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Oct. 22nd, 2019

Raindrops keep falling on my head.

Second day in a row, it's raining in the morning. Yesterday, we got 2+ inches, today, it'll be over another inch. So very badly needed.

While I upload photos from my phone- something I haven't done in almost a year, whoops- I'm listening to the Family Ghosts podcast. I'm up to episode 4, which takes place in Michigan, where I grew up. It's a fascinating podcast.

They keep mentioning the leaf color on the local news, and how some areas have already hit peak, I look out my windows and can count on one hand, the trees that have changed color and nearly all are either Black Walnut or Red Maples. The rest? Still as green as green can be.

There was dense fog yesterday morning and again this morning. It was eerily beautiful. As soon as my photos are done uploading, I'll be able to post some.

Still working on ornaments and such for Sunday's event at Riverviwes Arspace Makers Brunch. Should be finished by Friday, with enough time to come up with more to create for it. Heh.

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