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Tales of the Amber Sea

I started this scarf/wrap in Michigan, where I used it as an example to show my family my new creative endeavor. My mom proclaimed that weaving was beyond her. My brother said it was interesting. My dad asked where his was. The yarn is Verdant Gryphon Mithril in 'Tales of the Amber Sea', with goldtone crystal glass beads added by me, with help from my husband. It was a limited edition run of yarn that sold out almost immediately. So I wanted to make something pretty special with it.

Mark helped out with the beads. He pushed them down the yarn as I wound it on a shuttle. Between stringing the beads on the yarn, which required taking a bead and scouring stores for needles that had a large enough eye to thread the yarn through- with the help of a needle threader- but still went through the glass beads without breaking them and spacing them out so they'd be a random sprinkling throughout the weaving as the yarn was wound, I'm not sure which was more time consuming, honestly.

The warp was set at 10 feet. Yes, 10 feet. I love this colorway. The muted jeweltones play off the goldtone crystal glass beads beautifully. The weft is 12" wide in the finished piece, whereas the length ended up at 8ft 8 in. Yes, 12 in x 8ft, 8in. It's my very own Doctor Whoesque length wrap.

When I finished the actual weaving a few days ago and tied off the ends, I thought it looked a bit incomplete. It looked unfinished still. So I did a knotted netting look with the extra long fringe. There are 7 rows of knots on each end. That was deliberately planned and has a hidden and personal meaning for me. But it still looked as yet unfinished. Something was missing. So I took the left over beads and proceeded to add one to each fringe strand. This served to tie the netted fringe into the body of the scarf and give it a sense of completeness overall, each element blending into each over.

This scarf/wrap will not be put up for sale. This one is for me. Mark has always said I needed to make a scarf for myself, so that's what this is. In fact, with the amount of work that went into this piece, it will only be available as a Special Order only, through the Big Cartel Shop. This will be the template for those orders, but it itself will not be sold.

I love this piece. Despite the time consuming nature of it, I am thoroughly pleased with it. I look forward to incorporating beads into weaving and vice versa more often.}:)

You can now order a handbeaded, hand woven wrap of your own, in a color range of your choice HERE.

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