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Tweaked the crap out of my back on Tuesday, of all things, picking up the pitcher of water to water the plants on the porch. Pretty sure it was a pinched nerve. It's much better today, but still twingey when I move just right. Definitely couldn't go to martial arts class that night.

So I spent yesterday with an icepack and making miniature woven pumpkins in fun, funky colors. Then I went to C.O.B.R.A. class and sat in the audience, watching while the husband had all the fun.


We went grocery shopping after, which took twice as long since I couldn't move as fast. I love this time of year, because Kroger gets all the cool skeleton Halloween decorations out and on sale.

So I made a new friend last night.

Need to go back for the skeleton unicorn, the bat, the frog...

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