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Jun. 3rd, 2011

A good tired...

I went to Michigan the week before Memorial Day, on vacation, to see the family.

While there, we went to my Grand Aunt Rosie's house a couple times. She's decided that her wonderful yard and garden is too much for her, at her age- she's in her late 80s- and has decided to 'downsize'.

vBulletin statistics

So between my dad and I, we got quite a bit of new Irises, Daylilies and more from her. I myself received 20+ Irises, mostly hybrids, quite a few in clumps of 2-3 fans, 2 clumps of Daylilies, at least a dozen Tulip bulbs from my dad, 2 large clumps of Snowdrop bulbs and a few Daffodil bulbs from Grand Aunt Rosie, and a Michigan Wildflower plant.

It only took almost a week to get around to it, but since this morning was in the mid 70s instead of mid 80s, I took advantage of the cooler weather (hahaha) and put what garden soil I had, mixed with a bucketful of compost, in one end of the new raised bed, then transplanted all the Irises into it. It filled maybe 1/8 of the bed, and yes, I know they're too close together, in 5 rows of at least 4, but until I get more dirt, this will help keep them alive.}:)

The Daylilies were transplanted up the hill where Rue and Puck (the rabbits) are buried. I think they'll do well there.

The Wildflower was transplanted near the Birch Tree, with the other Wildflowers that come back every year. The purple will look good with the rusty red and yellows.

The bulbs will be planted when I fill the rest of the new bed, that way I can have them scattered around and through the Irises, like I do the rest of my Daffs and the like.

Then I had to water everything in really well. Nothing like trying to fill your 10gal bucket to find you have a hole in the bottom. Good thing I had a towel handy. Ended up using my 5 gal bucket and doing extra trips, but everything was watered, including the Tomatoes that aren't happy right now.

The poor Tomatoes are wilting a bit from the excessive heat. So I mulched in some used coffee grounds, some more egg shells and watered them. Most are perking up nicely. The Lebanese is still wilty, so I'll need to go water again later this evening when it starts to cool off again.

I'll be so glad when we get a new hose next week. I think I'll get a new sprinkler then too. Heh.

The Lavender is blooming, the Raspberry Wine Monarda, the Clematis, the Paprika Yarrow, the Lamb's Ear, the Love In a Mist are all blooming as well. It's looking like I'll have some sort of blooms at least through July at this rate.

I'm worn out after all that hauling of dirt and transplanting, but it's a good tired and I feel a sense of satisfaction when I look over my gardens. They're a constant work in progress, but I love them.

May. 13th, 2011

Rue, aka 'Rufus'- Sept 2003-May 2011

vBulletin statistics

The day I brought her home, Jan, 2004. She was 4 months old.

Rue was never supposed to be a permanent thing. She was only supposed to stay 6 months. But her owner had housing issues and she ended up staying- for 6.5 years. She was also thought to be a boy and thus named 'Rufus'. She rapidly became Rue when I figured out he was in fact a she.

I never took that many photos. I always say that when I lose a pet- I never take enough.

I credit Puck living as long as he did to her, being his friend and keeping him company.

She had her quirkes- she'd rattle her cage when she wanted a treat, then would grunt at you when she got it. She loved toilet paper rolls, she loved throwing her Carefresh bedding around, sniffing noses with the cats, THUMPING when she was left alone too long and wanted attention.

She wasn't an easy rabbit to love, but she was a gorgeous one, nonetheless, and she WAS loved.

By the time we realized something was wrong, it was already too late. I held her for awhile, she knew she was loved, and passed away not long after.

7years is a good age for a rabbit as a house pet. Have fun with Puck, Rue. I know he's missed you.

Aug. 13th, 2008


Rue, (a Rex rabbit), needs her nails trimmed more than twice a month, judging by the 8" scratch on my right forearm when I was attempting said trimming. She was being a right pain in the ass today. There's also scratches on the backs of my hands from her, as well as the dustup resulting in one nail being trimmed too close to the quick and her bleeding. Argh. Usually she just lays there and let's me trim away. WTF, rabbit?

I think the blackberries and raspberries I tossed out the backdoor in early spring actually sprouted. No other way to explain sudden 4ft thorny brambles sprouting from that area. Hmm. Didn't actually think they'd sprout, otherwise, I'd have picked a way better spot.

It's cloudy today, so needs to hurry up and just rain already.

Luckily there's not a whole lot of quilting to do on the 2 pieces I want to enter into this fall's quilt shows. Especially since the drop off deadline for the first show is Sept. 22.

I put a box on the floor for Aries to sleep in if he wanted. He got to do so exactly twice. Max has since taken it over, as per usual.

I'm hungry but not sure what I want to eat. Heh.

Scarf sales have dropped off. There's still 3 Silver and 12 copper left. As well as the several 'Reserved Listings'. End of the month, I'm donating what I have, and will donate the rest whenever they sell I guess.

Apr. 18th, 2008

Gratuitous RibbyRabby pics...

Rue, my Rex bunny. Age 4yrs.

She was only supposed to be a foster for 6 months. Now, nearly 3.5 years later, she's a perm family member.

She keeps the old man, Puck (11yr old Netherland Dwarf Harlequin rabbit) going.

Puck, the Old Man of the Wolf's Den Clan, at 11 years.

He's skinnier, but that's about it, as far as showing his age.

Harlequin Netherland Dwarf


So I never really settled on a spelling of Rufus's new name after I decided that as a FEMALE rabbit, she didn't deserve to be called 'Rufus'.

First I was thinking 'Roo'. But it doesn't really fit with the Shakesphere theme of naming for our rabbits.

Then, a few days ago, I decided that she would be called 'Rue' instead. As in the herb, Rue.

"Shakespeare refers again to Rue in Richard III:
'Here in this place
I'll set a bank of rue, sour herb of grace;
Rue, even for ruth, shall shortly here be seen,
In the remembrance of a weeping queen.' "

"Externally, Rue is an active irritant..."

"Shakespeare called rue the herb o'grace o'Sundays, and the English writer Elizabeth Goudge called one of her novels Herb of Grace. Down through the ages, rue has been the symbol of loss, regret and bitter lessons."

Need I say more?

Sep. 22nd, 2006

Temps inside work dropped a few degrees quite suddenly this morning..

As shortly after 7am, Ben walked through the door.

As I very studiously ignored him, and talked to June and Donna, then walked to the back office for a moment, he asks Donna, 'How's Ms Personality this morning?'

She replied, 'Fine, I guess', and he left quite quickly.  And didn't ask about Roo.

'Ms Personality' is just fine, thank you very much.  Was I supposed to drop everything I was doing and gush over the fact that you've suddenly shown back up again, like a bad penny or a case of 'rroids?

So sorry, my bad.   Not. Going. To. Happen.

Here's hoping that a severe case of the cold shoulder persuades him to not come back again, especially since I know damn well, my store is way out of his way. Especially that early.

In Dante news...

More energy is right. Wow. I came downstairs this morning and she was waiting for me. No coaxing her to get up and go outside, she couldn't wait to get out there today.

When I got home, she was dancing. Literally, full on, Akita Dancing. She hasn't done that in months.

Still waiting on the behavior improvement, though. Had to yell at her to get out of the fucking cat litter last night (we got a new litter box that's open topped, because it seems Aries has developed slight claustrophobic tendencies and was peeing on the litter mat outside of it. Just that particular box, too. So I bought him a new one for in the bathroom, as well as another new one to replace the one neither of them particularly care for, that's bigger and roomier, in the bedroom. The other bedroom one had already been replaced a few months ago and they still like it. It'll probably be replaced by Jan. though.), she was literally *digging* in the fresh litter, looking for 'crunchies'! She came back in the Studio with a sheepish look on her face.

The Boys are rather irritated with me. I take up the dry food at 9pm, leaving maybe half a cup to tide them over at night, which will be gradually reduced to none. Yesterday, they both tried to be extremely loving and attentive, hoping I would leave it down last night,  I guess. Today, they are ignoring me.

Methinks this will get worse as the food reduction and feeding schedule implementation goes on...

I have 3 dozen eggs, fresh blackberries and fresh blueberries. I think I'll go make some Clafouti.}:P

Sep. 13th, 2006

Dear Ben....

You know, coming by the store at roughly 545am this morning and leaving a note saying you were looking for *your* rabbit, is about the stupidest shit. (I knew that was your vehicle I saw as I drove by on my way to pick up sandwiches at the Country Store.)

*Your* rabbit has lived with me for over a year and a half. You paid for her bedding, food and treats, maybe, *maybe* 6 months of that total.

6 months ago, roughly, I'll have to flip back through here to look and see for sure, you decided you were moving to a cabin in the woods and wanted to stick her in her flimsy cage outside. I told you I had a problem with that, and might have trouble giving her back to you then.

You said ok. You never once asked for her back. You never once came by the house to see her. You never once called to check on her. You know where I live. You know my phone number.

You said, and I quote, when I told you I had been very busy, to 'call me when you're not busy.'

That was six months ago.

Everyone I talked to has agreed that I would be in the right in not letting you have her. That you have forfieted on our agreement as far as taking care of her. That same agreement that was only supposed to last 4 months, might I add.

Sorry, dude, you lose out. I'll rehome Rufus and risk Puck dying of loneliness before I let you have her back.

Go drop off the damn face of the earth again.

Mar. 24th, 2006

Ow dammit.

Rufus is mad at me.
I clipped his nails this afternoon. Do you know how hard it is to see the quick on nails that are brown like his fur?! He really was not happy about that.

In fact, as soon as I was done and was simply holding him, he decided to pay me back.

He promptly 'nipped' me. Right between the boobs.

He doesn't know he's being moved today. He's going into the bedroom with Puck(SEPERATE CAGES, thank you very much) and Nyx, the Loud and Obnoxious little bugger of a Gerbil who either keeps me up at night or wakes me up at ungodsly hours, is being moved into the studio. Rufus is a Hel of alot quieter than Nyx.

I've resigned myself to the fact that I apparently have 'acquired' a second rabbit. *sigh*

Went over to Ben's last night. Ended up at Fork In The Alley (behind Spoon On The Avenue) for burgers. Damn good ones too.

To clear up any possible confusion, Rufus is a rabbit, approx. 1 year old. He is my 'foster' rabbit that is rapidly becoming my own rabbit instead.

Jan. 23rd, 2006

Gratuitous Ribby Rabby Photos.

Rufus and Puck )

May. 15th, 2005

Meet Puck..

He's our 7 year old Netherland Dwarf Harlequin. Was a beautiful day out, so I took the top off his cage and put it on the grass outside for him, with his chewable 'house' and water. He promptly started removing the leaves and placing them at the other end of the cage, heh.

Would you believe the Boys are scared of this little guy? All maybe 5lbs of him? Seriously.