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Someone I share an ancestor with contacted me on Well, I knew a bunch of stuff they'd mentioned, and was able to give them info on other people.

They mentioned something about the Seymour line and not sure they wanted to be related to them. That struck me as odd, and I immediately went looking.

Found where there's a Seymour in my lineage and started tracking them out. Seems people think this line of the Seymour family is related to Jane Seymour who married Henry VIII.

Well, as often happens in history when you can't figure something out, or someone says something, people tend to believe it. It seems back in the late 1800s, someone told a Seymour that a Bible, that supposedly contained handwritten notes about being related to Jane Seymour of Henry VIII fame, was authentic, but no one was allowed to examine it closely until the mid 1900s, whereupon it was found to be a forgery.

Sadly, this 'myth' has been perpetuated through history by many different historians attempting to follow the line back from Richard Seymour(1604-1655), one of the First Colonists of America. So there's quite a bit of books and things all claiming this.

In my research, I've yet to find ANY mention of a Jane Seymour in the line that I'm descended from, around the time of Henry VIII. So this myth is simply not true.

Also, through this line, family scandal* at that time would have prevented such a lofty marriage. (Also- there does not appear to be a Jane Seymour in this line, at the time of Henry VIII.)

This line may be descended from the Seymours (St Maurs) of Penhow Castle, but again, it is alleged.

*John Seymour (1746-1536)is alleged to have an affair with his daughter-in-law, Catherine Filliol, married in 1527 to Edward Seymour(1500-1552) at the time.

As a result, the three children from that marriage- John(1527-1552), Mary or Margaret (1527/8-1570) and Edward (1529-1593) were declared 'bastards' as their paternal parentage was in question. The marriage was annulled, about 1533/4.

Edward then remarried to Anne Stanhope in 1534 and it is from them that this line allegedly continues. The Seymour I appear to be descended from, on my maternal line, is 7 generations back, and female.

I say alleged because until I have actual records and evidence proving the factuality of the lineage, it's all an unknown, hypothesis. Such is a lot of genealogical research, until it's irrefutably proven.

Nonetheless, it's very interesting and makes for good reading. Especially if you like history like me. Although, I'm still not sure why they don't think they'd want to be related to them, unless they mean the scandal. Hmm. (Which seems to be par for the course as far as screwy stuff in my maternal line).


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