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You know...

If you're going to attempt to show your ass to a complete stranger and send them a wannabe cyberthreat via Facebook, Messenger, it might behoove you to show some modicum of intelligence and familiarity with the English language and spelling.

Particularly the spelling.


Best I can tell, I made a comment on a BBC News post about the Oxford vaccine and this fool took exception to it.

Brief glance at his profile shows the trifecta- Trump supporter deeply entrenched in the delusion that the election was rigged/stolen, a 'Covid-19 is a hoax'-er, and a maskless plague rat.

Yes, it has been reported three ways from Sunday, but I really don't expect Facebook in particular to do a thing about it. Because White Guy.

Yes, I blocked him without engaging. Though, a sinister part of me really wanted to respond with 'fuck around and find out, asshole.' But, honestly, this sort of stupid just isn't worth the effort anymore.


How's your day going?

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