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The haul...

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So, I went to Michigan last week. Well, actually on the 19th, and came back on the 29th. Between hanging out with the family, watching my youngest Michigan niece work with her new horse, visiting a few cemeteries, digging up some Irises at Grand-Aunt Rosie's, mom and I went through family photos and documents. We also visited the bead store in Marshall and the yarn shop in Battle Creek. And dealt with RAIN, yet more RAIN and still more RAIN. I think it followed us.}:/

This was the haul from the yarn shop (minus the wool/silk blend yarn skein I bought for mom}:P)-

Top row- Baby Twist 100% baby alpaca, Ella Rae Bamboo/Silk blend in velvet, 2nd Time Cotton 75% cotton/25% Acrylic blend- made from recycled cotton!

Middle row- Mountain Colors Hand Dye 50/50 Wool/Raw Silk blend in Juniper, Ella Rae Bamboo/Silk blend in Granite, Ella Rae Bamboo/Silk blend in Viola

Front- Tahki Yarns Sedona 90%Wool/10% Silk blend in Denim, Panda Silk 52%Bamboo/43%Merino/5%Silk blend in Jade Tones

Yummy yarns, some nubby, but all soft, mostly sock weight or lace weight.}:P Perfect for kumihimo, which is what I bought them for.

THIS was the haul pertaining to my genealogy/family tree stuff. LOTS of documents, a package of letters *I* wrote to my parents from boot camp, etc, while in the Marines, 4 photo albums, dozens of photos, you name it. Combined with the Cemetery plots and headstones photos I took and already uploaded to my computer, there's at least a weeks worth of scanning to do, then another week's worth of editing and figuring out where to put the photos and documents in my family tree. Heh. It's all very, very interesting and I'm learning a lot about my family that I didn't know.

We also went by Horrock's again this trip. The haul from there included 1oz of dried Morel mushrooms- which reminds me that I should have taken a photo of the fresh one I found in the backyard, it was at least 5-6" in length, but it'd been harvested and gnawed on by a wild animal, so we couldn't keep it.}:/- 13 packages of Michigan cheeses- cranberry cheddar, derby sage, maple syrup cheddar times 2, habanero jack, hot pepper cheddar, apple cinnamon cheddar, horseradish cheddar, cheddar cheese curds times 2, horseradish cheddar cheese curds, amish butter cheese, and a square of asiago, medium brown wax. And 4 containers of Dark Chocolate Seafoam that's now stashed in the freezer.}:P

I have a large grocery bag FULL of Irises, snow drop bulbs, a few daffodil bulbs, tulips, some Michigan wildflowers, you name it, from Grand-Aunt Rosie's too, that I need to get planted this week. One Iris even bloomed the day after we got home.

Couple of the Irises I got. The one on the right bloomed here. The crappy photo is the ones that were blooming in Michigan, and I have that particular clump itself now.}:P Here's hoping I can keep them alive! Especially since Grand-Aunt Rosie is 'downsizing' her gardens and I may not be able to get these gorgeous flowers again. Besides I needed *something* to fill the new raised bed I built}:P

So I'm going to be busy for awhile, methinks. Oh! And mom gave me her antique printer's drawer too, the one she used to display her thimble collection in. Now I need to figure out where to hang it...