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I knew t was a possibility...

But it still comes as a bit of a surprise when you do find the information.

So I'm working on my family genealogy- still, it's an ongoing thing, as I'm doing my family tree, both the birth side and the adopted side of my dad's family, as well as my maternal side, my stepmom's family- which has a few roadblocks right now, and the husband's family- both sides. So that's essentially 8 family trees all combined into one that I'm working on. 9 if I end up doing my Sister in law's husband's line as well (haven't decided yet).

When I get stuck on one line, I go to another for awhile.

Right now, I'm working on my maternal grandmother's line - dad's birth mom- and am back to my 5th Great Grandfather through her paternal line.

Nothing like finding an 1810 US Census that says he owned 6 slaves at the time.

It was rather sobering, knowing I have ancestors who owned people. I had hopes that since I'd not found any records of the sort through my other lines, that maybe, just maybe, I'd not have any ancestors who were slave owners.

Now, I want to to know who they were. What were their names? Did they have families themselves? If so, what happened to them? Where are their ancestors now? And many, many other questions.

I know there's the possibility that many of my questions will never be answered. But it's worth looking into, it's worth finding out what happened to them and their ancestors.

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