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People are stupid.

So, over on Twitter, a post was made about a casting company putting out a casting call for Asian actors that is extremely biased and stereotyping, as well as blatantly racist.

Some guy who claims to be an actor, proceeded to claim it wasn't the *company's* responsibility to stop the racism when presented to it by a client.

I said, "yes it was and shame on you for thinking it's not."

Because it *is*. It does not matter whether it's an individual or a corporation, we *all* have a responsibility to stop racism when we see it, regardless of type.

He proceeded to say, "well, I'm Asian-American, my mother and grandmother both experienced racism. Are you Asian? Have you experienced racism? I think not! So fuck you!"

(I'm paraphrasing, but that's essentially the gist of it. I'm also the only one he went off like that at as well. Hmm... The thread is linked, so it's blatant that I'm the only one he overreacted at. I mean, I may be wrong on that, but I'm fairly certain I'm not.)

Nah, dude. Fuck you.

Fuck you for thinking that only the originator bears any responsibility here. Fuck you for pulling the 'but I'm such and such and you're not!' card. Fuck you for thinking the company doesn't bear any responsibility in perpetuating racism.

And fuck you for using your mother's and grandmother's experiences in this way.

If we want to stop racism, it needs to stop being perpetuated by middle people/companies/et al. It does not matter that it did not originate with this company, it matters that *they passed it on*.

That sort of thinking is why it will continue.

So yes, shame on him.

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