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Aug. 12th, 2016

Day 12 , #CtMonthInTheLife challenge...

Today's prompt is "Favorite"...

The #prompt for day 12 of the #ctmonthinthelife  #igchallenge  by @createandthrive  is #favorite  I've has several pieces I absolutely adore over the years. The most recent one is this one- Gaia, a #handmade #kumihimo #necklace with a handmade #stoneware

I've had several pieces I absolutely adore over the years. The most recent one is this one- Gaia, a handmade kumihimo necklace with a handmade stoneware raku fired focalbead by Lisa Peters ART and handbeaded by me. The cord itself is made from recycled sari silk yarn and is so soft and colorful.

It is for sale in my Big Cartel shop. :)

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Aug. 7th, 2016

Day 7 of the #CTMonthInTheLife Instagram Challenge

Couldn't post Day 6 because, well, it's a video and Flickr doesn't allow videos to be uploaded, but you can see it here if you're so inclined.

So the prompt for day 7 was "Packaging"-

Day 7 of the #ctmonthinthelife  #igchallenge  presented by @createandthrive  is #packaging    I like to keep my packaging simple- clean, white boxes with acid free tissue paper for the scarves, silk and woven, and fiber cushioning for the jewelry.  A clea

I like to keep my packaging simple- clean, white boxes with acid free tissue paper for the scarves, silk and woven, and fiber cushioning for the jewelry. A clean, simple label with my Dante's profile, shop name and Facebook link go on the front.

This way, the pieces themselves are allowed to be the focal point when you open them up.

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Jan. 4th, 2016

Hullo, 2016

I'll try to do better on the blogging front, I promise.

I've already decided that Facebook makes me angry too much, sometimes daily, and as a result, my whole day gets thrown out of whack. So, cutting back on Facebook is a definite thing. Which means, more gets posted here instead, even if it's just a random thought, scatter shot type of posting, its still a posting, yes? Heh.

Christmas was fun. And I mean that sarcastically.

We woke up to a completely flat tire on Christmas day. Then we found out the hard way, that all five tires- to include the spare had a locking lug nut on them. And we did not have the wheel lock key to remove them. Or the proper sized socket set and a breaking bar to force them off. Yeah.

Those 5 things right there cost us over $300.00, since we ended up having to buy two new tires instead, as the flat was not repairable and putting a new (the spare) tire on it with a worn tire, might have resulted in damage to the transfer case, which would cost over $3,000.00 to repair. Merry Christmas to us! Ugh.

Then, yesterday, we took down the Christmas lights and discovered that half the new net lights we bought (and ended up actually hating the colors on) no longer work, half had gone out a couple days ago, but it was wet and rainy and we weren't messing with them in the rain, - good thing we got them at half price. They went into the trash. New Year's Day, discovered that a portion of our strand of white lights we use on the porch was out. Closer examination after taking them down, it was discovered that an entire bulb had been removed- read, chewed completely out by the wildlife. Found the bulb section on the ground when we went to look for it. Yeah.

The first quarter or so works, then there's about 50-75 lights that don't, then the rest work. It's a 250 bulb strand. Yeah. Might end up using it for the dwarf alberta spruce, then using the unlit section to cross to the porch, then the rest on the porch, assuming we're here next holiday season to put lights up. *After* we electrical tape the cut section off. Otherwise, the plan is to try to find a white LED strand instead.

We set a house hunting goal line. And that's October-November of this year, with an eye towards hopefully being in a new home by Christmas if not New Year's. So, between now and then, that means figuring out what we absolutely can cut out (going out to eat so much, for starters) and instead put towards savings to build up that nest egg faster, as well as pay the credit cards down and potentially off completely, and figuring out how to build the husband's credit record up more. He's got a reasonably good credit score right now, but ideally, we'd like it to be a lot higher and a great score instead.

We've been narrowing down areas we're interested in potentially looking at houses in, as well as styles of house, size of both house and land, number of bedrooms, etc. We also have a 'theoretical' price range - well, what *we* would be interested in paying per month towards a house, if it's less, awesome, if it ends up being more than we'd ideally like to pay, well, we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Research is your friend.}:P Still a long way to go though.

In the mean time, I have just under two months to finish the hand embroidered silk scarves I've got planned, the steampunk/clockwork jewelry pieces in the works and the last few themed gaming bags, all for Mysticon. Which is another reason I've decided to drastically cut back on Facebook time. Heh. Distractions are very distracting and time consuming.

To that end, these are in various stages of progress...

Habotai silk scarf, hand dyed and being hand embroidered with an octopus tentacle. Have another ready to go when this is finished that will be hand embroidered with clockwork gears.

The third steampunk/clockwork brooch in the process of being beaded. Also have plans for a steampunk/clockwork charm style bracelet and a couple necklaces.

Need to weave the shells for at least 5 more themed gaming bags and then, do a couple dry runs and see which display set up works best. And put price tags on everything still. Heh.

And as a heads up, sometime over the next few weeks, all gaming bags will be moved to the Square shop. Each will be an individual listing with multiple photos. It'll free up space in the Big Cartel shop and better display the bags themselves.

Fun times. Guess I better go get started, eh?

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Dec. 2nd, 2015

Finished brooches

Clockwork Steampunk brooches  Two finished, several to go. Yes, the pointers move.

Because there's been so much interest in the steampunk/clockwork brooches- well, the two I have finished already, if it ever stops raining, I'll go ahead and get them photographed and listed in the shop for sale.

Keep in mind-

1) It's first come, first served- the first person to put one in their cart and checkout, gets it.

2) There is only one of each as of right now. I can get more of the centerpieces, but the beadwork, embellishments will not be the same on any of them.

3) More will be coming over the next couple weeks. Heh.

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Aug. 11th, 2014

The Wallhanging

Last Monday was our 21st wedding anniversary. Yes, 21 years. We've actually been together 22+ years, but who's counting? Awhile back, Mark had asked for this as a wallhanging for his office. It had been long enough ago that he completely forgot about it, even after we went through some Lisa Peters ART pieces and picked them out for placement within the weaving.

So while he was in California last week for business- he actually left ON our anniversary, making it the first ever that we had not spent together- I decided to finish this piece.

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Jul. 1st, 2014

Tales of the Amber Sea

I started this scarf/wrap in Michigan, where I used it as an example to show my family my new creative endeavor. My mom proclaimed that weaving was beyond her. My brother said it was interesting. My dad asked where his was. The yarn is Verdant Gryphon Mithril in 'Tales of the Amber Sea', with goldtone crystal glass beads added by me, with help from my husband. It was a limited edition run of yarn that sold out almost immediately. So I wanted to make something pretty special with it.

Mark helped out with the beads. He pushed them down the yarn as I wound it on a shuttle. Between stringing the beads on the yarn, which required taking a bead and scouring stores for needles that had a large enough eye to thread the yarn through- with the help of a needle threader- but still went through the glass beads without breaking them and spacing them out so they'd be a random sprinkling throughout the weaving as the yarn was wound, I'm not sure which was more time consuming, honestly.

The warp was set at 10 feet. Yes, 10 feet. I love this colorway. The muted jeweltones play off the goldtone crystal glass beads beautifully. The weft is 12" wide in the finished piece, whereas the length ended up at 8ft 8 in. Yes, 12 in x 8ft, 8in. It's my very own Doctor Whoesque length wrap.

When I finished the actual weaving a few days ago and tied off the ends, I thought it looked a bit incomplete. It looked unfinished still. So I did a knotted netting look with the extra long fringe. There are 7 rows of knots on each end. That was deliberately planned and has a hidden and personal meaning for me. But it still looked as yet unfinished. Something was missing. So I took the left over beads and proceeded to add one to each fringe strand. This served to tie the netted fringe into the body of the scarf and give it a sense of completeness overall, each element blending into each over.

This scarf/wrap will not be put up for sale. This one is for me. Mark has always said I needed to make a scarf for myself, so that's what this is. In fact, with the amount of work that went into this piece, it will only be available as a Special Order only, through the Big Cartel Shop. This will be the template for those orders, but it itself will not be sold.

I love this piece. Despite the time consuming nature of it, I am thoroughly pleased with it. I look forward to incorporating beads into weaving and vice versa more often.}:)

You can now order a handbeaded, hand woven wrap of your own, in a color range of your choice HERE.

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Jun. 30th, 2014

[Semi] Daily Photo

Current work in progress. Tomorrow, I'll do a blog post with more photos, with details about it.

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