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May. 31st, 2012

No grills were seriously damaged in the making of this post....

No canines, felines or avians either.

So THIS is how my day is going to go, eh?

Why, yes, Caena managed to not only knock the grill up on end, but flip it over and around the side of the house this morning. While I stood there watching, bemused, as it happened in near slow motion.

Her lead caught the corner of the ledge on the grill and pulled it up on the wheels. Which promptly startled her and made her try to GET AWAY FROM THE THING that was clearly after her. Which caused it to swing around, tangling the lead further, and pulling the grill over onto its top.

Then she saw me standing there with my phone, and very contritely walked over to me, head hung low, tail slowly wagging.

I couldn't help it. I laughed at her.

(The grill is still there. It'll take both of us to move it from its current position back into place. Not because it's heavy, but because it's awkward.)

The Carolina Wrens who built the nest on the front porch, right next to the front door, either have eggs or, more likely, given how actively they've been bringing insects and such back, have babies in the nest.

They spent 5 solid minutes berating the Chipmunk who dared to come on the porch to eat the bird seed. Much like they do the Blue Jays, the House Sparrows, the Tufted Titmouses, the Nuthatches, the Indigo Buntings, even the poor Purple Finches and the poor, much maligned by the Blue Jays, Crow that comes by sometimes when there's peanuts out.

Now, I'm getting 'looks' through the window where I sit at my desk, as still as possible, when they land on the chair or the baker's rack right outside it.

Cute birds, but really, this is getting nuts. It could be worse though, I could be getting divebombed everytime I go out the front door, like the poor Crow does by the blue Jays.

Got rid of the majority of the rats. They disappeared for roughly 3 weeks, completely. Then, a small, halfgrown one showed back up again. I'm gradually moving the rocks that were once around the pond out front, that'll never likely be rebuilt, to the back, along the fence and around the Wisteria, as that seems to be where they like to burrow under the fence to come eat the bird seed that falls to the ground.

With the Chipmunks showing back up (finally, after years of being gone), I'm hesitant about putting out more rat poison. But it's looking like I may not have a choice.

The Tomatoes( Hillbilly, Great White and Black Krim, you can see them to the right in the above photo) are finally budding and blooming. They've grown 4 times the size they were. Combination of good compost before planting and plenty of water, I suppose. Hopefully we'll get lots of maters this season.

Much of the rest of the gardens are doing quite well. A few of the Irises my GrandAunt Rosie gave me last summer, have bloomed. Nearly all of them came back and doubled in size. Several plants need to be cut back, such as the Lemon Balm and the Greek Oregano, as they're trying desperately to take over where they are. The St John's Wort tripled in size over last year and bloomed abundantly this year.

The Wisteria is being trained along the fence, mostly on my side of my fence, because I noticed that the guys doing the yard work on the other side, had weedeated really close to the fence, killing half the Honeysuckle, much of the Strangling Dog Vine (thankfully) and whatever else they did, affected a few vines of my Wisteria. So I pulled it all back to my side. Better safe than sorry, and besides, I'd appreciate more blooms next year than an empty house will.

The Love In A Mist has nearly taken over the front Iris bed. There's dozens of seed pods. So when they ripen, I'll collect them, and pull the plants out. The plan is to lift the remaining Irises from the bed this fall and compost/replace the soil before replacing them. Hopefully that'll give them a much needed boost next year, as simply top feeding them isn't working. Many didn't bloom this year either.}:/

In 4 days, it'll have been 4 years since Dante-Inu left me.

In 15 days, Caena will be 4 years old.

I have not played Skyrim in nearly 3 weeks. Haven't played Assassin's Creed Revelations since Dec 2011. My computer has actually been behaving itself for the last 2.5 weeks, so I've been enjoying playing Sims3 for the time being.

And here comes a Carolina Wren with what appears to be a cricket. Must be feeding time again.

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Feb. 21st, 2012

Dear Solitude, Your tailors suck skeever tail.

So I decided to visit an area of Skyrim I hadn't been to yet- the far reaches of Solitude.

Which, I find, is overrun by Imperials. Yuck.

Got there in time to see some poor unfortunate lose his head. Something about opening a gate or something. Who knows. I DID learn that, in trying to find out what's going on, one should most definitely NOT go up to the guards and try to talk to them. They don't like that and will attack you.

I think I took out 4 of them before they got me. Yeah.

And then I went to a tailor shop, where the proprietor reminded me of the stuck up girls I went to high school with. You know the kind, think they're better than you and their shit don't stink. Seems she had 'issues' with my clothes. Something about it being an open wound to her eyes. Well, it's steel armor and you know what? Serves me quite well in taking out those Dragons so you can run your little shop and be a stuck up reptilian bimbo. Needless to say, I left without doing any business with her.

Anyway. The whole reason I went to an unexplored area was because I was trying to get more gold to stock up- ok, hoard- heal potions, resist cold potions, resist fire potions and the like. Dragons go down easier when you have plenty of either.}:P

Speaking of Dragons...

It's quite amusing when you clear an area and another Dragon shows up and tries to sneak attack you. They really need to work on that whole shake the earth when they fly by bit. It rather alerts one that they're there. And I'm glad I had 2 Resist Cold pots on me when I came up on that last Dragon, at Lost NorthWatch Camp I believe it was. Thought he was a statue until he fly away. First Frost breathing Dragon I'd encountered so far too. Used the buildings to my advantage and took him down in under 2 minutes. Why yes, I'm an archer, why do you ask?

Mark's playing Skyrim too. He's a level 15 already. I'm only level 14 but damned if I don't have more Shouts than him. And *I* had a contract taken out on me, he was surprised at that. Seems Ungrien took exception to the fact that instead of delivering the keg of stolen Black Briar Mead to him, I returned it to the Meadery. Yeah. Oh well, he needs to hire better thugs.

Hmm, I need Skyrim icons methinks...

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Jan. 26th, 2012

Bleak Falls Barrow is not my friend.

For that matter, neither is Ustengrav Barrow. Or the local wildlife. Or it seems, those who don't like Dragonborn.

I have a knack for making 'friends' in Skyrim, can you tell?

Overall, I'm thoroughly enjoying myself, even if I've never played any of the previous games. We have Oblivion for the PC- Mark plays it, and I borrowed it for the PS3 from the InLaws, but I've not actually played it or any of the preceeding games- there ARE preceeding games, yes?

After all, if Oblivion is The Elder Scrolls IV and Skyrim is The Elder Scrolls V, it stands to reason there was a I, II and III. Right?

Haven't picked a side (Imperial or Stormcloak). Though I'm now a 'Thane of Whiterun'. Go me? Heh. Something about killing a dragon, even though, really, it was mostly the other guys. So. Um, yeah.

Haven't gotten back into Assassin's Creed: Revelations yet. No particular reason.

Seems a small percentage of multiplayer people in ACR are really, REALLY unhappy with the MP that came with ACR, and it appears, back to ACB. Something about glitches, MP mechanics not working like they think they should, PC players getting content so much later than console players (really??? REALLY?? this is a problem that'll make you boycott the game??? Seriously? Most game developers don't make the bulk of their money off the PC version anyway, so no wonder they don't release them at the same time), etc.

Umm, it's a video game, there's going to be glitches. You either deal with them, don't play anymore or inundate the Dev team with emails asking when a patch is coming. But really? Boycotting the game after the creators already got your money? Seriously? Saying you're not going to buy the DLC- as if the game creators make any sort of significant amount of money off them in the first place (here's a hint- they don't.)?

I think this is a proper place for that good ol' phrase, 'First world problems'.

Me, I could care less, as I don't play Multiplayer, so therefore, they don't get money from my for MP DLC anyway. When the game itself stops being fun, glitches included, then I'll stop playing it and stop buying it. Until then, whatever. Hell, I've run into glitches in the 6 hours worth of playing in Skyrim already. It's to be expected. That's part of playing video games

Tonight I get the 'fun' task of setting up my new computer. Last night's attempt was an utter fiasco, as we couldn't find the disc for the photo program I use, and when Mark downloaded an updated version on his new computer, figured out that it will not work with Windows 7 anyway. So now I need a new photo editing program.

And reinstall all the other programs I use, set up all my quick links...

Yeah. Fun.

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