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Jun. 15th, 2016

Eight years...

Eight Year ago today, a very special litter of puppies was born and they and their mother were rescued by Heart of Dixie Akita Rescue.

Eight years ago today, Dante sent us our next Akita, born exactly 10 days after she left us. Had to go prepare the new pupper after all, for the crazy family she'd be living with 3.5 months later.

Eight years ago today, Caena Kamikaze Ryu was born.

Happy Birthday, Caena! Here's to many more silly birthdays with you.}:)

Dec. 22nd, 2014

I won something! No, really, I won!

I never, ever win like this. Never. It's a fact.

But when they say it only takes one ticket, holy fuck they aren't kidding!

End of November, Lone Star Akita Rescue started a raffle to raise money for their rescued Akitas for heartworm treatments, testing, general vet care, etc. The raffle was for this stunning queen sized quilt-

So I bought a ticket. Only one, because that's all I had at the time and then... I forgot about it. I really meant to go back and buy more, because I figured, it's for my breed.

One ticket.

I won with ONE ticket.

I had to watch the video twice before I realized, that yes, that was MY NAME. They drew MY NAME. ME.

And yet, despite the person running it confirming that yes, it was me that one, and even sending me confirmation of shipment, etc, it still didn't fully sink in.

Until today. Until this absolutely stunning handmade quilt by Charla Spurling-Urioste arrived at my door.

And all I can do is stare at it.

I won. One ticket and I won.

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Oct. 31st, 2012

Akita Rescue in need

Monday night, Jo, of Big East Akita Rescue, and her family were home with 12 of the Rescue Akitas under BEAR's purview. It was supposed to be the safest place for them during the storm.

But we all saw and heard what happened to New Jersey's coast.

According to Jo, the barrier islands off Tom's River, NJ were gone in the storm surge. Between 10pm and midnight that night, sudden storm surge resulted in 4ft of water in their yard and home. Her husband and 2 teenage kids went into the water to rescue the Akitas from the kennels and bring them to the second floor of their house.

Tuesday morning, they had no power, no running water, no food, heat, etc and the first floor of the house was destroyed. Both vehicles are gone.

Word got out via other Akita Rescue people and is still being spread across Facebook and the internet. Donations have started coming in, via non Akita Rescue groups, Akita owners and others.

The area they are in was and is restricted to emergency personnel only because of the water and down power lines.

They could have left. They opted to stay. For them, the love of the breed is a family thing and they refused to leave the Akitas behind. Many are senior Akitas and Rescue is the best place, next to a forever home, for them.

Boarding for the Akitas has been offered, others are gathering supplies for them, and someone else has a van with a generator waiting for the word that they can go in.

Last word was from today. They have been able to take the dogs out for a morning walk and put a few back in the kennel runs in the garage.

But they still need your help to rebuild. The link above takes you directly to their donation page. Anything you can send will help BEAR rebuild and resupply to help these Rescue Akitas as well as Jo and her family.

To that end, I am running a scarf sale on Artfire. Each scarf has been put on sale. You DO NOT need an account to buy there. Proceeds from each sale will go to Akita Rescue, specificly BEAR.

Even if you can't donate, or don't wish to buy a scarf, at least pass the word.

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May. 7th, 2012

Meet Shasta

Shasta is a roughly 2 yr old Akita/Husky mix that was picked up by the Wytheville, Va Animal Control as a stray. She came across the Akita Rescue email list needing either a foster homew for a few days, or transport to Blue Ridge Husky Rescue down in Asheville, NC.

It took a bit of doing, but a foster in Wytheville was found for the few days it was needed after Shasta's spay surgery. Then on Sunday, Mark and I had the pleasure of going to Wytheville and transporting Shasta to Johnson City, where we met D. with Blue Ridge husky Rescue, who would be taking her to her new foster home in Asheville.

Shasta is an absolute sweetheart. She's very talkative until she gets to know you. Timid in the way that animals who've been abused and are unsure as to whether you mean to hurt them again or not- especially around guys. It took awhile- nearly the whole drive- but when we dropped her off in Johnson City, she stopped barking at Mark and even went up to him and licked his hand before we put her in D's car and said good bye.

She's severely underweight- you could feel nearly every bone in her body, which means she's been a stray for awhile, and blowing coat. We sat in the parking lot at the pickup spot in Wytheville with her temp foster M, and I must have pulled enough fur out to create a cat from. She was a sucker for treats though, and by the time we were ready to leave, she was trying to give me one of her rather large front paws, apparently that means she decided to be my friend, according to M.

We folded the seats up in Orion and spread a blanket out in the back for her. I ended up having to pick her up, literally, to get her in the CR-V, as she was extremely reluctant to get in herself. Once in, she looked around, then laid down and pretty much slept the entire 2 hour drive.

When we met up with D in Johnson City, she had a Husky named Merlin with her, when Shasta saw him, that was it, she was friends already and wanted nothing more but to play. When we went to put her in the back of D's vehicle, Merlin decided to make a break for it and run around the parking lot a few times with Mark and D chasing him. I think he thought it was a game. It took a bit of doing and the intervention of a kind woman, but he was caught and both went into the backseat- Shasta very willingly because it meant she got to hang out with her new friends. They headed out to Asheville after that.

And we headed home to our own sweet Akita.

Nov. 30th, 2010

Van stolen at Eukanuba - with dogs inside!


Jan. 11th, 2010

Interesting times we live in...

So I received my first ever 'Cease and Desist' letter today, from a law firm in Connecticut-I confirmed it was legit- demanding that I remove a blog entry I posted pertaining to an email I received that requested the information within be disseminated as far and widely as possible.

Said entry was originally posted in May of 2009, and had several comments, anonymous mind, confirming various parts of what the email contained.

As per the C&D letter, said entry has been removed.

However, I am rather struck by the fact that despite numerous confirmations, both here on the entry, and by the person who sent the original email, that the supposed truth has been buried so deeply that people are willing to believe anything.

Then again, it's also possible that money talks.

By the way, this is why I log IPs.

Dec. 4th, 2008

2009 MARS Akita Rescue Calenders are available!

These are the ones that have a photo of Dante-Inu in them.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Remember...the 2009 MARS calendars are now back from the printers and
available for ordering!

We have been shipping them all week and the feedback has been great :)

Please forward this email to other Akita enthusiasts, family members,
email lists, or anyone you think would be interested in purchasing a
calendar. It is our MARS grass roots supporters that help us promote
and sell our calendars each holiday season. Every purchase counts and
makes this a successful fund raiser for our orphans!

Please order early, especially if your dog is in the calendar, as we
only printed a certain number of calendars and we want everyone that
desires one for themselves or for gift giving to be able to purchase one.

Please see below for an order form that you can print out, or you can
order on-line with your credit card from the Moongazer website

**For international orders, please email me privately for specific

The calendars are the featured product on the Moongazer website and are
listed under "Unique Items" and then just click on "MARS Items."

Or follow this direct link:

Or, see a complete listing of various MARS items at:

This year the calendars features over 90 Akitas just being Akitas and
with over 1500 entries, we tried to pick some great shots! We have a
detailed Who's Who page, dedications, and every month has a miniature
calendar of the month previous and the month following in the top right
and left corners.

We are sure you will love them!

100% of the proceeds from calendar sales benefit the orphans under the
direct foster care of MARS.
Many thanks to all who have supported MARS
efforts and to those who made the calendar possible this year!

Take Care,
-- Lisa
Lisa R. McCluskey, BS, CPDT
MOONGAZER.COM - "Intelligent Instruction Pets Enjoy"
Accredited Pet Behavior Counselor - Pet Behavior Institute of the UK
Certified Pet Dog Trainer, Certification Council for Prof. Dog Trainers
American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator #3950
Certified Delta Society Pet Partner, Animal Assisted Activities/Therapy
Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) Professional Member #2713
Assistant - John Rogerson's 21 Day Instructor Course - Kusur, India
Akita Club of America Public Education Committee (PEC) Chair
Midwest Akita Rescue Society (MARS) Co-Founder

MARS ORDER FORM - 100% of Proceeds from Sales Go to MARS Orphans

1.) 2009 Full Color Twelve Month Calendar (11" x 17" when open) - $16.00
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2.) MARS Notepads -- 5.5" x 8.5" burgundy print on grey, 50 sheets
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Call Moongazer at: 866-822-PETS (toll-free)
Order On-Line at:
Send to:
Lisa McCluskey, MARS, 1802 CR 2000E, St. Joseph, IL 61873

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