to get the Boys' canned food. They still have 2 Katrina cats left. They adopted out the two that had to go together. Tabitha and China are such sweethearts and so lovable, I doubt they'll be there much longer. Seems a news broadcast was done on them and the kids at Back Creek Elementary did something for them as well. Got the Boys more LeanTreats(Butler makes them). They love them. also got a 4 pack of 'crinkle balls' for Max. He'll have two of them shredded in a week. He absolutely loves anything that crinkles.

Got lots of Vitakraft treats for Rufus and Puck. Got Puck a new timothy hay 'Hide-a-way Hut'. He loves to chew them to pieces. Rufus still has his timothy hay ball, so he was fine in that department. Nyx is still mad at me for completely tearing apart his setup and washing it all down on him. You'd think he'd be happy with the wooden 'Fiddle-Sticks' thingy to chew on, hide in, climb over, but noo.... ah well, he'll get over it. Besides, he's getting fat, and needs more exercise, so having to run around and find new hiding places for his pumpkin seeds will be good for him.

Stopped by the gas station on the way home. Some things never change. Donna was there by herself. Seems the schedule had been screwed up and she had to work the entire shift herself. She was not happy about that. Saw a few of the regulars while I was there. They all say they miss seeing me, asked what I was up to. commented on the hair, etc.

*pauses to give Aries attention as he walks between me and the keyboard*

Its windy as all get out right now. But nice and warm. So I have the windows open at the back and front of the house to create a crossbreeze. My Earth windchime I hung up in here, it's catching gusts as they come through the window. Nice and soothing, a good counterpoint to the traffic noise and the noise of the other windchimes out front, as this one is a deeper tone than them. Really need to restring Cathedral Bells this spring, so it'll sound better.

My neighbor is funny. When the Saturn was in the shop, he thought Mark had left. He never came over to knock on the door cause he was afraid to. So when Mark asked him why he never looked in the window to see if the PS2 was on, he said he did, but the TV was always on, and "You don't watch TV, man!" Poor Chris. He never said anything to me, and he'd seen me a few times while the Saturn was gone. Sheesh.

Speaking of the Saturn. Mark had to drop it off at the dealership again. He had no parking lights and just figured that out. Seems they blew a fuse and didn't know it. So they fixed the fuse for free. Changed out the bulb on the left front turn signal of the Demon Truck. And it still doesn't work. *headdesk* Still have to change out the burned out bulb on the plate light. Amazing hyow much better it runs when it's not a quart low on oil as well. Added water to the radiator too. Runs smoother and with less heat now. Hopefully we'll be getting the driver's side door fixed sunday. Gotta figure out what's up with the damn turn signal though.

Did some dishes earlier. Mark and I came up with a deal, I'll wash, he puts away.}:) Works so far. Now if I can get him to pick up after himself in the living roomn, we'll be set.

Was supposed to go to Danville this sat for a birth day party for Mikayla and Dale. She'll be 5 on Sat. He'll be, who knows how old. 34 I think. His sister is coming up with her daughter and several of her daughter's friends, from North Carolina. So there'll be a good 5-6 5year olds running around. Never been happier to hear that Mark has to work on Sat. We can deal with Azrael and Mikayla, but not 3-4 other kids as well as them. Mark's parents aren't even coming from Jersey because that's too many kids for his dad to deal with either. Heh.

The wind through the Oaks out back sounds like a dull roar, building to a crescendo as it bursts through the windows, stirs the Chimes and rushes out the other window again, on its way past the side of the house, tickling the Chimes there next.

There was pollen on my windshield this morning. Spring is definately on its way.

Have 2-3 yards of fabric currently in a dye bath. I didn't have the color I wanted, so I mixed 2 colors together to get what I wanted. Hopefully the fabric will look as nice as the dye bath does. this is the last of the fabric I needed to have everything for Dante's Quilt. After I rinse it and it dries, I can frinally start cutting and laying out the design. This will be my first full sized quilt, approximately Queen-sized. Will be interesting to see how long it takes.

*picks up papers and cd cases from floor* That was a impish gust of wind that time. No wonder the fire danger is high today.