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Jan. 11th, 2011

I've said it before...

Caena is sometimes way too smart.

Monday night, some time between then and Tuesday morning, she managed to get her collar stuck. To the point where she literally managed to get it to stretch a bit and she chewed it off.

When Mark let her out in the morning, she did her usual grab a stuffed flea toy and dart upstairs to sleep on the bed with me. Only that morning, she went back downstairs to him again. He thought she wanted to be let outside. So he was feeling around for the collar to hook her lead on and couldn't find it.

He said he asked her, 'Where's your collar?' and she backed up between his legs, turned around, went back into her kennel, picked up the collar, brought it to him, then went right back upstairs.

She didn't want outside, she just wanted to let him know, hey, my collar's broken.

Monday evening, we let her out like usual. She runs to the top of the hill where she normally does her business, and got the lead line caught on something, I guess. She sat there, barked at us to let us know she thought she was stuck, but when Mark opened the door, she was waiting for him right outside.

He took one look at her and told her to come see me, whereupon she comes running into the living room as he's saying, 'We have a problem.' I thought she'd been covered in mud or something, but nope, she was trailing about 2 ft of a broken lead behind her. Luckily we have a 30ft lead we use on vacations for her.

She knew her lead was broken, knew no one was around and still did not leave the yard or wander off.

Such a smart dog. And we've only barely touched on recall, boundaries, etc. Heh.

* * * *

Woke up this morning to an Aries kitty next to my head, Caena trying to stretch out along my legs, but couldn't, because Morrigan had managed to wedge herself between Caena and my leg. Only one missing was Max. At least I was warm. Heh.

And Morrigan is getting so big too, filling out nicely. Still very playful though. Is NOT happy when the other feral kitties- even her own littermates- comes on the front porch or in the yard. She'll dart from the kitchen window, to the window at my desk, snarling and hissing at them, even though they can't see or hear her. When they leave the porch and walk through the front yard, she'll dart to the front window and stare until she's certain they're gone. It's amusing really.

* * * *

In other news...

Still got a cough from the cold/flu/whatever I had over Xmas and New Year's. Mark does too. Nose is still runny/stuffy at times as well, so that doesn't help. Nor does quitting taking Nyquil/Dayquil coldturkey after taking it for nearly 3 weeks straight, sometimes double dosing.


I would make such a bad druggie. Can you say headaches, tight muscles, etc, galore from the slight withdrawal symptoms?? It's not cool. Even now the back of my head/neck is still achey from it. And insomnia on top of it to boot. Ugh, I hate it.

Not fun and not cool.

* * * *

Am running a 50% off clearance sale in both my Zibbet shop and my Artfire shop.

Everything except the scrap fabric grab bags and a few lower priced pieces are on sale. It'll run until nearly everything sells or I get tired of it.

Trying to whittle down my supply and declutter a bit. Have a bunch of misc. supplies I'll be listing in my Artfire shop soonish- leather lace, carved bone beads, and such. It'll be cheap, destash prices, trying to clear it out.

* * * *

Managed to throw out 3 boxes and 2 bags worth of just stuff already. The back room is looking better with each box I go through. Only one closet- the one downstairs- left to clean out when I finish with that room. Feels good getting rid of things we really don't need, haven't used, is broken and will never be fixed, etc. Still a lot left to do though.

* * * *

I know, I suck at blogging so far this year. But well, nothing's really happening.}:P

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Sep. 21st, 2010

Disappointment and a Sale

News broke this morning that Bonanzle, changing its name to Bonanza, acquired 1000Markets yesterday.

Users on 1kM are up in arms, so to speak, many are saying they will be closing down, or have done so already. I'm sad, as I really like 1kM, even though I mainly used it as more of a portfolio instead of a selling site. But I DID sell there, so that was something at least. And the really ironic part? Views on my shop have skyrocketed these past 2 weeks. Heh.

No forewarning, no inkling that this was happening, nothing until this morning when 1kM users suddenly received an email telling them that 1000Markets would be effectively closed on Sept 30th, start getting ready to move now.

The email went on to say that Bonanza would be a great site to sell on (no, it won't be) and that in the next day or so, we'd get an email detailing how to move our items 'seamlessly'. That gives users less than a week to fully integrate their 1kM shops into Bonanza. Otherwise, they would find themselves locked out of their own 1kM accounts by 5pm Pacific Time, Sept 30th.

From everything I've been reading and looking at the Bonanza site myself, I've come to the conclusion, that, yes, it is rather like a 'flea market' site, as it was described.

Others say it's hard to navigate, hard to search and just plain ugly.

Forums on Etsy, Artfire and 1000Markets- as linked above- are full of sentiments like this.

Having done a bit of exploring on the Bonanza site myself, I find I cannot and will not compete with mass market sellers, blatant resellers, flea market finds, hell, even magazine subscriptions to magazines I already HAVE or HAD a subscription too! ( I kid you not.)

My OOAK items would not and do not fit in there unlike what 1000Markets claims. Therefore, I will not be making the transfer over. Currently, after my 1kM shop closes, I will be only at Etsy and Artfire. I may reopen either the Big Cartel shop or check out Zibbet or Ruby Lane.

What does this mean? Well, for YOU, it means a huge sale on 1000Markets! Before I close the shop or let 1kM close it, I want to try to sell things first.

So, Sept 21st to Sept 29th, all 1000Markets items are now 60%-75% OFF.

1000 Markets

Get it while the gettings good.

Aug. 21st, 2010

Scrap Fabric Grab Bags on Etsy...

Newly listed on Etsy are 12 Scrap Fabric Grab Bags. These grab bags range from 2 ounces to 4 ounces+ in total fabric weight. Nearly all contain some hand dyed fabrics, as well as commercial fabrics. All fabrics are cotton or muslin type fabrics.

These Grab Bags are perfect for scrap quilters, doll clothing makers, etc. The pieces range from a few inches up to nearly an entire fat quarter in size. The colors cross the entire rainbow, including some salt dyed pieces, some sunprinted pieces and a few hand painted pieces. There are muslin, commercial cotton prints, even jacquard brocade pieces.

Prices are very reasonable, ranging from $2.50 to $4.00 for the largest Grab Bag with the most hand dye in it. So stop by the Etsy shop and check them out!

Jul. 1st, 2010

Fourth of July Clearance Sale, now in my Etsy Shop

Everything in my shop is now marked down, 50% off!

That's 50% off all hand dyed silk scarves!
50% off all handmade beadwork!
50% off all ArtQuilts!

And so on!

Get it while it lasts!

July 1st through July 7th!

Jun. 21st, 2010

Summer Sale time...

So, I'm currently running a 2 day Summer Clearance Sale in my Etsy Shop.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is currently 25% off. Prices are already adjusted.


Well, because I'm tired of looking at it for one. I'm trying to sell down my stock for two. And by selling the older pieces, makes room for creativity to flow again and newer pieces to take their place.

So, now until Weds, June 24th, if there's something you've had your eye on for awhile, stop on by and check it out. Be forewarned, that although, I do plan to run another sale, 50% fourth of July Sale(July 1-7, 2010 ), that IF you decide to wait, what you want may not be available when the next sale comes around.

Both 'Andromeda Waves' beadwork bracelet and the 'Midnight On The Moor' beadwork necklace have already sold.}:)
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Dec. 2nd, 2008

New Silk Scarves Listed.

Witching Hour by *WolfSilverOak on deviantART

'Witching Hour'
100%Habotai Silk Scarf
8"x56" flat, 6"x56" pleated

Third in my new Dark Series, 'Witching Hour' is an Arashi Shibori, OOAK hand dyed silk scarf, with hand beaded points, using sterling silver seed beads, Fire polished Austrian crystals, silver-grey rounds and silver tone, heavy skull and crossbones charms.

Black as the deepest hour of night, with hints of deep blue and silver from Pearl Ex powder suspended in fabric medium, then dry brushed on and thoroughly steam ironed for durability, this unique piece is perfect for wearing as a neck wrap or even a stylish belt.

Available Here

Northern Lights Silk Scarf by *WolfSilverOak on deviantART

'Northern Lights'
100% Habotai Silk
8"x54" flat, 6"x54" pleated

Hand dyed using Procion MX dyes, this gorgeous, OOAK silk scarf was Arashi shibori wrapped, then discharged, then over dyed again, giving it a myriad of depths to the colors.

Within one scarf, you'll see deep navy, blacks, indigos, violets, silvery whites, even pale blues and lavenders in the folds.

Available Here

And finally, the Hand Dyed 100% Cotton Bandanas-

Akita Rescue Bandanas by *WolfSilverOak on deviantART

100% Cotton, Hand dyed Banadanas
32" on long side, 21" on short sides
To be hand stenciled with Akita Stencil at ' point', in choice of Silver, or Gold.

These cotton bandanas are lightweight, hand dyed and easy to wear. Perfect length for not only wearing wrapped around your hair, but also as a neck kerchief.

Dyed using Procion MX dyes, and to be hand stenciled day of purchase in your choice of either Silver or Gold.

100% of the proceeds from each bandana sold goes to benefit Akita Rescue.

Your choice of colors-

A- Firey Oranges
B- Bronze and Loden
C- Cinnamon and Clove
D- Vanilla and Plum
E- Turbulant Ocean
F- Oak and Nutmeg

Available Here

more coming soon.

Nov. 20th, 2008

Road Trip!

Heading to New Jersey with Caena, Mark, sister in law, the bro in law and niece tomorrow morning.

Going up to have an early Thanksgiving with the parents in law.

Kind of hoping they have snow, so I can get pics of Caena playing in it.

Should be interesting- 4 adults, a 7 yr old and a 5 month old puppy in a Chrysler Town & Country minivan (rental, my idea) for 8 hours...

Sooo I'll be back Monday.

Next week, I have 4, possibly 5 silk scarves to photograph and list, as well as the cotton bandannas. Thinking of running a End of year sale too, to try to clear out a bit of stock, so stay tuned for possible discounts on my silk scarves, chainmaille and beadwork.:)

Have a great weekend. Don't do anything I wouldn't do... which isn't much. Most of all, be safe out there.

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