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Jan. 1st, 2020

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Sep. 25th, 2017

Your outrage is manufactured.

And you don't even realize it.

You're told that kneeling during the national anthem, to bring attention to the fact that the very police force that is supposed to protect all Americans, is instead killing people of color, is disrespectful. That NFL teams not coming out during the anthem is disrespectful. You're told to be angry about this, blindly, without thinking it through. And you get outraged.

Your outrage is manufactured.

You're told Black Lives Matter, Antifa and counter protesters to white supremacists, neo-nazis and their ilk is wrong, that they are terrorist groups, that all they do is riot. That they hate you, the police, and so on. That they want to erase history. You're told to be angry. You do no research on your own. You get outraged.

Your outrage is manufactured.

You're told immigrants are stealing your jobs. That they're coming over in droves, that they're bringing in drugs and gangs and worse. That terrorists are coming from war torn lands, disguised as refugees. Never mind that the numbers have consistently dropped as more return to the country of their birth, never mind that you would never have done those so called stolen jobs in the first place, never you mind that we already *had* gangs here, that are *already* recruiting within our own borders with no need to bring in more. Never you mind that the vast majority of refugees being resettled here are proportionately women and children who left *everything* for a chance to start over and have a better life free of fear of being raped and murdered. You're told to be angry. You do no research on your own. And you're outraged.

Your outrage is manufactured.

You're told that transgender troops endanger lives. That they're a drain on resources. That they affect morale. None of it is true, but you're told to be angry, and so you are. You do no research on your own. You're outraged instead.

Your outrage is manufactured.

What if I told you *I*, a US Marine vet myself, was antifa, simply because I stand against white supremacy and neo-nazis? Would you still think me a terrorist? Of course not. I'm white. I'm like you. I couldn't *possibly* be one of *'those people'*. What if I told you those statues that are being taken down, were in most part, paid for by the KKK and white supremacist groups, during Jim Crow and the Civil Rights era, as a way to remind those of color of 'their place', that they 'were beneath the white man', that they were 'less than'? What if I told you, go to a library or a museum, to read a book, search the internet. History does not get erased simply because a statue is no longer there.

Your outrage is manufactured.

The Department of Defense paid the NFL *millions of taxpayer money*- *your* money!- to the NFL league, starting in or around 2011, for 'acts of patriotism'. The teams are not required to be on the sidelines or even stand for the anthem. In 2015/2016, the NFL was told to repay $720.000.00+ of that very same *taxpayer money* to the DoD. Where was your outrage before 2011, when they weren't standing for the anthem? Where was your outrage in 2015/2016, when it came out that *your own tax money* paid for these displays? You weren't told to be angry, so you weren't. You shrugged it off and went on with your life.

Your outrage is manufactured.

There are American citizens *right now* without power, running water, communications, in many areas, even without food, battling flooding waters and little to no shelter. The president all but ignores them in favor of complaining about NFL players, antagonizing North Korea with senseless threats, claiming our history is being destroyed when another statue comes down and ranting about nonexistent Clinton stories. They tell you to be angry about *those* things, but not the hurricane ravaged areas, particularly the islands (or the recent church shooting), and so you are outraged.

Your outrage is manufactured.

But her emails!(don't matter, never did, much of it was fake) Obama was golfing during Katrina(wasn't even President) Bernie Sanders' wife committed fraud!(was found to be an absolute fabrication) Obamacare is failing, it's going to drive us bankrupt! (no, it's not , the *ACA* worked *too well*, which led insurance companies to pull out because their profit was affected and profit over *your health* was more important to them. It worked too well, and was endorsed by Obama, which meant, Trump had to get rid of it, the Republicans had to do away with it, all at the expense of *your own affordable healthcare*. Guess what? Insurance premiums were already skyrocketing before the ACA, they continued after, and they'll only keep going if it gets repealed.)

Your outrage is manufactured.

Now. What are you going to do about it?

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That's not how rights work.

You don't get to tell someone when, where or how they can protest.

They have the right to peaceably protest, when, where and how they choose. They do that knowing there may be consequences.

You do have the right to disagree with when, where and how they protest. But you *do not* have the right to tell them they cannot protest, simply because you disagree with it.

That's not how rights work.

As a US Marine Vet, I , and others, served so you and they could have those rights. I will defend their right to peaceably protest, and I will defend your right to disagree with them.

They have the right to protest by kneeling during the national anthem. You have the right not to watch or support the players or teams.

So. Call me a ' snowflake', tell me I'm 'no true Marine', or claim I'm 'triggered', all you want. That is your right and I served so you could do so.

*That's* how rights work.

By the way, while you're complaining that NFL players are 'disrespecting' the flag, millions of Americans are currently without power, running water or communications, thanks to the recent hurricanes and being all but ignored by the president in favor of complaining about NFL players, North Korea and imaginary stories about Clinton. Your fellow Americans are being systematically killed for the color of their skin, daily.

Where's your outrage over *that*?

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Sep. 5th, 2017

DACA and the ramifications.


How many Trump supporters who are currently cheering the end of DACA, are going to step up and fill those jobs and positions the Dreamers who now stand to be deported- roughly 800,000- that were supposedly 'stolen' from them? You know, the jobs none of them would have done even if they'd been given the opportunity.

How many are going to step up and buy the properties the Dreamers who own them, now have to sell before they get deported? You know, the houses they paid taxes on, the vehicles they paid taxes on, and so on.

Trump supporters, the DACA recipients are your neighbors, your friends, your children's friends, and even your coworkers. Some are parents to naturally born American children themselves.

Congrats, you've helped screw them over.

I hope you feel proud of yourselves, when the cost of produce goes up due to lack of labor to bring in the harvests, when the price of goods you took for granted goes up because there's no longer anyone to stock the shelves, to transport the goods to the stores, to even manufacture the goods in the first place.

Don't give me that line about how they should have come over legally. Age of consent in the US is *18*. Not a single Dreamer was of age to consent to being brought to the US.

As far as doing it legally... What the devil do you think they *were doing*? What do you think they were registering every year to two years, paying hundreds of dollars each time, keeping their heads down, paying taxes, being good citizens for? *They were doing it legally as they were allowed and told to do*. It costs *thousands* to become a US citizen,as well as *years* and many need a sponsor first. That's what they were working towards when they came of age.

And now, all that work is going to be taken away from them.

This is what you've wrought. Now we all have to live with it.

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Jul. 11th, 2017

July Garden update


The beans are slowing down, boo. We've gotten a gallon so far, and today, just a handful. There's still more still growing, so hopefully we'll get at least another quart before they fade completely.

More! )

Jul. 7th, 2017

In which Photobucket shoots itself in the foot.

So Photobucket- that I haven't been using for almost a year now, sent me an email, saying I can no longer '3rd party host with my account through them'. I have the formerly free, use as I like but there's ads, account.

In other words, any photos I uploaded there and used in any blog posts or a comment here, or pretty damn well *anywhere*, no longer works, because 'the account level you have doesn't support third party hosting'.

Then they proceeded to tell me I needed to upgrade to the 'Plus 500' plan.

For $400.00 a year.

I don't fucking think so. And even their $60.00/yr plan doesn't allow 3rd party hosting. Even their $100.00/yr plan doesn't.

I foresee Photobucket dying soon as a result.

$400.00 a damn year to do something I've been doing since *2004*, and only stopped paying for at originally 25.00, then 50.00 a year, a couple years ago. Even Flickr wasn't that drastic in their pricing changes.

I will be removing my photos fro there, post haste. Unfortunately, this also means, the last 12+ years worth of photos in blog posts here, are now broken links, and unlikely to be fixed, because I don't really have that kind of time.

I give them a year before the site dies completely.

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Jun. 9th, 2017

State of the Garden, June Edition

So much rain means lots of growth. Unfortunately, it also means things bloom, but no pollinators are around to fertilize them, because of the rain. Here's hoping at least a week of no rain every day will help in that case.


The Heirloom tomato Indigo Rose has at least a dozen tomatoes in various sizes now. The Omar's Lebanese has a few tiny ones started.


Tiny Cayenne peppers. I'm thinking it might have been mislabeled and it's more of an ornamental bush size, since it's not really getting much bigger than this and my last Cayenne pepper plant (Long Hots), was huge.


I cannot remember which tomato this is, and the tag is subsumed by leaves. Need to add bone meal to the soil, to help with the yellowing leaves at the bases. It's not the Chocolate Plum, since that one has a few tomatoes, that naturally, have been sampled by birds. *sigh* The Mr Stripey, which moles tried to kill, has recovered nicely and the Cherokee Purples have doubled in size, so they'll be nice later in the season tomatoes.


Both Cubanelle Pepper plants have good sized peppers on them. These are the largest. The Ancho Peppers are still tiny.


Little Spaghetti Squash! Nothing on the cucumbers, the loofah, the cantaloupe, the butternut squash, the watermelon yet, but they all *just* started blooming this week. So hopefully that changes.


Quite a few Summer Squash, though so far, it appears only 2 have actually been fertilized as only 2 are growing beyond the bloom size. It doesn't help that the male flowers seem to be blooming opposite the female flowers, so one is closed when the other is open- on *both* plant mounds. *sigh* No zucchini yet either, both plant mounds seem to only have male flowers blooming right now, though there are a few females growing still.


Bonus! Katydid. Heh.

Moved the potted lavender, the potted anise hyssop, the potted strawberries and a bought variegated petunia (pale green and white leaves with deep purple flowers, it was stunning) to the edges of cucurbits bed to help attract more pollinators. Hopefully it helps.

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