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Nov. 26th, 2007


I have decided that I want to build a new Angel deck.

A White and Black Angel deck, with splashes of Red if I can swing it.

I need lots of spare cash to buy the actualy cards, lol.

But if I can do it, and it works out, I might just have me another formidable deck, one that actually uses a color I rarely use(black).

Might end up not completely Tournament legal, but will still be fun in a multiplayer, informal setting.

By the by, I had one person unfriend me shortly after I started talking about Magic:The Gathering and playing it on weekends.

I can only surmise that's why they unfriended me, as they never responded to my comment about it. It is highly coincidental, after all.

It's ONLY A CARD GAME, people. For cryin' out loud. It's no more Satanic or Evil than AD&D is. And YES, we play THAT sometimes as well. Hel, it's no worse than Monopoly! Sheesh.

Not like I'm dabbling in black magic and sacrificing small children after all.

It highly amuses me that my beliefs don't scare people off, but the fact I play MtG and write about it, does.

But hey, if it offends you, you know where the unfriend buttons are.

No sweat off my back.

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Nov. 25th, 2007


Poor Joey had a 20/22 Serra Avatar (she was a 19/19, with a Brilliant Halo on her, that added +1/+3, to bring her to 20/22 )stomp over to him, slam him to the ground, and grind him into dust last night.

On the 8th round. He conceded. Or tried to, I wouldn't let him.


Needless to say, he declared war on me. Heh.

Of course, if he hadn't of taken Jennings out with his goblin army( I think he had 8-10 goblins out), then if I'd gotten a Congregate, they all would have conceded on the spot.

Yes, that's one of the combos of my Angel deck- Congregate, Serra Avatar with a Worship on the board for good measure.

My deck's are of the Awesome, they said. Heh.

After he won three rounds in single player combat against me (I switched decks and the deck I was using shut down on me after 3 lands), we(Chuck , Max, Joey, and I) played a multiplayer round again, whereupon Chuck was taken out first( that's what he gets for having a Jitte on the board), and the rest of us pinged each other down to 12 life and under.

I intimidated Max with my Druid army(I had 8 creatures on the board to his... none. ), and he ball lighteninged me to death.

That's ok though, cause Joey then slaughtered him with his TimberMares.

But the chili went over quite well and there was none left to bring home.}:P

Nov. 18th, 2007

Last night...

I cemented my demise in any future MtG games againest the guys.

Can you say 7th round 18/18 Serra Avatar? (18 being how much life I had, Serra Avatar has power/toughness equal to my life, which can and does go up. Power being how much damage it deals to an opponant, toughness being how much damage it can take)

I slammed Chuck down to 1 or 2 life points. I also put an enchantment on the Avatar that gave it +3/+3 and gave it flying, making it a 21/21 flying creature now.

Virtually unstoppable. Especially since Mark and Dale weren't getting the cards they needed.

Mark took Chuck out, saying if he was going down, he was taking SOMEONE with him.

Dale couldn't do anything, and I promptly took Mark AND Dale out at the same time. Having multiple creatures with flying that they can't stop helps.

I not only crushed them, I ground the remains into the ground until they were dust.

Then I promptly got taken out first the next game.

Of course. LOL

But yeah, I cemented my demise first and foremost in any future games.

They REALLY hate my decks, especially my white ones. What can I say, I can build really good white decks. I learned quite well.}:P

Then I went to grill the burgers, hot dogs and brats for supper. LOL

Nov. 13th, 2007


Angel deck is still made of awesome. They no like my Cats and Hounds deck either. Or my En-Kor deck.

The guys learned quickly that they needed to get me out of the game as fast as they got Dale out of the game too.

My decks may not be MtG standard tourney decks, but they still intimidate people. That's hilarious.

We've decided that we need to simply go buy a box of boosters of each of the expansions since we quit playing 4-5 years ago, around the Urza Saga time or just after.