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Aug. 24th, 2020

People are absurd.

Seriously, angry over a Rose Garden renovation.

The last renovation was in 1962. It was passed time.

I don't care for the Trumps myself- I want him out of office before he does more damage- , but really, this is what people get angry over?? Come on now.

The only part either Trump had in this, was for Melania to approve the final design. She really had no other say. And he definitely did not.

The original roses were declining, due to the overgrown crabapples, which themselves are near the end of their lifespan (crabapples typically live 50-70 years. These are 60+.). They were potted up and moved to the greenhouse, where they will be cared for until at least October, which is when typically trees are transplanted.

It is a *myth* that older, heirloom roses are less susceptible to diseases. I have an old heirloom climbing rose (The Faerie). It gets black spot *every year*, no matter what I do.

Boxwoods are susceptible to boxwood blight, which kills them from the interior out and by the time you see it, it's too late. So it's possible some might have been affected, or none were and they remain in the same places they were previously. (If you look at older photos, boxwoods are in the literal *exact same pattern*).

The trees were potted up and will be transplanted elsewhere. Same with the roses they could save. There are still 3-4 trees in the garden- though, not crabapples..

Many of the photos of the 'before' people are pointing out, contain *spring bulb flowers that are not blooming now*.

It's not really a pastel garden in the true sense. There will be brighter colors once everything fills in. Especially in spring, when hidden bulbs may flower and reveal more colors. Apparently more pollinator friendly plants were added as well, in deference to the bee hives Michelle Obama had installed- I believe in a side area.

People also complained about the vegetable garden being torn out. Vegetable gardens are seasonal. It'd have been removed every fall, and if the persons in the White House wanted, very likely replanted. It's entirely possible Melania did not want to deal with a vegetable garden and never had one replanted. Of course, it also *would not have been in the actual Rose Garden*.

They apparently addressed long standing drainage issues and widened pathways to make it *more* easily accessible to handicapped persons.

The redesign also mimics what it looked like when JFK was in office- the *last time* this large of a renovation was done. And it looks *very* similar to what it looked like in 1961.

If you really look at it, there's dark pinks, and purples in the creams and whites. And the peace Rose is typically *rich yellow with pink*, not exactly pastel. As well as being an heirloom from the 1930s. So heirloom roses *are still there*.

This link shows how it's evolved over the years- it was once a very understated, subdued space-

These have various images of what it looks like now, definitely subdued but not entirely pastel-

For a house as storied as the White House is- and not always in a good light, especially from it's inception-, this is a classic, elegant garden space. And in coming years, once it fills out properly, will look quite nice.

Instead of being angry over what she did, maybe we need to ask instead *why now, and what are they distracting us from*.

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