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The Wallhanging

Last Monday was our 21st wedding anniversary. Yes, 21 years. We've actually been together 22+ years, but who's counting? Awhile back, Mark had asked for this as a wallhanging for his office. It had been long enough ago that he completely forgot about it, even after we went through some Lisa Peters ART pieces and picked them out for placement within the weaving.

So while he was in California last week for business- he actually left ON our anniversary, making it the first ever that we had not spent together- I decided to finish this piece.

First, a few closeups of the entire piece-

Top to bottom-

The weaving itself is made from 100% Baby Alpaca in a natural dark grey (warp) and Frabjous recycled sari silk in greens/oranges/teals, as well as ShiBui Heichi 100% silk in Solar (yellow) and Cascade (blue). The ends have been hand twisted and knotted, at deliberate varying lengths. The blue is for the waters and ocean we've traveled across or spent time next to, the yellow for all the sunrises and sunsets we've spent together. The greens, oranges, etc for the seasons and our gardens.

At the bottom is a cat and a pawprint charms. These stand for our pets- past, present and potential future.

The top piece of wood is actually from the cabin. I brought it home the last time we were up there, cleaned it up and gave it a lovely handrubbed beeswax finish. I believe it's either cedar or more likely pine.

The handmade Lisa Peters ART stoneware flowers were picked out by Mark himself. Placement was left up to me. I used Czech pressed glass cobalt blue rosebud beads as well as various colors and sizes of glass druks, along with Czech glass pressed leaves, to simulate blueberries, raspberries and blackberries- from when we went berry picking together at 3 Birds Berry Farm.

There are several ice blue beads in the blue woven areas, those are for the times we spent at the cabin when there was ice on the pond, as well as the few times we happened to be in Michigan during the winter. The frog is for the millions of tadpoles we discovered up at the cabin.

And there you have it. A very special wallhanging with a lot of memories tied up in it.

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