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In between project stuff..,

So I'm between weaving projects right now, and needed to finish the quilt top, so I could potentially have it finished by March.


That means, catching up on piling up sewing projects.

Two pairs of flannel pj bottoms needed seams fixed. Done.

Still haven't washed, blocked and cut out the border for the next square in the baby quilt for Jace though. That might happen today.


The big project was the last 3 rows for the quilt top. I pieced them together, and sewed the 3 rows to each other. So far, so good, I was relatively happy with it.


After a final seam, the quilt top was done except for ironing that last seam open. Yeah, this will work. Heh. Not bad for only have 5 pins with which to pin the pieces with. (Thanks, house, I'd really like my box of quilting pins back now please.)


Even Morrigan approved.

It's not quite a square, not a rectangle. Not as long as I expected the finished piece to be. Still debating tweaking the bottom and adding a row of white. But , to *this point*, it's finished. I can see what the end result will be and I'm fairly happy with it.

This afternoon, I'll have to hang it and get a full shot of it.

But first, I need to order batting and backing fabric.

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