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Feb. 1st, 2008


My computer hates me, that's all there is to it.

I can play Sims2 for roughly 10-15 minutes before I get a Blue Screen o' Death.

Mark's gonna take a look at it this weekend.

It was fine a week ago when I was playing, now suddenly, it hates me. Grrr.

Jan. 30th, 2008


Got woke up by the high winds early this morning. In particular when one gust blew the window fan in. Yeah, it was that bad.

I asked Mark when he came back up to let me know he was heading towork, if we had any windchimes and bird feeders left.

If I'd realised it was going to get that bad, I'd have taken them down last night.

Heard from the 'rents. Dad's mitrochondrial(sp?) valve IS leaking again. There's a knot to one side that's allowing the back flow, but it's not as serious as it was years ago when he needed the first surgery. And the stent in the right side appears to be possibly collapsing again. However, his kidney doctor has said absolutely NO catherizations unless it's a matter of life and death. So he goes back in 6 months for a checkup and goes from there. Mom said she was described all the symptoms for when it does collpase, and they'll be watching for them, as it apparently happens quickly, symptom wise.

The sad part? His leaky valve bit is genetic. }:/

Need to edit some screenshots for Chapter 2 of The Blackblade Clan. Then get to work on Chapter 3. Been puitting it off, trying to finish my monthly Challenge piece for the Etsy BeadWEavers, who by the way, have a very nice article up on why we bead.}:) That piece needs to be finished by Feb 5th. I have 5.5 inches and a clasp to do on the choker/necklace itself. That will be the main entry.

I'm planning a bracelet and earring set to go with it, but want to get the necklace done first, so I can hopefully enter it.

This weekend, Goat might be coming over with Julie for dinner. Need to work on my other shops as well.

Have to get a new Bodrum Teapot.}:( I broke mine last night, putting dishes away, a small spice cup fell out of the cupboard, hit it and proceeded to land on my toes. I then, later, when getting dinner together (Shepherd's Pie, Wolf style- herbed garlic redskin taters, and venison burger with celery heart chopped into it), sliced the back of my finger open on an edge of it.

I've lost 7lbs in a week. This is good.

Got a new CD in the mail, Eisbrecher Leider/Vergissmeinnicht. Just need to get the rest of them now too, especially their newest. And Emigrate's new one too.

Jan. 19th, 2008

Waiting on the snow....

Looking at the radar, we may get a brush of it, but I'm thinking that 3 inches they said we were going to get, isn't going to happen. We still have roughly just under an inch left on the ground out back. Need to upload the photos I took Thursday of it.

Tried playing Sims2 last night, after finally getting the fool computer straightened out.

Ended up having to remove all the hacks, and redownload them. Got tired of the errors they were throwing up every 20 seconds or so. TwoJeffs has a 'Director's Cut' of the hacks he uses in his game. Surprisingly, most of them are ones I use in my game. Ended up getting rid of the Squinge hacks. Will look later to see if someone updated the few I used.

Game ran well for a little while. Then I tried to adjust my Sims penis (yes I have a penis hack), as I'd downloaded an updated version. Well, the game immediately crashed. Hrm.

So I removed it, redownloaded it, reinstalled it, and tried again. It crashed again. So I went looking for the old version. Heh. After all, I really didn't need all the new features the new version has. Also, ACR (Autonomous Casual Romance) seems to be causing errors. Even after downloading and installing the supposedly updated version. So I took it out this morning and later I'll try again to see if that fixes it.

Took abit of searching, but I found the updated version of the Lot DeBugger as well, so THAT will help greatly.}:)

Hopefully I've got the bugs worked out. And now I can concentrate on working on The BlackBlade Clan.

Jan. 18th, 2008

Took nearly 7 hours..

But the 160gig drive got put in and most everything reinstalled.

I say most everything because I need to wait to reinstall Microsoft Office as Mark's boss currently has it and she's out sick.

I know there's programs I've not installed, but obviously I don't need them.

Photo software is in, editing software is in. FRAPS redownloaded, ICQ redownloaded, etc.

Even, obviously, Semagic redownloaded and set back up.}:P

Then I had the Fun! job of reinstalling 12 Sims2 games- the actual game, 6 epansions and 6 stuff packs. AND almost 10gigs worth of Custom Content and the programs used with the Sims2 (CleanInstaller, See Them hack, Color Enable Package).

So I loaded up all the games, took 3 hours. Started up the game to make sure SecuRom wasn't going to cause issues. amazing how fast it starts with no CC. Made sure to enable CC, reset the screen settings, the display settings, etc and exited out.

Then I spent another 2 hours reinstalling all the CC.

1am I finally finished. Started at 2pm.

Naturally I had to start the game back up again to make sure that the CC showed up. Especially the Insimenator, as it was updated and I wanted to see the new stuffs.}:P

Needless to say, it worked fine, most everything showed up. Somehow I'm missing a few meshes for clothing. No biggie. Played around with the new Traveller family, sent them on vacation, then went to bed.}:P Today I'll mess around with things that require the other hacks I have and make sure they still work. Might have to find a new camera mod, I don't think GunMod's works as well anymore.

I did notice that the 160gig drive runs slower than the 80gig drive, even with 25% more free space. Odd, that. (the 80gig was at 56% free, this one is at 77% free)

Right now I need to work on Chapter 2 of The Blackblade Clan. and get it uploaded.}:)

Wow apparently I got the new improved updated Semagic as I now have a tag option while logged into IJ on it, woohoo!

Oh and on top of the 4 inches we got yesterday, and have maybe 2 inches left of, they're calling for another 3 inches of snow tomorrow. And funny how when you get a raise, you see to have even less money than before. But hey, the bills are all paid off for the month, save one that's due next week, and that means that next week's check will be mostly stock up on groceries and set aside money. }:P

Jan. 12th, 2008

Trying something new.

The Blackblade Clan

Jan. 11th, 2008

I am so far behind...

I still have Christmas trip photos to edit, New Year's eve photos to edit, various other recent photos.... I at least got them uploaded to the external drive.}:P

Need to stop playing so much Sims, I guess... NAH>

Oh yeah, need to do the next installment of my Uglacy as well.


Oh yeah, also have birth day pics from Mark's birth day dinner, as well.

Nov. 28th, 2007

UggTowne Ishkabibbles, Gen 1, Part 1 (30+/- screenshots)

When we last left them, Grian and Brandi had just celebrated the birth of their firstborn son, Gaothan...

Warnings- Mild nudity, nonpixelated.

Generation 1, Part 1 ) 

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