Our postal service is a joke.

And I absolutely blame DeJoy moreso than the pandemic or the holidays.

Nov 30, received an order. Dec 2nd, said order went out, priority 3 day.

It took 3 days to go from the post office, 12 miles, to the distribution center.

It then took another 5 days to actually reach the city it was to be delivered in. Another day to actually be delivered.

9 days total.

This was before the holiday rush started.

Dec 7th, sent out 4 packages. One to Nevada, one to New Jersey, one to Minnesota and one to Michigan.

Nevada was first class mail, package. It arrived in 4 days.

New Jersey was priority 2 day, package. It took 5 days to arrive.

Minnesota was priority 2 day, package. It took 4 days to arrive.

Michigan was priority 3 day, package. It has yet to even reach Michigan.

Seriously. They have no idea where it is. It's 'somewhere in transit, arriving late'. Considering it was supposed to arrive Saturday, 'arriving late' is generous.

So, in my honest opinion- If you have not sent out any Christmas packages yet, they will not arrive in time for Christmas, no matter what the newsmedia or the post office tells you.

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