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Jan. 12th, 2017

Caena absolutely loves snow.

Flying Akita

Flying Akita is flying.

Too bad the snow is now gone.

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Nov. 30th, 2016

Sometimes, a photo just grabs you...

The rain stopped and the sun came out.   #nofilter #naturalbeauty #fall #aftertherain #autumnsunshine #sun #siamese #catsofinstagram #siamesecat #backyard #autumn #cat #cats #suchadiva #kitteh #divakitty #beautifulday #swva #southcentralva #bedfordcountyv

Miss Sassy in the backyard yesterday, after the sun came out

I've been very busy lately. Update soon, I promise.

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Oct. 17th, 2016

*dusts hands*

Dear Suburban Propane-

When I tell you we decided to go with Blossman Gas because they are local and literally 10 minutes away, don't try and tell you are too.

No, you are not, you are 30-40 minutes away. That's not local to me.

Don't try and tell me you're cheaper either. I priced things out. I listened to what the seller had to say about their experience with your company. That, more than your claim of '30 years of service at this house', says a lot to me.

You never called me back about a pick up date and just randomly showed up. You're still 30-40 minutes away. Your tank is still not certified*, and still not in compliance**.

Yes, they are a competitor, but guess what? You don't exactly have a good track record with at least two owners of this property now.

Thank you for finally picking up your tank and getting it off my property.

* Certification ran out last year. It has not been inspected and thus, recertified in over a year now. New tanks from Blossman are 12 year certification, and are in much, much better shape.

** It is not 3-5 ft from the nearest ingress to the house, ie, the outside cellar access and the sump pump drain line. AND there's an old burrow directly behind it that leads up under the house. Propane sinks and looks for an ignition source- sump pump and dehumidifier are less than 6 ft down, and less than 3 ft away through the outside cellar access. Yeah. New tanks are now 8-9 ft away from any under house access points.

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Sep. 26th, 2016

Well ok then.

So adulted today and called about taking over the lease on the propane tank and getting a refill. (We're running low, we think, and haven't been using it much, which makes cooking dinners creative.)

Only to be told that it's not the propane company that we were told the sellers used, tank and may well in fact be ours. That they in fact only have records of doing service work on our very cool vintage propane stove, but not any records for ever filling up the tank for the sellers.


That would explain why the seller mentioned how the propane company they claimed to use never performed maintenance or upkeep on the tank- it belongs to you, silly! (Well, now us, apparently. I told Maximilliean I was going to get some white exterior paint, repaint it and stencil Five Oaks on it. He laughed at me.)

So tomorrow, I get to adult again and go into town to fill out paperwork to set up an account and get what appears to be *our very own tank* refilled. Yay me.

And now I'm wondering, who really *did* fill the tank before the close on the house then, if this company didn't...

Curiouser and curiouser...

Edit- Turns out, there *is* a decal on this tank for a company out of Roanoke or Lynchburg. So since we're wanting to go with a local company, after we get that account set up, we'll have to call this company and say, come get your tank. Convienently, the sellers never mentioned that.}:/

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Aug. 31st, 2016

Final day of the #CTMonthINTheLIfe challenge...

Day 31 has a prompt of "support"...

The final #prompt for the #ctmonthinthelife  #igchallenge  by @createandthrive  is #support...   I'm lucky that I have an extremely supportive husband and supportive extended family, like my niece here with my husband, in the backyard, messing around with

I'm lucky that I have an extremely supportive husband and supportive extended family, like my niece here with my husband, in the backyard, messing around with the telescope.
Other than my husband, my mom is my biggest fan and wants something of mine pretty much every month, which, sorry, mom, isn't going to happen. :p

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Aug. 30th, 2016



I think we've reached the point where the house starts fucking with us. The four month mark. Heh.

Mind, it's an old house (documentable to 1940, but likely older), so *some* noises are expected as it settles more in its age. But other noises, not so much.

Such as, three nights ago now, being woken up out of sound sleep by the sound of something trying to either gnaw its way out or gnaw its way in, through the aluminum siding. Even Mark heard it and went, 'what the fuck is that?'

Turning the porch light on, revealed nothing. Though the outdoor security light that brightens when there's movement nearby, was bright at that moment. So something was definitely out there. Or under the house, or in the wall. A perusal around the house, particularly on the bedroom side, revealed nothing. No claw marks, no damaged siding, absolutely nothing. We do know we have a Northern Black Racer living in the cellar, but snakes don't make *that* kind of noise.

This morning, Mark tells me goodbye and says he thinks the house is fucking with us. I ask why. He says because he was standing in the kitchen and swore he heard cats fighting in the attic space. So he went up and looked. Nothing. And nothing had been disturbed. But he heard two cats fighting, clear as day. When he came back downstairs, he put the broom he'd taken, just in case, back in the corner on the stairs and closed the door. Then he heard a loud 'thump'. So he thought the broom fell over and opened the door back up. Broom hadn't moved. Upon closing the door again, he heard a loud thump again. This time, he didn't bother looking.

I'm sitting here at my desk, music is on in the other room, and suddenly I hear a kitten meow. A clear, plaintive meow coming from the other side of the door next to my desk that we don't use (there's a bookcase on the other side).

Now, Miss Sassy was sleeping on my desk- she now wants scritches- and Morrigan was in the kitchen. And I know their meows. So I go pause the music, check on the cats just to be sure, Caena is following me around and I stand in the foyer/library and listen...

And hear absolutely nothing.

We know the second owner had at least one cat in her time here- said cat is buried out back in what will become the pet memorial garden, marked by a slate headstone. We know the third owners, whom we bought Five Oaks from, had 2 dogs- said dogs' ashes are scattered where said cat is buried. So it wouldn't surprise me if they were still around.

Sometimes Fezzik drops an old branch on the back porch roof and it's really loud, but its also distinctive. So are the sounds of his acorns falling and rolling off the roof- and boy are there a lot of them. But those are distinctive, and none of the noises we've heard are them.

None of the pets have reacted to any of the noises either. Caena was sound a sleep on the bed when we were woken by the gnawing noise. She didn't move. Miss Sassy didn't react to the meows I heard. They are completely undisturbed by the happenings.

So obviously, there's only one explanation for all of this-

The house is a trickster. }:P

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Aug. 26th, 2016

Today's prompt is "In Situ" for the #CTMonthInTheLife

Day 26 of the #ctmonthinthelife  #if by @createandthrive  is #insitu ...   This is one of my first #artquilts hanging above the mantle in the bedroom where Dante, Max and Aries reside.   'Icarus Falling ' is #handdyed, #handsewn, #stamped, #embellished wi

This is one of my first artquilts hanging above the mantle in the bedroom where Dante, Max and Aries reside. 'Icarus Falling ' is hand dyed, handsewn, stamped, embellished with real found feathers and sunprinted with feathers and saltdyed . The wood piece is genuine #driftwood, sourced locally.

It is also not for sale.

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