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Jul. 7th, 2017

In which Photobucket shoots itself in the foot.

So Photobucket- that I haven't been using for almost a year now, sent me an email, saying I can no longer '3rd party host with my account through them'. I have the formerly free, use as I like but there's ads, account.

In other words, any photos I uploaded there and used in any blog posts or a comment here, or pretty damn well *anywhere*, no longer works, because 'the account level you have doesn't support third party hosting'.

Then they proceeded to tell me I needed to upgrade to the 'Plus 500' plan.

For $400.00 a year.

I don't fucking think so. And even their $60.00/yr plan doesn't allow 3rd party hosting. Even their $100.00/yr plan doesn't.

I foresee Photobucket dying soon as a result.

$400.00 a damn year to do something I've been doing since *2004*, and only stopped paying for at originally 25.00, then 50.00 a year, a couple years ago. Even Flickr wasn't that drastic in their pricing changes.

I will be removing my photos fro there, post haste. Unfortunately, this also means, the last 12+ years worth of photos in blog posts here, are now broken links, and unlikely to be fixed, because I don't really have that kind of time.

I give them a year before the site dies completely.

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May. 15th, 2017


Last night, we heard a gunshot. Fairly close to the property. Given that the nearest neighbor we can see, has told us before that they do pistol training/target practice in their backyard, we didn't think too much of it, other than being really close. (And yes, we looked around and didn't see anything.)

Just now, on my way to the mailbox and back again, I had to fight* with both dogs to get them to keep walking past a certain area along the edge of the driveway, where the hayfield meets it.

They shot the damn fox last night and it died there. They mowed the hayfield around him, so I couldn't see it until the dogs beelined for it. (Which makes sense or the resulting mess could mess up the cutter *and* the hay.)

I get trying to keep wildlife from your chickens, what have you. But dammit, you *knew* we walk our dogs along the driveway. Why couldn't you have killed the fox at the pine tree line or something instead.

Now, we get to bury said fox tonight and hope it rains soon to wash away the scent, otherwise, *everytime* we walk the dogs through there until it does, it's going to be a battle with them.

* I literally had to take both by the collars and march them well passed the area, on the opposite side of the driveway.

Calling out the bullshit.

One of the comments on the Facebook page by the asshole quoted, called me(female Marines) a 'barracks whore'.

One- I am not a damn bird. I do not belong to the avian species. Therefore, I cannot be a 'chick'. I am, however, a US Marine.

Two- I have never been a 'barracks whore'. *Because I refused to be one* is a reason I was given for not being allowed to stay on Okinawa (Camp Henoko/Schwab, where there were maybe a dozen female Marines to tens of thousands of male Marines) for another year, because I settled down with one guy- also a Marine- instead - whom I married and am *still married to, nearly 25 years later*.

Three- Enough with this bullshit 'women don't belong in combat/they don't have the biology for it1!' crap. It's been proven, over and over again, that it's just that- crap. That we can and do hold our own just as well as male Marines.

Four- the female Marine portrayed, is a Capt, a logistics officer who is combat decorated. THAT should be applauded, not degraded.

Semper Fi.
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Oct. 17th, 2016

*dusts hands*

Dear Suburban Propane-

When I tell you we decided to go with Blossman Gas because they are local and literally 10 minutes away, don't try and tell you are too.

No, you are not, you are 30-40 minutes away. That's not local to me.

Don't try and tell me you're cheaper either. I priced things out. I listened to what the seller had to say about their experience with your company. That, more than your claim of '30 years of service at this house', says a lot to me.

You never called me back about a pick up date and just randomly showed up. You're still 30-40 minutes away. Your tank is still not certified*, and still not in compliance**.

Yes, they are a competitor, but guess what? You don't exactly have a good track record with at least two owners of this property now.

Thank you for finally picking up your tank and getting it off my property.

* Certification ran out last year. It has not been inspected and thus, recertified in over a year now. New tanks from Blossman are 12 year certification, and are in much, much better shape.

** It is not 3-5 ft from the nearest ingress to the house, ie, the outside cellar access and the sump pump drain line. AND there's an old burrow directly behind it that leads up under the house. Propane sinks and looks for an ignition source- sump pump and dehumidifier are less than 6 ft down, and less than 3 ft away through the outside cellar access. Yeah. New tanks are now 8-9 ft away from any under house access points.

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Aug. 25th, 2016

So, this is absurd.

Go to AmEx to file a dispute because, hey, still not shipped, still no tracking info for this month's Marvel Collector Corps box ( box closed on the 15th, we were charged on the 2nd, payment cleared by the 4th, they claim they ship within a week of close, yet people were getting their boxes *before* and *on* the close date, so that's an outright lie, and now it's 10 days past close date, with still no shipped box, no tracking info, nothing). We really would prefer to have the box, and figured maybe if our CC company got on their case, we'd get it. Only it's not that simple.

You have two options when filing a dispute- you can request a credit, or you can request the merchandise. So I selected to get the stupid box. Except now I can't finish and file the dispute, because it wants a date for when I received (non-existant) 'damaged or missing merchandise'. I can't give it a date for something I do not have.

So I try to do an online chat. Only their chat isn't working, it comes up as a blank screen. So I go to their Facebook page to message them about why its not working. Only, they want me to connect my card into Messenger before they'll even answer any messages. That's not going to happen. That's *never* going to happen. And if it ever does, it'll be because I've been taken over by pod people.

So I bit the bullet and called them. Very nice lady, who explained, because we actually *want* the merchandise, we can't file a dispute, but have to contact the merchant first- which, as I explained to her, I already did. Three times. She proceeds to try to find an alternative way to contact them, finds the Facebook page, to which I replied that they don't respond to people asking about issues there, as there are dozens of people all having the same issue, all with no answers. I also politely explained that not telling us this on the website itself (that if we actually want what we paid for, we have to contact the merchant instead), was stupid. She agreed.

So my options are- get a credit, which will cancel this month's box and we'd never get it at all, or try to contact Collector Corps/Funko again and wait. Well, wait longer. And still not have any clear answers as to why this box never shipped, but we were still charged for it.


Looks like I'll end up doing a dispute requesting a credit and just giving up on this box, as well as cancelling any further boxes.

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Dec. 10th, 2015

Your customer support may be great, but your shipping department sucks.

So. Never doing business with Loot Crate again.

I'm still waiting on my order from the Thanksgiving Loot Crate Gifts sale. It's now been 15 days since placement of said order, 11 business days and still no shipping notice. I contacted support (twice, a week apart) only to be told to give them more time. It's ONE ITEM, how hard can it be?!?

I have been more than patient. I will be filing a chargeback tomorrow. This will also be the last time we do any business with Loot Crate and we will never recommend them to anyone after this.

Reading some of the comments on their Facebook page, people are *still* waiting for their Fallout crates (from August?Sept?) and have been charged *extra times* for Doctor Who crates (ordered 2, got charged for 3?!?). Others haven't gotten their November crates, still others are waiting on Mass Effect crates that still haven't shipped, and so on.


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Nov. 18th, 2015

When it comes to 'others'...

(This post brought to you by the rampant xenophobia, Islamaphobia, racism, homophobia and bigotry I keep seeing on Facebook lately...)

We haven't learned a damn thing.

When we decided we absolutely had to have that particular swath of land that the Native Americans said was sacred, we declared it was for their own good and moved them onto reservations. Those who refused, were slaughtered outright.

When the Irish were coming here, fleeing famine and death thanks to the British, during the Great Potato Famine, we declared that they were not wanted, that they needed to go back to their own country.

When the Chinese immigrated and were recruited to help build OUR railroad, we declared that they were unwanted and needed to be sent back to their own country.

When the Texihanos and Mexicans started moving beyond Texas during the War, we declared that they needed to pay for the Alamo, even the innocent children and women.

When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor during WWII, we declared that all Japanese were evil and imprisoned Jap-Americans in internment camps on US soil.

When the Jews came over seeking asylum and refuge, we declared that they were unwanted and needed to go back to their own country. An entire cruise ship full was turned away and had to return to Europe, where 90% of the passengers- all Jewish, were exterminated.

Hell, we *still* tell Mexicans fleeing drug cartel wars and Cubans fleeing a dictatorship, to go back to their own countries.

So, tell me, WHEN did we supposedly learn anything? Because obviously, we have forgotten that 90%, give or take, of our OWN ancestors also were fleeing their home countries in search of safety and a better life for themselves and their loved ones.

We haven't learned a damn thing, and keep making the same bad choices- tell the 'others' they are not wanted- , over and over and over, despite what our own Constitution says.

I take it back, we *have* learned something.

We've learned to be xenophobic, bigoted, racist assholes who cannot think for themselves and fear and hate anything and anyone 'not like us', be it gays, Muslims, people of color, people of another nationality, whathave you.

How sad is that?

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