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Jan. 1st, 2012

So it's a new year already...

Happy New Year and all that jazz. The BiL, SiL and niece were over last night. We played disc golf on the PS3 Move until 5 minutes to midnight, then watched the ball drop. That was actually a lot of fun, well, until Mikayla stopped trying to actually play and tried throwing a fit a couple times when we told her to play right. I think she was simply tired.

Figured out I am not a wine drinker (neither is Mark, really). It gives me a headache. No other liquor does that, oddly enough. So I'll stick with cooking with it. Ah well.

I've been working on unfinished beadwork projects lately, trying to clear out the backlog essentially. This is the one I'm working on currently.

When it's done it'll have four strands, two to a side. It's rather long, definitely not choker or princess length. Maybe in another week, I'll have finished photos...

There's a hole in my kitchen ceiling. Thankfully it's only a temporary thing and will, hopefully, be fixed by next weekend. Whereupon we can start working on the kitchen again. It'll be nice to have it finished and be able to have everything we need in the kitchen again. Tomorrow the landlord will be here to replace the flange on the toilet and tub drain line that's cracked. Which means I'll be at the InLaws' doing laundry much of the day. Mark will have to deal with the noise, lol.

Mark pulled the tile up in the bathroom today, in preparation for tomorrow. We figured we'd kill two birds with one stone and since the floor was being opened up in there, why not replace the tile while we were at it. There were FOUR layers of vinyl tile on that floor. FOUR. Mark took it back to the original flooring, so now, there will only be one.

See this kitten? No, it's not Aries, though she's a near ringer for him. She showed up in the yard a few days before Christmas. Mark spotted her first, stalking the birds on the front porch. We thought she was another feral kitty. Then I realized how tiny she is. She's not more than 4-5 months old, if that. And cuddly and friendly as all get out. Add in the fact that she's apparently going through her first heat and that adds up to someone tossing her out rather than taking her to the vet or Angels of Assisi to be spayed. Instead, she'll likely get pregnant by one of the ferals and the cycle will start all over again.

Currently she's camping out on the front porch, having decide our house was THE house to be at, as we'll feed her and there's a blanket out there to curl up on. It's all a gimmick really, as Tuesday, she's heading to the shelter where they'll spay her, give her shots and find her a great home that'll take care of her. We'd keep her but with 3 already, we absolutely can't, and the InLaws , while agreeing she's adorable, are apparently not ready for another cat yet after losing Sinman a little over 6 months ago, so I can't blame them.

Took the bird feeders down, cleaned off the front porch, told the landlord about the rats and am working on getting traps for them. They dug a tunnel under the front steps. That was the last straw. The landlord will be calling the neighbors' landlord about them, as that's where they're coming from. It doesn't help that they leave bags and bags of garbage sitting out back for days at a time. It only entices more rats. So. Hopefully we can get them to decide this isn't the yard for them any longer.

Still undecided as to what I'm going to do about Artfire. Still in wait and see mode there. But a lot of sellers are already leaving, so I think 2012 is going to be rough for Artfire, at least at the beginning, until new sellers replace the lost income.

And that's the beginning of my new year. How's yours?

Aug. 23rd, 2011

Things fall down...

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Wow, so, we apparently had an earthquake. Me, I didn't feel a thing, likely because I had my music on, and the mixer going as I'm making Dark Chocolate Cupcakes for Mark. Pets didn't seem to notice either, none are acting freaked out or hiding.

My cellphone service got knocked out though. I still can't call out, but can receive LAN line calls. Hrm. Seems to be happening to a number of people as well.

Ordered the beads I needed to finish 2 of my nieces' Xmas gifts. Need to figure out what to get for my other 2 nieces and my nephew.

Plan to retake photos of my latest kumihimo set. Mainly because I think the slate I used makes it look more green than it is, but also because I think the photos are slightly blurry. What do you think?

Next up is finishing a beaded cuff I'm working on, using up some of my 'bead soup' stash. That should be done and listed by Thursday. It'll be fairly inexpensive as well. I plan to do a few of these along this line, as I have several bead soups to use up.

So. That's what's going on here. You?

Aug. 7th, 2011

Sneak Preview Sunday

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Trying something new as far as kumihimo/beadwork sets go. I'd been asked by a customer before if I had earrings that matched a necklace/bracelet set. At the time, I hadn't.

So I made this first set with a pair of earrings, bracelet and choker style necklace. I have a second set in the works- need to make more kumihimo braid for the bracelet. If it or the other sells rather quickly/ is well received, I may well keep doing sets like this.

Otherwise, nothing ventured, nothing gained, eh?

This set will be listed this week, hopefully by Tuesday at the latest. The other may be listed next week, have InLaws coming to town next weekend, so may not have time to finish the kumihimo for the bracelet and get it all photographed this week.

Jul. 8th, 2011

Newest piece

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Kumihimo and beadwork cuff
7.5" long, 1.5" wide (approx.)
Fits wrists 6"-7"

'Tidepool' is a lovely handmade 16 strand kumihimo cuff, with peyote stiched ends of Miyuki Delicas, in shades of greens and blues.

The clasp is a sterling silver slide clasp, creating a comfortable and snug fit on most wrists.

'Tidepool' has been handmade using 50/50 Alpaca/ hand dyed Wool handspun yarn in the 'Jaded Dream' colorway from Hope of Glory Farm of Scottsville, Va. Soft yet slightly nubby & scratchy at once, with blendings of turquoise, blue and grey.

'Tidepool' has a centerpiece made of a handmade cab from Lisa Peters Art in deep grey-green & blue colors & has been very securely attached.


Jun. 8th, 2011

Busy, busy...

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Caena in my parents' backyard in Michigan

Been busy lately. Between editing photos, scanning documents for my genealogy project, and trying to keep newly transplanted plants alive in the heat we've been having, I've also been working on 3 new kumihimo pieces, one will be finished by Friday, the others over the next week.

I also have this month's Daring Cooks Challenge to do- I've missed the last couple, so I HAVE to do this one, and it's a fairly easy, tasty one. And the Daring Bakers Challenge to do as well, which is something I've longed wanted to do, and since I ran out of time to do last month's, really want to do this one.

I need to catch up on my Herb and Spice Studies, I have a list of books I'd like to buy, we're starting on the back patio, the weedeater died, the toilet appears to be leaking and causing mold in the kitchen ceiling, I want to start ripping carpet up soon...

Yeah, I've been busy and it doesn't look to be letting up any time soon. So if I'm scarce, this is why.}:P

Apr. 5th, 2011

First finished new piece

24 strand kumihimo bracelet with handbeaded agateware cab by Lisa Peters Art. The beaded cab slides along the length of the bracelet, or can be completely removed for a different look. The result is two bracelets in one.

Now I just need to come up with a name, then I can list it on Big Cartel.

So. Any thoughts on a name, people? }:P

Mar. 30th, 2011

Update on current project

Update post on this project here.

The necklace part is finished. Had enough left to do a matching bracelet as well.

Gold plated bead caps that I believe were made for Kumihimo and the like have been put in place. 2 copper raku beads by MakuStudio were braided into the piece. I need to 'polish' them back up to a shine again. Because of how I incorporated them, they'll twist slightly, but otherwise will not shift along the piece.

The bracelet itself will get beaded bands of matte copper delicas to tie it together with the necklace.

The next element is this gorgeous cab by Lisa Peters Art. I cannot get the beautiful colors in this piece to show up, because it's rainy, cloudy and dreary out, so you'll just have to take my word for it that there are golds, browns, reds, greens, taupes, coppers and more in this piece. The delicas were chosen specifically for this cab and hopefully will bring out the more subtle colors beautifully.

When I finished the first bracelet, I still had enough of this wonderful yarn by Wolles Yarn Creations to do a second bracelet. This one will be a separate listing. It'll get antique brass bead caps and that cute little brown agateware cab by Lisa Peters Art will be beaded up as a charm for it.

The only things left are to order the toggle clasps for each piece- I have them picked out, just haven't ordered them yet- and finish the beadwork. The single bracelet will be placed for sale in my Big Cartel shop when it's finished. The set itself will be listed after April 16th. Looking at roughly $15.00 for the bracelet and $60-75.00 for the set.

I figure I'll have at least the single bracelet finished by next week, the set within the next 1.5 weeks. More photos at that time.

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Feb. 9th, 2011

New pieces!

Kashimia Kemuri Redux

17.5" long choker, genuine lava rocks, miyuki delicas, sterling silver druks, pewter end caps, silver plated toggle clasp, cashmere/merino blend yarn, 12 strand kumihimo. The 2 bands of beadwork flanking the pendant, slide along the sides to varying positions.

This one is claimed already.

Soft As Stone bracelet

6.25" long, 1" wide, genuine lava rocks, miyuki delicas, beaded toggle clasp, cashmere/merino blend yarn, 8 strand kumihimo.

Will be listed in my Big Cartel shop by Friday. Will run around $15.00 + s/h.

As yet untitled cuff

6.5" long, 1.50" wide, sterling silver slide clasp, clear quartz druks, miyuki delicas, silk blend fingering weight yarn, 12 strand kumihimo.

Will not be listed until after April 17th if not sold at the Ol' Fibre Faire .

Working on a 4th piece, in purple silk blend yarn, with copper and iridescent black miyuki delicas, copper toggle clasp. Hope to have it finished this afternoon and photographed by tomorrow, depending on the weather.

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Dec. 6th, 2010

Progression of a project...

Since photos were not quite demanded from me of this project- seems the teaser shot wasn't enough, lol- here ya go.

It started with a gorgeous raku fired button by Lisa Peters Art.

On with the show... )

Dec. 5th, 2010



Nov. 29th, 2010

Work in Progress- Finished top

The top is now completed. Now I need to get some nice ultra suede in either white or a pale grey for the backing. Then I can do the fringe and the upper necklace portion.

Hopefully next week I can get up to School house Fabrics in Floyd and get some.}:) Still hoping to have it completely finished by the end of the year.

Nov. 24th, 2010

Progress photos of work in progress...

Second color is finished, started on third. At this rate, I may be finished by the end of the month with this part. LOL


Nov. 16th, 2010

Update photos..

Newest progress photos of beadwork project...

I've switched over to the second color of beads in the main body. Each color is averaging about a week, 1-2 hours a day per. So I still have a ways to go.

After I finish this part of the project, I need to go up to Floyd, to Schoolhouse Fabrics for some grey or white ultrasuede to use as backing for the piece. Then figure out what sort of fringing it wants and the rest of the upper necklace portion carrying it around to the back, where I'll use a gorgeous button by Lisa Peters Art as a part of the clasp (the white one, the green one was used in Spring Blooms cuff.)

Hoping to have most of this project finished by the end of the year.}:)

Nov. 2nd, 2010

Progress photos of new beadwork piece...

First, a belated Happy Birth Day to Morrigan, who glares at me as I work, more often than not. Samhain was when she first showed up here, so we, ok *I* , designated that as her birth day. And yes, that would be Sims3 loading in the background. It used to take up to an hour to load, until we figured out the issues and fixed it. That was when I'd get the majority of my beadwork done. Now it loads in 20 minutes. Whoops.

Work moves apace... )

Oct. 29th, 2010

New items and current project...

It's been awhile since I updated as far as newest creations and such. If you're looking for small gifts for Yule, and want handmade, hey, I've got things you might like! }:P

'Kashimia Kemuri'
Kumihimo and beadwork necklace


Available on Zibbet.

kumihimo and beadwork bracelet


Available on Big Cartel

kumihimo and beadwork bracelets, set of 2


Available on Artfire

'Momiji gari'
kumihimo and beadwork cuff


Available on Zibbet.

Sold Items and Current Project... )

Oct. 4th, 2010


I just don't feel like doing anything.

I think I did too much over the weekend. Of course, it could be leftover vestiges from the half a prescription strength Benadryl I took at 1am too. The poison ivy won't give up on my right knee and left ankle quite yet.

Of course, the weather going from sunny to overcast didn't help any.

Sat I started on the Oct Daring Cooks Challenge. That took awhile, and a lot of standing in one spot. Had a friend come over for PS3/PS2 games and dinner.

Sun I did the rest of the Daring Cooks Challenge and had the InLaws over for dinner, which was the Challenge. It went over very well, I think. It was tasty, definitely.

Also had the landlord by on Sun. He replaced the porchlight, so we finally have a light out there again. Then I had to show him where the poison ivy was out back. Turns out its worse that I'd thought- it actually spreads through 4 yards, not just ours and Alex and Chris' (it's a townhouse duplex, and it's in our backyard, Alex and Chris' and the duplexes next door both have it starting in their backyards.)

He's coming back next weekend to cut/pull out what he can- its imbedded with briars, virginia creeper and honeysuckle, so it was able to get a good foothold before anyone even noticed. It probably wouldn't have gotten as bad if Chris had kept up with the cutting of the back hill on his side (we put up a 6ft privacy fence partially up the hill between the sides, it was growing through the sections on our side and covers a good part of the fence on their side), but well, Alex and Chris are bachelors and aren't outdoors types, so didn't bother.

He's also coming out Friday night to spray the yellow jacket nest. Hopefully its not that big yet, and we can get rid of it in one try.

The poison ivy I'll have to get RoundUp and spray it as it tries to come back. That'll take a few seasons to completely iradicate. Which is why I told Mark I thought it was actually an alien plant come to take over the planet.

Got my newest bracelet listed.

Kaeru Chi, Japanese for 'Frog Pond' is 12 strand kumihimo. Casey thinks the yarn was wool, and I think it's handspun, as it was varying in size as I used it, went thick and thin at times. It's even better looking in person. I'm in love with those Delicas and need to get some more.

I'm on a kumihimo kick lately. I have a finished piece in purple-blue , that I'll turn into a bracelet as well. Then I have a nice, autumn-y colored one, that's a bit thicker, that'll be long enough to be a thick cuff. That one is about half made right now. After that, it's back to a bit of straight beadwork. I really need to finish this cuff I've been working on for months now. I have a potential buyer for it, if I ever get it done.

The cats are good, Caena's good, the gardens are overgrown, and I guess that's my life so far.

Sep. 21st, 2010

Sebunshisutazu aka NEW work!

'Sebunshisutazu' (Seven Sisters)

Kumihimo braid and beadwork cuff
8" long, 2" wide at widest point
Fits wrists 6.5" somewhat loosely, 7" comfortably, 7.5" snugly

* * * * * *

Sebunshisutazu is a gorgeous, one of a kind cuff made from just over 36" of handmade kumihimo braid (Japanese braiding), made from beautifully soft varigated fingerling weight silk yarn in pastel blues and purples.

It features 7 silver plated metal knotwork beads, spaced along the length of the cuff. The ends are beaded with loops of matte finish blue-purple Miyuki Delicas and finished with a sterling silver, fancy twist toggle clasp, all with 6lb FireLine.

Weighing only .7oz, Sebunshisutazu feels heavy, but sits softly against your wrist, letting you know it is most definitely there.

$45.00 plus S/H

Available on Etsy or Artfire.

Disappointment and a Sale

News broke this morning that Bonanzle, changing its name to Bonanza, acquired 1000Markets yesterday.

Users on 1kM are up in arms, so to speak, many are saying they will be closing down, or have done so already. I'm sad, as I really like 1kM, even though I mainly used it as more of a portfolio instead of a selling site. But I DID sell there, so that was something at least. And the really ironic part? Views on my shop have skyrocketed these past 2 weeks. Heh.

No forewarning, no inkling that this was happening, nothing until this morning when 1kM users suddenly received an email telling them that 1000Markets would be effectively closed on Sept 30th, start getting ready to move now.

The email went on to say that Bonanza would be a great site to sell on (no, it won't be) and that in the next day or so, we'd get an email detailing how to move our items 'seamlessly'. That gives users less than a week to fully integrate their 1kM shops into Bonanza. Otherwise, they would find themselves locked out of their own 1kM accounts by 5pm Pacific Time, Sept 30th.

From everything I've been reading and looking at the Bonanza site myself, I've come to the conclusion, that, yes, it is rather like a 'flea market' site, as it was described.

Others say it's hard to navigate, hard to search and just plain ugly.

Forums on Etsy, Artfire and 1000Markets- as linked above- are full of sentiments like this.

Having done a bit of exploring on the Bonanza site myself, I find I cannot and will not compete with mass market sellers, blatant resellers, flea market finds, hell, even magazine subscriptions to magazines I already HAVE or HAD a subscription too! ( I kid you not.)

My OOAK items would not and do not fit in there unlike what 1000Markets claims. Therefore, I will not be making the transfer over. Currently, after my 1kM shop closes, I will be only at Etsy and Artfire. I may reopen either the Big Cartel shop or check out Zibbet or Ruby Lane.

What does this mean? Well, for YOU, it means a huge sale on 1000Markets! Before I close the shop or let 1kM close it, I want to try to sell things first.

So, Sept 21st to Sept 29th, all 1000Markets items are now 60%-75% OFF.

1000 Markets

Get it while the gettings good.

Aug. 31st, 2010

Current Beadwork projects...

I've been alternating between 2 different projects lately. One a bracelet, the other a necklace.

The first is a necklace that uses a piece by Artisan Clay, who does simply gorgeous fused glass and clay pieces, as well as elegant smoke fired beads and donuts as well.

In this piece, I'm also using a few of the square lava rock beads I picked up last year while in Michigan, picking out some of the colors in the cab itself. So far, I'm liking how it's turning out, even if I did end up ripping part of the bezel out at one point.

The second is a cuff along the lines of my Winter Blooms cuff, but in greens instead. It's taking awhile because I get bored easily. LOL. I figure a few more days and it'll be done. Possibly when we get back from New Jersey after Labor Day.

Aug. 17th, 2010

Always learning...

Sometime last year, maybe longer, I don't remember exactly, when I was still somewhat active in the SCA email lists and such, a call was put out for people to help make lanyards for the then ruling King and Queen of Atlantia.

The then Queen had requested that they be made in a 'period' style, which meant Japanese braiding, aka Kumihimo. I requested a kit, as that has long been something I've wanted to learn and figured this would be the perfect time.

Well, time got away from me, and while I did receive the kit, I never got the chance to learn how to do it and send back the lanyards.

Onward! )