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We are officially statistics.

So, Oct 25th, we got flu shots. Went to exactly 2 places that weekend, well, that Sat- CVS for the vaccine and Walmart after for a few groceries. Then home.

That Monday we started feeling ill. Thought it was the flu, thought it was a reaction to the vaccine.

It wasn't.

Mark started getting really sick on Friday, I thought I was improving until I started throwing up with a dry, wrenching cough. It got worse on Sunday. Nonestop coughing with dry heaves and throwing up.

Then Mark started doing it. He ended up staying home that Monday- he gets his temp checked every day at work, so he'd been fine temp wise, though starting to feel run down himself last week.

Tuesday evening, we felt so absolutely drained, so absolutely worn down that we simply couldn't take it anymore.

So yesterday, we went to Urgent Care.

Still thinking, still hoping, it was simply a really bad case of flu.

It wasn't.

They triaged us, said our blood oxygen levels were concerning, that we'd need chest x-rays.

The doctor came in and said there were things that were concerning on the xrays, that lead her to believe we have Covid-19. Tat we could get tested if we wanted to, but it was a foregone conclusion.

We opted to get tested- throat swab. We get results in about 4-7 days, hopefully.

Meanwhile, we are officially considered Symptomatic with no known exposure.

We go back for a check up tomorrow. If our blood oxygen levels have dropped again, we may end up needing to be hospitalized. We are hoping it does not come to that. (I don't think it will, they've been steady since yesterday. I'm up to 92% currently, up from 90-91%, he's at 95%, up from 94% )

Meanwhile, we are resting and quarantining for the next two weeks.

So, thanks a hell of a lot, you damn maskless plague rats who can't be bothered to give a shit about your fellow human beings. This is why you wear a fucking mask.

Yes, I'm angry.