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Fire at the Shell Station.

There's a Shell gas station not 300 yards, give or take, from my house. I used to work there, a few years back. During the summer, we'd have problems with people tossing lit cig butts into the mulch. Early spring, it generally wasn't so bad. But the summers, oh boy.

Today, someone decided that despite the high/extremely high fire danger warnings, the banned outdoor burning and the gusty winds, to toss a lit cig butt out their car window as they left the lot and into the mulch.

I ignored the first firetruck, as it's a normal occurrence lately. Then the sirens didn't stop and I noticed it looked rather foggy/smoky outside.

Sure enough, something was on fire. So I grabbed my camera and took a walk down to my former place of employment...

It actually started 100ft, give or take, to the left of this storage building. The fire, bolstered by gusting winds, then shot across the mulch, the junipers, the cypresses, up the embankment, into the backyards of two houses, destroying plants and a wooden fence. It also caught this building on fire. I arrived just after they got the door open, and got this shot. The building, and its contents, will be a total loss. They had to cut open the roof, and pull down the soffet to get all the flames and flare ups.

(Yes, 3/4s of those propane tanks were in fact full. Good thing the storage building is made of brick and the fire didn't get hot enough.)


Apr. 8th, 2010 12:56 am (UTC)
Ye gods! I'm glad you're ok, and that the propane didn't go up! :(