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I've said it before...

Caena is sometimes way too smart.

Monday night, some time between then and Tuesday morning, she managed to get her collar stuck. To the point where she literally managed to get it to stretch a bit and she chewed it off.

When Mark let her out in the morning, she did her usual grab a stuffed flea toy and dart upstairs to sleep on the bed with me. Only that morning, she went back downstairs to him again. He thought she wanted to be let outside. So he was feeling around for the collar to hook her lead on and couldn't find it.

He said he asked her, 'Where's your collar?' and she backed up between his legs, turned around, went back into her kennel, picked up the collar, brought it to him, then went right back upstairs.

She didn't want outside, she just wanted to let him know, hey, my collar's broken.

Monday evening, we let her out like usual. She runs to the top of the hill where she normally does her business, and got the lead line caught on something, I guess. She sat there, barked at us to let us know she thought she was stuck, but when Mark opened the door, she was waiting for him right outside.

He took one look at her and told her to come see me, whereupon she comes running into the living room as he's saying, 'We have a problem.' I thought she'd been covered in mud or something, but nope, she was trailing about 2 ft of a broken lead behind her. Luckily we have a 30ft lead we use on vacations for her.

She knew her lead was broken, knew no one was around and still did not leave the yard or wander off.

Such a smart dog. And we've only barely touched on recall, boundaries, etc. Heh.

* * * *

Woke up this morning to an Aries kitty next to my head, Caena trying to stretch out along my legs, but couldn't, because Morrigan had managed to wedge herself between Caena and my leg. Only one missing was Max. At least I was warm. Heh.

And Morrigan is getting so big too, filling out nicely. Still very playful though. Is NOT happy when the other feral kitties- even her own littermates- comes on the front porch or in the yard. She'll dart from the kitchen window, to the window at my desk, snarling and hissing at them, even though they can't see or hear her. When they leave the porch and walk through the front yard, she'll dart to the front window and stare until she's certain they're gone. It's amusing really.

* * * *

In other news...

Still got a cough from the cold/flu/whatever I had over Xmas and New Year's. Mark does too. Nose is still runny/stuffy at times as well, so that doesn't help. Nor does quitting taking Nyquil/Dayquil coldturkey after taking it for nearly 3 weeks straight, sometimes double dosing.


I would make such a bad druggie. Can you say headaches, tight muscles, etc, galore from the slight withdrawal symptoms?? It's not cool. Even now the back of my head/neck is still achey from it. And insomnia on top of it to boot. Ugh, I hate it.

Not fun and not cool.

* * * *

Am running a 50% off clearance sale in both my Zibbet shop and my Artfire shop.

Everything except the scrap fabric grab bags and a few lower priced pieces are on sale. It'll run until nearly everything sells or I get tired of it.

Trying to whittle down my supply and declutter a bit. Have a bunch of misc. supplies I'll be listing in my Artfire shop soonish- leather lace, carved bone beads, and such. It'll be cheap, destash prices, trying to clear it out.

* * * *

Managed to throw out 3 boxes and 2 bags worth of just stuff already. The back room is looking better with each box I go through. Only one closet- the one downstairs- left to clean out when I finish with that room. Feels good getting rid of things we really don't need, haven't used, is broken and will never be fixed, etc. Still a lot left to do though.

* * * *

I know, I suck at blogging so far this year. But well, nothing's really happening.}:P

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Jan. 14th, 2011 12:51 pm (UTC)
S'okay. I suck at blogging this year too. Actually, I've been sucking at blogging ever since I lost my job. Don't have much interest in letting the world know I'm STILL unemployed. I know, I'm doing other stuff, but I'm just not feeling it.

Wish my dog was as smart at yours. Nike is a runner. She's managed to get out of the fenced yard 1/2 dozen times so far since we've had her and all she does is RUN. Of course a lot of that is because she's still a puppy. She's only 18 months old. It also doesnt help that I'm not running with her at the moment either. It's so freakin' cold that we haven't taken them to the bark park for a long time.