Apparently 2021 told 2020 to hold its drink of choice...

My 2nd oldest niece lost her Siamese kitteh, Mai, today.

I just can't with people anymore.

People I know keep posting photos of their Covid-19 vaccination cards. With their full names and full bithdate showing. Hello, identity thieves? Have free personal information!

I was called a troll this week for pointing out the inherant food privelege and classim in the 'these 10 companies own the majority of all the brands you buy, so boycott all of them!' meme.

And told since I was 'wallowing in privelege', I didn't have the right to point it out in said meme, on a different post that was made to complain about people pointing out exactly the same things I did. From someone who hadn't even seen the original post.

Today, people are saying that copyright/IP theft is 'a-ok if it's a giant corporation! They'll never even notice!"

Copyright law doesn't care how big the company is. You still won't be able to afford the fines when you get caught. Because eventually, you will get caught.

Add in the claims that George Floyd died of a drug overdose, not the blood flow being cut off by a knee on his throat for over 9 minutes, and well, I'm just over it all.

The internet is a damn dumpster fire.

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