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Newest work

I took the photos for this yesterday morning, in full sun and I'm rather glad I did as today it's cloudy, cold and rainy.

So. This is Shadowed Rose. It's up at Big Cartel and Zibbet and is perfect for a Valentine's Day gift in my opinion. No, it's not the stereotypical 'reds' that people associate with Valentine's Day, nor is it overtly pink, though it has shades of pink in it. As soon as I upgrade my Zibbet account back to premium again (this Thursday I hope), I'll have a few more photos up.

In the meantime, I have 3 scarves to work on- at least one will be for Valentine's Day as well, and another beadwork project that's been waiting for nearly a year to get started on. Yes, I'm trying to finish all my started or planned beadwork projects this year. One down, dozens to go. Heh.

I'm also trying to blog more this year, can you tell? }:/

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