Aug. 21st, 2017

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Eclipse Day Sale

Since this day comes so rarely, we decided to do a single one day Permanently Insane Account sale. Today only these accounts are for sale for only $35. This sale will be gone as quickly as the total eclipse, so hurry!

EDIT: And like the eclipse, this sale is now gone. Thanks for the support everyone!

Aug. 14th, 2017


I found an archive of strange comic book storylines and it's glorious. Featuring: Luke Cage goes to Latveria to demand the $200 Dr Doom owes him, Wasp and She-Hulk rate the Avengers men for hunkiness (Jen only gave Sam a 5! If that isn't heresy enough, that's the same score she gave John Walker), Steve rates the Avengers on Avengerability (he doesn't rate Sam very well either but that's because Sam hated being an Avenger, so it's fair), "other vehicles talk smack to Wonder Woman's robot plane", "that time Superman gained the ability to shoot mini-Supermen out of his hands", Matt Murdock's twin brother Mike, and what I was actually looking up which was the original Capwolf.

Aug. 13th, 2017


Deleted scene, Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014):

STEVE ROGERS changing into the uniform he's just stolen from the Smithsonian. It's been on display for years, in storage for decades. It's a little starched into the shape of the mannequin and incredibly musty.

ROGERS: This was a stupid idea.


total ramble: SHIELD is scared of Sam's birds )