So we went back to martial arts class on Monday. Wore a mask through the class, and it wasn't *too* horrible to deal with.

Class again last night, 2 of our other instructors were there. Little more active of a class, so had a couple times where Mark broke out in a coughing fit, resulting in him having to go to the bathroom, and where I had to pause to catch my breath.

The interesting part is that *both* of the Senseis each had the virus around the same time as us, though, no where near as badly. And, of course, their symptoms were somewhat different. Neither has a sense of taste back yet, whereas, we never lost taste or smell.

So, that makes us wonder, was someone who came to class, asymptomatic and didn't know it, thus exposing the four of us?

We simply don't know.

A couple fellow students had had the virus in early October, and were out for 2+ weeks. They too, had really mild symptoms, almost cold like. And another had had it a few months ago, but he got it from his brother who gave it to the entire family and he hadn't been in class before being exposed. It took him a month to get over it.

So, community spread is definitely getting worse here. Wear a damn mask, people.

Getting ready to order our new Gis for when we test for black belt. That makes it that much more real, I think, that this is actually potentially going to happen. Which means we need to double down on practicing beforehand.

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