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Oct. 12th, 2020

1943 Zoot Suit Riots

Aug 2, 1942, Sleepy Lagoon swimming hole, Commerce, Ca, Jose Gallardo Diaz was found unconcious & dying on the roadway. He was transported to the hospital where he later died. During the autopsy, it was found he was drunk from a party the night before & had suffered a fracture at the base of his skull, either caused by repeated falls or being hit by a vehicle.

LAPD was quick to arrest 17 Latino youths & charge them w/ the crime, holding them on charges of murder, despite insufficient evidence. On Jan 13, 1943, 12 were convicted of 2nd degree murder, & sentenced to serve in San Quentin, the rest are convicted of lesser charges & held in the LA County Jail. **

This is a precursor to the 1943 Zoot Suit Riots.

1943 Zoot Suit Riots

May 30, 1943, roughly 200 white sailors & soldiers targeted & attacked Latino youth, who often wore colorful, distinctive outfits they called Zoot suits, after rumors spread of a sailor being stabbed. Racial tensions were aready high, so they were especially hostile to the wearers of such suits, seeing them as flagrant disregard for wartime fabric rationing. Any they saw wearing such a suit were attacked, beaten w/ belts, ropes, bats, etc, then stripped of their clothes.

Law enforcement refused to intervene in support of the Latino youth, instead charging them w/ vagrancy, arresting many who had just been beaten.

May 31, 1943, a group of sailors encounters a group of young men & women wearing zoot suits, attacking them, causing one sailor to come away w/ a broken jaw. Word rapidly spread among servicemen in the area.

June 3, 50 armed sailors, left the Naval Reserve Armory, heading into the streets of LA, to 'avenge' the beating of the sailor.

June 4-5, fights occur across the city. Local press encourages the servicemen, printing hateful, inflammatory stories about zoot suiters.

June 6, violence spreads to Boyle Heights, into predominantly black neighborhoods. There, the zoot suiters join with the black residents and start to fight back.

1943 Zoot Suit Riots

June 7, a Latino man is beaten & stripped, after exiting a theater with his date. He is then arrested for disturbing the peace.

June 8, the violence subsides, after servicemen are restricted and banned from traveling into LA. Zoot suits are then banned by LA City Council.

Similar riots break out across the country, in places like Chicago, Detroit, New York City. In nearly all riots, hispanics are blamed and arrested instead of the actual perpetrators.

** All charges are later overturned and dropped.

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Oct. 5th, 2020

Sylvia Mendez, American Civil Rights Activist of Mexican-Puerto Rican heritage.

Screenshot_20200926-145200_Samsung Internet~2

Since the 1870s, Hispanic students were expected to attend 'Mexican schools'.

In 1943, a young Sylvia was turned away from an all white school, 17th Street Elementary, Orange County, Ca & was told to attend Hoover Elementary, a dilapidated 2 room schoolhouse, a mile away.

Her parents, Gonzalo & Felicitas Mendez, along with 4 other fathers from their Latin community, filed a federal lawsuit on Mar 2, 1945, in Los Angeles federal court against four of the Orange County school districts- Westminister, Santa Ana, Garden Grove & El Modena- now known as East Orange, on behalf of nearly 5,000 Hispanic-American schoolkids.

The case went to trial & Westminister school district tried to claim it was a 'language issue', rather than a racial segregation issue. But their claim fell apart when at least one child testified, proving that most Hispanic children spoke English & had the same capacity for learning as their white counterparts.

Feb 18, 1956, Judge Paul J. McCormick ruled in favor of the Mendez family & the other plaintiffs, & the school districts appealed.

Several other organizations joined the lawsuit- the ACLU, the American Jewish Congress, even the NAACP- represented by Thurgood Marshall-,among others.

Over a year later, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the district court's ruling, on Apr 14, 1947, after which, then Gov Earl Warren moved to desegregate all public schools & other public spaces in California.

Jan 19, 1948, Sylvia & her siblings were finally able to attend 17th St Elementary, where, she was badly mistreated by her fellow schoolmates.

Despite all this, Sylvia Mendez went on to become a nurse, retiring after 30 yrs in her field. She is now an American Civil Rights Activist who was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her work, on Feb 15, 2011, by President Obama.

Sylvia Mendez, American Civil Rights Activist of Mexican-Puerto Rican heritage.

Because her parents refused to settle, she refused to.

Mendez v Westminister remains a landmark de jure segregation case.

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Sep. 28th, 2020

It starts with the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

It may have ended the Mexican-American War, but the effects on Mexican-Americans were long lasting and devastating in many ways.

Under the terms, Mexico ceded 55% of its lands- which included parts of present day Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming and Utah.

The treaty extended the choice of US citizenship to Mexicans in the newly established territories, even before blacks, Chinese and Native Americans were eligible, giving them a year to accept or relocate. Many accepted it. Tensions are already high among the white settlers already in the area, with resentment towards their now Mexican -American neighbors.

In 1849, the Gold Rush brings an influx of white settlers, further raising tensions. Many settlers 'acquired' Mexican owned land by simply squatting on it- by living on and working it themselves. Even mining was racially segregated as white settlers pressured Congress to restrict mining jobs to whites only.

By 1850, the Spanish speaking community of California alone had shrunk to 15%, and Mexican-Americans were subjected to robberies, arson, lynchings and other racial violence.

Many Mexican-Americans were ranchers in California at the time. Because rancheros were given citizenship, it ignited serious tensions among white settlers, who resented their former Mexican neighbors. Many formed 'anti-Mexican' vigilante groups.

In 1851, the California Land Act forces Mexican-Americans to have to verify ownership of their lands. For many, it took 17 years to validate their lands. Others are never able to due to a corrupt system and lose their lands to white settlers.

In 1856 severe drought hits the area, forcing many to have to sell and relocate. The ranches were snapped up by whites who switched over to farming instead.

In 1862 the Great Flood hits California, which destroyed many of the remaining ranches and farms, devastating the farming community, after which, almost all of the remaining Mexican-American owned ranches then came under white ownership. Mexican-Americans start moving into cities, working low paying jobs, for menial wages.

To this day, there are still resentments, failed protections, broken promises and racial tensions stemming from this Treaty.

Sep. 21st, 2020

Feb 26, 1931

La Placida Raid, 1931

Feb 26, 1931.


La Placita, on Olvera Street in Los Angeles.

A gathering place for the hispanic community, where they could socialize, look for work, listen to mariachi bands, and so on.

INS barricades all exits and conducts a raid.

* * *

A few years prior, in the 1920s, anti-Mexican sentiment reaches a boiling point with the advent of the Great Depression. Repatriation of Mexicans begins.

* * *

On Feb 26th, 1931, INS detains and arrests roughly 400 that day, many of whom are American citizens. Over the next 2 weeks, they were deported to Mexico. Within 6 months, another 50,000 were 'repatriated '.

Thousands more left on their own.

It is conservatively estimated that over the next almost decade, until the end of the Great Depression and the advent of World War II, that nearly 2 million are 'repatriated ', of which *60% were American citizens*.

It was only then that the Repatriation movement ended, and Mexicans were actively encouraged to come north to work in the very fields many had left behind, and other work.

La Placita is now the home of Our Lady Queen of Angels Church, where, in 1980, Father Luis Olivares resists attempts by INS to deport Central American war refugees, by declaring the area to be a sanctuary, which it remains to this day.

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Sep. 14th, 2020

The Leesburg Stockade Girls.

The Leesburg Stockade Girls

July of 1963, a couple months before MLK Jr's "I have a dream" speech.

In May of 1963, at an invitation from Dr King, thousands of children joined the Civil Rights movement, in May 2nd, 1000, give or take, gathered at the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Al. By day's end, over 600 had been arrested.

It didn't deter them. By the end of May, over 5,000 had been jailed.

So, in July, 15 young girls, ages 12 to 15, marched from Friendship Baptist Church to the Martin Theater, in Americus, Ga. Instead of going to the back alley, to enter from the rear, as they were expected to, they lined up out front to purchase tickets.

They were subsequently arrested and bussed to the Leesburg Stockades- yes, *stockade, where livestock is housed for auctions*- in Leesburg, Ga, over 30 miles away.

Their parents were never notified. They were not formally charged. Instead, they were kept in horrid, squalid, inhumane conditions, unbeknownst to the outside world, until a photographer heard a rumor about these girls, and managed to sneak in to get photos of them.

That was how the world at large learned about what was happening to these girls.

As MLK Jr gave his now famous speech in August, they were still held. Still not charged. Still did not have their families informed of where they were, until a janitor who worked there, personally went and informed their parents.

The same week of the church bombing that killed 5 little black girls, on Sept 15, 1963, the Leesburg Stockade Girls were finally released.

*45 days after they were arrested.*

They were never formally charged, but they were charged a fee 'for use of the facility' in which they had been held.

Several are still alive to this day.

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Aug. 31st, 2020

Black History we should know.

I do this over on Instagram, at least once a week. And I thought, there's no reason not to share things I learn over here as well.

These are things I never learned in school. And I know, if I never learned them, chances are, my white friends didn't either. So, my hope is that by sharing what I lean, others will be inspired to learn more too.

Especially since what I'm posting is a mere sypnosis, just enough to get you interested, in the hope that you'll want to dig deeper and learn more on your own.

So every Monday, from here on out, I'll repost here.


Marion Stokes. 1929-2012

Civil Rights Activist, Libratian, Archivist, Television Producer.

She single handedly recorded 35 years (1979 to her death in 2012) of television to prove news media bias. She succeeded. Her work is called 'Input'. She was amazing.


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Aug. 24th, 2020

People are absurd.

Seriously, angry over a Rose Garden renovation.

The last renovation was in 1962. It was passed time.

I don't care for the Trumps myself- I want him out of office before he does more damage- , but really, this is what people get angry over?? Come on now.

The only part either Trump had in this, was for Melania to approve the final design. She really had no other say. And he definitely did not.

The original roses were declining, due to the overgrown crabapples, which themselves are near the end of their lifespan (crabapples typically live 50-70 years. These are 60+.). They were potted up and moved to the greenhouse, where they will be cared for until at least October, which is when typically trees are transplanted.

It is a *myth* that older, heirloom roses are less susceptible to diseases. I have an old heirloom climbing rose (The Faerie). It gets black spot *every year*, no matter what I do.

Boxwoods are susceptible to boxwood blight, which kills them from the interior out and by the time you see it, it's too late. So it's possible some might have been affected, or none were and they remain in the same places they were previously. (If you look at older photos, boxwoods are in the literal *exact same pattern*).

The trees were potted up and will be transplanted elsewhere. Same with the roses they could save. There are still 3-4 trees in the garden- though, not crabapples..

Many of the photos of the 'before' people are pointing out, contain *spring bulb flowers that are not blooming now*.

It's not really a pastel garden in the true sense. There will be brighter colors once everything fills in. Especially in spring, when hidden bulbs may flower and reveal more colors. Apparently more pollinator friendly plants were added as well, in deference to the bee hives Michelle Obama had installed- I believe in a side area.

People also complained about the vegetable garden being torn out. Vegetable gardens are seasonal. It'd have been removed every fall, and if the persons in the White House wanted, very likely replanted. It's entirely possible Melania did not want to deal with a vegetable garden and never had one replanted. Of course, it also *would not have been in the actual Rose Garden*.

They apparently addressed long standing drainage issues and widened pathways to make it *more* easily accessible to handicapped persons.

The redesign also mimics what it looked like when JFK was in office- the *last time* this large of a renovation was done. And it looks *very* similar to what it looked like in 1961.

If you really look at it, there's dark pinks, and purples in the creams and whites. And the peace Rose is typically *rich yellow with pink*, not exactly pastel. As well as being an heirloom from the 1930s. So heirloom roses *are still there*.

This link shows how it's evolved over the years- it was once a very understated, subdued space-


These have various images of what it looks like now, definitely subdued but not entirely pastel-



For a house as storied as the White House is- and not always in a good light, especially from it's inception-, this is a classic, elegant garden space. And in coming years, once it fills out properly, will look quite nice.

Instead of being angry over what she did, maybe we need to ask instead *why now, and what are they distracting us from*.

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Jul. 8th, 2020

Wordless Wednesday- the Daylilies are blooming.

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Jun. 2nd, 2020

That's not how Black Out Tuesday works.

Swiped the photo from a dear friend. The words are mine.


I had someone demand I remove the tags from *the previous two days posts*, on Instagram.

A white woman demanded this. Obviously she doesn't understand how tagging works and that my posts are very likely buried under the posts overnight and today, using those tags. By the way, lady? That's not how you speak out.

There's a big difference in *not using those tags for one day* and *demanding they be removed from all previous posts*. I get not using those tags *today*, I'm good with that. I'm not good with white people demanding I remove the tags from all posts.

Saying nothing makes us complicit. We owe it to them to speak up and out.

Until black lives matter, all lives matter is a false statement.

Until people of colors lives matter, all lives matter is a false statement.

Until trans lives matter, all lives matter is a false statement.

Until a LGBTQ + lives matter, a lives matter is a false statement.

I am antifascist. You should be too. Speak out against injustice. Do not be silent. Do not be complicit.

(There's also a theory going around about what if everyone doing this is being played by white supremacists. That's a good possibility, though I doubt they're intelligent enough to come up with something like this.)

Everyone needs to watch this video- https://www.instagram.com/tv/CA76FVRHkwo/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

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Jun. 1st, 2020

This is not the post you are looking for.

The post you are looking for, pretends the world isn't on fire, pretends black people aren't dying and pretends peaceful protests aren't being deliberately turned into violent riots from within by not only police officers who had sworn to protect and serve the very people they are now using tear gas, water cannons, rubber bullets, *vehicles* against, pretends white supremacists encouraged by a government that refuses to denounce them aren't trying to start riots- a *race war*.

This is not that post.

This post is to say, black people and people of color, I see you. I hear you. I will continue to speak out when fellow white people say or do racist things , say or do things that take the focus off what really matters- black lives, poc lives, in favor of material things and buildings. I will continue to listen and learn. I will make mistakes, but I will do my best.

The president wants to label those of us who stand against white supremacy, racism and fascism as terrorists. Wants to make being antifascist a crime.

So be it, I won't stop speaking out. I will not be silent. To be silent makes me no better than them.

Until black lives matter, all lives matter is a false statement.
Until people of color's lives matter, all lives matter is a false statement.
Until trans lives matter, all lives matter is a false statement.
Until gay and lesbian lives matter, all lives matter is a false statement.

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May. 25th, 2020

Photo Dump- The Gardening

So you're warned, there's a lot of photos in this post.

We finally got the new bed I'd been wanting to do next to the carport dug out and built this weekend. Managed to get the Clematis, and morning glory seeds planted, just in time for it to downpour and show us exactly how much more good soil we need to add to it.

20200525_141143 20200525_141208

It entailed, digging an 8" deep, 1.5 ft wide trench. Laying in hardware cloth, and then backfilling again. Lots of earthworms, so that was nice to see. The daylilies, bee balm, and Black Eyed Susan, had the leaves and (most) of the weeds raked or pulled out. I have daylilies by the back porch that'll get transplanted over to here as well. The Haku Ookan Clematis is on the other end, with morning glories up the center, and a fence for them to grow up. I'll add fall bulbs and more black eyed susans as well as echinecea to this bed as well.

But wait! There's more! )

May. 21st, 2020

Day 4- Rain, Rain and more Rain.

This is ridiculous. Four days of straight rain is excessive, Gaea, knock it off.

Spring Lake Damn is threatening to fail. The Roanoke River is half a foot below major flood stage, the Dan River is at flood stage, and it's *still raining*. Roanoke is at 7+" of rain, we're at 4+" of rain. And that's just here in Virginia. It's worse up north.

Mind, we're fine. We're up on a ridge line, so water drains down and away from us. But it's just *so much* and it's making it hard for my garden to really get going. Well, other than lettuce, spinach, carrots, sugar snap peas and radishes. *They* are doing fine, thriving in fact.

Everything else is getting waterlogged. Which is why I'm glad we do raised beds. Although, I've now planted zucchini *twice* and had days of chilly temps and rain immediately after, which meant the initial hills never germinated and the new ones likely won't either, which means I'll either have to give up and start them inside or try a third time.

Bush beans didn't do so hot this year either. The Royal Burgundy came up beautifully, but the Blue Lakes have significant gaps. So those will be replanted this weekend, hopefully. It's supposed to be nice. Supposed to be, mind.

Finally seeing roots starting on the Mammoth Jalapeno that voles had eaten the root ball off of. Already replanted the Rutgers tomato, in a oversized pot, as it had significant roots (it snapped enroute home), and starting to see roots on the Super100 cherry tomato that broke too.I'll likely put both in pots as well. No more hardware cloth cages to plant them in in the ground. This fall, we'll pull back all the dirt, down about 6" and finally finish putting in a hardware cloth barrier. Then next season, hopefully we won't have to use cages anymore.

I'd add photos, but well, rain. And windy. And chilly.

In other news, major churches are insisting on ignoring governor orders about not fully opening and claiming that staying closed is unconstitutional to be forced to *care about the health of your congregation*. I mean, really?!? Are you that stupid? Don't answer that.


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May. 15th, 2020

So it begins...

Virginia has entered phase one of reopening.

As for us, we're still going to be minimizing our exposure as much as we can. Which means, groceries and class and not much else.

Martial arts and C.O.B.R.A. classes start back, in person on Monday, outside only, limited to 10 people, 10 feet apart. We have to sign up the Friday before, for the next week's classes, to be able to do them. We can't simply show up. We can still do the Zoom classes too.

And we get to start working with the Bo staff.

Because it's mainly hands off and you practically *need* that 10 ft spacing. Heh.

It's up to us as to whether we want to wear a mask for the outside classes- for us that will be a yes, emphatically, because better safe than sorry.


The lettuce and spinach are finally taking off, so we harvested a sinkful last night. It was tasty on tuna fish sandwiches, and I had more than enough for a big lunch salad for Mark, and will have one myself in a bit.

The rest of the garden is settling in. A couple tomatoes have too much frost damage, despite being covered, one at least I know isn't going to make it. Still watching the other. Can't remember which hill was what for the cucumbers, zucchini and butternut squash, but 2 hills have done nothing. I suspect its the zucchini, so need to find either seeds or seedlings if we can. Otherwise, I'll plant more cucumbers. Leviathan will eat those as well as zucchini.


The irises are going nuts with blooms this year. Ones that haven't bloomed since we moved here, are now blooming. Of course, I fed them this year too. Can't wait to see what the others turn out to be. So far, all along the porch has been shades of purples. Which plays nicely with the fuschia azaleas and the orange azalea.

Today is my dad's birthday. He's 82.


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Apr. 27th, 2020


Dad is home. They diagnosed him with ischemic colitis. So, kept him a week to see if he improved and sent him home when he did. Now we play the waiting game to make sure he didn't catch the novel coronavirus while in the hospital.

I got to talk to him on Sat. He said it was good to hear my voice. I don't get to talk to him often these days, it's hard to understand him because he tends to mumble or slur his words, or he's napping.

He mentioned his antique guns again, and wanting me to have them. We have this conversation nearly every time we do talk. I finally told him to have mom tape notes to the ones he wanted me to have, saying they were going to me.

Went over and cut my brother's lawn on Sat as well. Helped him get his small garden started. Hopefully he listened and got his seeds in before it rained that afternoon. He was going to plant sugar snap peas, green beans and zucchini. He's got a good spot for it, full sun through to early aftenoon, then light shade through to full shade in the evening. Hopefully it does well for him.

Our garden is really starting to get going. the peas are up, the lettuce and spinach are doing well now that we've fenced them to keep the squirrels and chipmunks from digging in the soft soil. The potatoes are sending up new sprouts, so hopefully we'll get quite a few pounds this fall. The radishes planted over the top are going crazy too. The carrots have just started sprouting. Never grew carrots before, so this will be interesting.

Was out there, in the rain, well the start of it , on Sat, putting in zuchinni, cucumbers, butternut squash, tomatillo seeds (purple!), and beans. Dan would not stop talking after I took over another bag of garden soil for him to use, as we told him he definitely did not have enough, and confirmed it after he put what he had in his bed and sent us photos, especially after I told him , rain is coming in, get your seeds in, I gotta go get mine in, several times, as the wind picked up and you could smell the rain coming.

Sunday we put in the tomatoes and peppers. So far, wildlife is leaving most stuff alone now. We put cages over the tomatillo row and the cucurbit seed mounds, to help protect them. Also put out a lot of pollinator plants in the center bed. These will stay permanently- Liatris, Phlox, Coppertips, all were sprouted and growing well in the soil medium I started them in. The 2 Echinecea that came with them, not so much. But I put them out anyway, maybe if they're in the ground, they'll wake up. If not, I do have seeds in cold storage I can start and transplant.

Te swamp milkweed finally started coming back up, as has some of the Anise Hyssop. Need to collect seeds from that this year and scatter it through the wooded area some. Bees and butterflies adore it and it usually grows well here. It'll look good against the biennial black eyed susans that grow in the wooded area too.

I have noticed, toilet paper is starting to get easier to find, as well as paper towel. I suspect, fresh produce and fresh meat will now become scarce, as people start overstocking their freezers on that, with all the doom and gloom news about meat packing shutting down and farmers dumping crops. Much of whats being destroyed was never meant for the grocery store systems, but people don't care. Good thing we already have plenty in the freezer.

Trying to wake up my King Arthur Flour sourdough starter. I suspect it's been in the freezer too long. Haven't given up on it yet, but it's really sluggish to get going. Also trying to start a wild yeast starter as well. That'll be a first for us, so hopefully it works. Its been a long time since I've bake with sourdough (5 years), so will be nice to get back to it.

Apparently *indoor gun ranges* have been deemed essential services by a Lynchburg judge. How exactly going to shooting at targets, indoors, practically shoulder to shoulder (certainly well below the 6ft spacing) is an essential need, is beyond me. So fucking stupid.

1 hospitalized in my county

Apr. 13th, 2020


Insomnia is in full force lately. Resulting in me tossing a turning, or waking up when Mark snores, then kicking him out of the bed to the couch, only to continue to toss and turn.

Tried sleeping in the Mordor room (guest room/downstairs office), in the daybed last night. Caena wanted to sleep with me rather than in the bedroom where she can stretch out.

She's not a good bedfellow in a twin sized bed.

The door, if you don't latch it fully, shifts open rather suddenly, just about an inch, which makes the hanging that's on it, rattle.

And we had a massive rain storm system come through last night through this morning. Nonstop rain, both downpours and steady. The result was the sump pump, which is located directly below the daybed, literally kicked on every 30 seconds, for precisely 54 seconds.

Yes, I counted the seconds. The wall clock ticks them off very loudly.

The modem lights flash in an indiscernible pattern though.


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Apr. 8th, 2020

Adventures in Foraging- Done and over it.

Took Mark to work this morning, to do the little grocery getting we needed.

That was honestly frustrating and angering.

Frustrating because I can't easily find shit in that store and my damn mask kept slipping down. (it wasn't, it just felt like it was, making me want to mess with it constantly. I restrained myself, for the most part, to tugging at the sides and staying away from my actual face.)

The meat guy wasn't the same guy as last week who said they weren't putting the product out. This guy claimed they didn't have enough to put out, didn't think they had any bacon, and didn't bother going to look. I didn't push it, it was annoying to have to practically yell at him to make him understand me anyway.

And angering because Not. A. Single. Kroger. Employee. Was. Wearing. A. Mask.

Only one wore gloves and that was the guy wiping down carts.

They have it set up so you go in one door and out the other now. But *they don't have any signs saying as much.* So, even though I was already turning around, I had an employee come rushing up to me, loudly saying "ma'am! ma'am! You have to go out that way!", while getting within 2 ft of me.

Out of maybe 3 dozen customers in the entire store, only 6-7 were wearing masks.

Some dumbass decided to use the self checkout right next to me again. No mask, no gloves, no distancing. AND he decided to have a full on conversation, just standing there, with another guy, also no mask, no gloves, no distancing.

I couldn't get out of there fast enough. I went straight home.

We have decided that Mark will be getting the fresh produce, eggs and dairy on his way home from work from here on out. This once a week outing for me , ain't worth it.

Today's numbers in Virginia-

30,645 tested
3,645 positives
615 hospitalized
75 dead

12 in Bedford County

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Apr. 6th, 2020

So what did you do while on lockdown...

Well, we basically relandscaped the front yard, on Saturday. LOL


Before. We've been wanting to get rid of the ornamental bamboo because it's a non native invasive.


Halfway done.


Of course we dug out bricks.


After. We planted the Dwarf Alberta Spruce that had been in large pots on the porch instead. They won't grow big enough to damage the foundation, or wide enough to block any views and they grow so slowly, that'll it'll be a long time before they're taller than the porch railing. It looks so much better now. The leaves got mulches up and put on the newer garden bed, the watering trough for potatoes with soil added too, as well as a bunch in the compost bin- it needed some 'greens'.

Then, on Sunday...


We took a few hours to completely empty the beds, added fresh compost and garden soil and got them ready for planting next weekend. This year, we'll work on bringing them up another row of blocks, then topping them. Over the winter, we'll add more compost and soil.


The center bed will stay one block high, with the landscaping blocks on top and gradually brought up to level, soil wise.


Our Red Bud, Archie, bloomed this year! We're so proud of it!

Friday's numbers in Virginia-

19005 tested
2012 positive
312 hospitalized
46 dead

TODAY'S numbers here in Virginia-

24321 tested
2878 positives
497 hospitalized
54 dead

There are now 5 cases in Bedford County.

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Apr. 1st, 2020

Adventures in foraging, aka, people piss me off today.

Took Mark to work, stopped at both the Food Lion and Kroger on the way in.

For the love of Gaia, people Stop. Hoarding. Paper. Products.

Cleaning supplies, fine, but seriously, how fucking much toilet paper do you really fucking need?!?


And polenta.

Why is there no polenta??? Plenty of grits, which is odd considering it is the South after all. And cornmeal. Lots of plain ol' cornmeal. But polenta? Not a single damn bag or package or container of it anywhere.

Yes, I know damn well the middle self checkout is open. That middle self checkout is between two self checkouts in use, meaning, there isn't enough social distancing space between them if I use that middle self checkout.

Fuck you, you decrepid old Boomer who snorted derisively at me and used it anyway. People like you are why the numbers keep rising. And yes, it was a white guy too. Asshole.

And the guy who used the empty self checkout right next to me? *Cover your damn mouth when you cough, you inconsiderate asshole.* I could not check out and get out of there fast enough.

Anyway. After two stores, I gave up on the polenta and went home. Not looking forward to doing this again on Sat when I take my brother shopping.

Today's numbers in Virginia-
15,344 tested
1484 positives
208 hospitalized
34 dead

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Mar. 31st, 2020

Ugh. Mini rant, then the good stuff.

People simply want to be told what to believe and then, believe everything they see on Facebook.

See the recent meme about Hobby Lobby closing all their stores and laying everyone off, as well as that letter about it's in the hands of god, for example. Research shows, that letter in particular is may or may not be true, the veracity has not been established, it was *Oklahoma stores only, and the rest are abiding by the state they are in guidelines. I mean, there's numerous people who either work at HL who are questioning this, saying, that's not happening at my store, where'd you hear this?

*And no one provides links!*

I mean, if you don't want to buy from Hobby Lobby because they're a bigoted, misogynistic, chauvinistic, backwards, religious zealot owned company, that's one thing and perfectly good reasons to not frequent that establishment. But to take something, blow it way up and then post it as fact? No, don't do that. *Truth matters*. Look at the Gamestop fiasco. *It wasn't true*.

Ok, rant over.

So, we found out Friday, after almost 3 years of behind the scenes work by his boss, Mark has received a promotion and a significant pay increase. As well as being switched from hourly to salary. Now, instead of doing the work without the pay or title, he has both. Heh.

So, going to salary means a big change in how I pay bills. One week next month will be a no paycheck week, but it'll be late in the month, so maybe we'll get lucky and that so called stimulus check will come that week (not holding my breath). He's stressing over causing complications in bill paying for me and I'm looking at him and saying, I got this., it'll be ok.

And it will be. Because this was a good thing and we needed it.

Sunday we tried a new breakfast recipe.

It failed, miserably.

It failed so very badly, that even though we hate to waste food, we looked at it, at each other and said it had to go away. It was that unappetizing. It didn't remotely look like the recipe for breakfast tacos whatsoever. That recipe got trashed. Our version of breakfast tacos turned out beautifully.

Dinner was a new recipe too. THAT recipe turned out great.


Blackened Shrimp Tacos with Jalapeno-Lime Cole Slaw

Recipe courtesy of My Magazine from Kroger

Hands on time- 10 minutes ( closer to 20 if you ask me, especially if you use fresh jalapenos like I did)
Total time- 20 minutes (well....)
Serves 4 (yes, or 1-2 with leftovers)


3tsp blackened seasoning (I didn't have any, so instead I used Stone Spice Company's Screamin' BBQT seasoning They are a locally, artisan spice company)
1 tsp salt, divided
1tsp pepper, divided
15-20 large shrimp, raw, shelled and deveined, rough chopped into bite size pieces
2 Tbsp olive oil (or oil of choice)
Juice from 2 limes
3/4 cup greek yogurt
1tsp honey
3 Tbsp olive oil (again, or oil of your choice)
1/4 cup jalapenos (they say to use canned, I used fresh and deseeded them), diced
1-2 scallion onions, chopped
1 bag of cole slaw blend of your choice
8 corn or flour tortillas


1- In small bowl, mix shrimp with seasoning, 1/2 tsp of salt, 1/2 tsp of pepper, and 1 Tbsp oil. Toss to thoroughly coat. Set aside.

2- In large bowl, add lime juice, yogurt, honey, oil, remaining salt and pepper. Mix well. Add chopped jalapenos and scallions. Stir well. Add cole slaw mix and toss to combine. Place in refrigerator until needed.

3- Heat medium-large saute pan over medium-high heat. Add oil when hot. Add shrimp and cook through, about 2-3 minutes. Let shrimp rest while you prepare the tortillas. (heat or char the tortillas or do nothing as we did, your taste.)

4- Place 2 tortillas per plate and top with shrimp. Place roughly 1/2 cup of slaw on each, top with more sliced jalapenos and scallions, even black olives and sour cream if desired. Serve warm. Refrigerate leftovers, obviously.



Today's numbers in Virginia-
13401 tested
1250 positive
165 hospitalized
27 dead

2 in Bedford County

vBulletin statistics

Mar. 30th, 2020

This is why we can't have nice things.

There's a 'church' here in my small, rural town, that is refusing to abide by the Governor's guidelines and restrict not only it's Sunday gatherings, but allowing congregants to gather in *numbers*.

It's the type of belief system that the pastor gets rich, while you tithe, weekly, and get a 'weekly allowance' (hearsay from someone who has a family member in this belief system) and get no where. After each Sunday service, they then, en masse, go to Walmart or other retail shops that are currently allowed to be open.

So, on Facebook, I belong to a community group for my town and someone posted a photo of the packed parking lot, questioning it.

Here, for your incredulity, is a sampling of the resulting comments-

"Just my opinion maybe people should mind their own business."

"I understand. There's only supposed to be ten people but it's their choice. If you're so worried then go tell them, call the police, call governor blackface."
(Oh yes, my small, rural town is deeply red, and many apparently hate Northam)

"Guess it's a good thing then that the death rate is a heck of a lot lower than first thought. Take care of yourself. Don't worry about others. You'll only make yourself angry for no purpose" (Except, that's not the damn point)

Comment thread- (this gives you an idea of the type of 'church')

"Why dont they do what other churches are doing and just have the pastor video his sermon and they watch it at home?"
"they aren’t allowed to use that much tech , are they ?"
"i dont know. But they have cellphones"
"They are not allowed to have tv's in their home."
"but they do have computers!"

"While I don't agree with what they're doing, just an observation I had today while out mowing (and yes I'm by myself, and having customers leave payment outside, or pay online). This is no different than the kids playing in neighborhoods. I've seen groups of kids, as large as 15, playing together. So before you go throwing your stones in your glass house, keep your kids at home.."

"Maybe instead of foul mouthing, you can call it in? MAYBE, just maybe, if there’s enough people acting on what’s right, and less fussing about what’s wrong, there will be a decision made to control this? Just a thought... see a problem, make a move. I’m pretty sure calling them stupid isn’t pleading the case." (I didn't see anyone saying they were stupid, per se, just that the whole gathering to worship right now is stupid.)

"My understanding their religious beliefs are that they don’t believe covid-19 is a problem. And that they say that God is going to handle it and they won’t get it because God is going to take care of them. I think God is going to take care of us however I don’t feel the need to risk everyone in the community. My church does service via Live feed" (Your church is smart.)

"This is absolutely hilarious!...
I didn't think this great nation had gone to dictatorship...
Let's close the schools! No more than 10 people crowds...
Hey I got a question where are all these kids that are out of school? My guess when mom and dad have to go to work they are in daycares instead.. is that any more safe? Bet walmart isn't adhering to 10 people or less! Or any of the other big box chains... liquor stores and planned parenthood still open for business... and y'all on here whining about a church... all of a suddenly because mommy government told you to be scared you goin To freak out about a church while the government controls your every move...
2112 people have died from covid-19 In The US and 24,000 people have died this flu season from influenza (the common flu) compliments of the CDC website.."
(Oh yes, someone went there.)

(Someone tells them they need to go read up on the CDC guidelines, etc, obviously they're missing something, to which they respond-)

"I have not missed anything... I'm saying there is a lot more serious things than this to be worried about..." (Oh yes, 'more serious things to worry about' than potentially killing your neighbor because you were stupid. )

" keep listening to your governor. You will end up brain washed. We need to pray for his salvation."

"f you believe anything this man says, you’re going the wrong way. I’m in the health field every day. Use common sense. Quit watching TV. Faith not fear!" (Faith, I tell you! Faith!)

And finally, this gem-

"They are already an isolated group of people. If the corona virus does break out in the congregation, then rest of Bedford will probably be okay. I remember a time in world history when people would turn other people into the government. Let's not head down that road As long as they stay to themselves just let it be. . ."

Except they are not an isolated people. They go to grocery stores, they go to big box stores, they go to restaurants, etc. If it does break out in their congregation, it will not stay there.

It devolves from there. Until an admin finally turned off comments.

Oh, hey, bonus! We are now officially under a Stay At Home order as of today. That means it's no longer a *suggestion*, it's now an official *order* and will be enforced by law enforcement. Executive Order 55.

Today's numbers-

12,038 tested
1020 positive
136 hospitalized
25 dead.

In my County-

79 total tested
2 positive (I guess someone recovered)

Tomorrow, better news, I promise. And a new recipe!

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