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Same ol', same ol'

Not much going on here.

Ok, so not much worth writing about honestly.

Went back to the new computer because after dealing with the old for 2 days, I realised that I really, really hated that computer.

Mark and I had discussions last Monday, after I talked to my mom via email and he (finally) talked to his mom via the phone. Figured out how I could edit photos, so that's all well and good. Figured out where the new computer was storing my photos when I uploaded them, so that's fixed.

However, riddle me this- we have the exact same computers. His has more stuff on it now than mine does. So how come *I* am the one having issues still? Just yesterday in fact, I started up my computer and it proceeded to tell me there was an issue with the Direct X drivers. Funny, but they're updated, so um, ok?

Mark says, 'Technology hates you'.


I keep getting messages from people on, questioning where I got some of the info on my mom's side. Umm, from my grandmother directly, as the people in question are HER grandparents? Yeah. It's gotten annoying. If you don't believe what I have, do your own research then. Find out for yourself.

Found mildew in the bedroom closet again. Worse this time, as it spread to our jackets, my cedar chest and a few other things, instead of just being on the wall. To top it off, there was mildew in the corner at the opposite end of the wall, near the bed. So Sat we spent much of the day, pulling stuff out of the closet, checking it over, pulling the dresser away from the wall, bleaching the wall, etc.

Our jackets- leather at that, which we haven't worn in at least a decade, had to be thrown out. A fabric cooler had to be tossed. A few baseball hats had to be tossed. A duffel bag, Mark's backpack, a seabag, will have have to be washed. The cedar chest had to be thoroughly cleaned.

The landlord is coming by today to open up the closet wall to see if he can figure out why there's suddenly mildew in that closet after nearly 11 years of us being here. He wondered if it was the fish tank in that room. Umm, no. That tank has been there 6 years now and we've never had any issues with it. It's not leaking, and the mildew is forming on the OUTSIDE wall, not the inside.

So tired of this crap, quite honestly.

Found out the SiL was upset at the dates we picked to go to Michigan with Mark's parents. She was upset because apparently she wanted to go, and since it's M's second week at a new school, they can't- which is completely understandable, honestly. I found this out via Mark, who found it out via his mom. The dates were picked because those were the best dates for his dad. But I do wish she'd talked to ME about it, instead of calling her mom, all upset. I just can't win.

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