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Flickr has been acquired by SmugMug...

For those who haven't received the email yet (they're still sending them out)-

Flickr has been acquired by SmugMug, as of April 22nd.

You have until May 25th to decide if you want to stay with Flickr or download and delete your account. After May 25th, you will be subject to SmugMug's ToS.

As of right now, Flickr is saying that *they will still be considered a separate entity*. As far as that's worth.
Still reading up on it myself, and figuring things out. After the Photobucket fiasco, I'm wary of these things now.}:/

Q & A from the SmugMug CEO- (for what it's worth)

Gizmodo article-

Flickr Q&A-

Flickr Blog Q&A-

Flickr Help forum thread-

Flickr Help Forum thread-

Acquisition FAQ-

I'll be honest, it all sounds to good to be true. So we'll see.

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