Oh my gods...

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Backstory- Someone on Ancestry.com had sent me a message about some photos they had, of people with some of my ancestors' last name. They asked if I wanted them. I said sure, why not, not really expecting anything. I figured, if they didn't fit my Tree, I'd pass them on to my cousin and maybe he'd connect them in his Tree.

That was about 2-2.5 weeks ago.

They arrived today.

The VERY FIRST PHOTO I picked up and flipped over to look at...

Was of my dad's birth father as a baby.

Another is of my Great Grand Aunt Mary.

I have 3 others of babies that I have yet to decipher the names on, but after those first 2? Wow.

I mean, Wow. How totally, awesomely unexpected.

It's things like this that keep this family tree/ancestry stuff interesting.


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