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Jun. 20th, 2015

Facebook's 'authentic name' bullshit continues. #MyNameIs

A friend contacted me this week about a friend of hers who now has to confirm her name. This person is even a published author under the name she chooses to use publicly. She at least will have plenty of documentation to back herself up.

However, the friend of mine who was hit yesterday with the 'confirm your' name bullshit, doesn't.

I've known her by the name she uses online for as long as I've known here- 7-8 years now. She, however, doesn't have near as much documentation as I had. But you know what? That shouldn't matter. The fact that THIS is the name she chooses to be known by is all that should matter.

Facebook shouldn't be forcing people to go through this humiliating, demeaning and invasive process just to prove that yes, they are using an 'authentic' name according to whatever halfassed algorithm they have decided to use.

People's FRIENDS and FAMILY are the ones who should decide is the name is authentic or not. The person USING the name should be the one to decide whether that name is authentic or not. Not some faceless entity on a damn computer.

This is absolutely ridiculous and it needs to stop, not increase. People really need to start speaking up about this, not waiting until Facebook comes for them or their friends. Otherwise, soon, there won't be any friends to speak up for them.

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Jun. 2nd, 2015

Facebook's Authentic Name Fiasco, part III

This was originally in response to this post Which, ironically, though I can log in to HuffPost with my Twitter account, I CANNOT COMMENT because I no longer have access to my Facebook account.

They are no longer simply targeting drag queens, transgender, Native Americans, etc.

They are targeting *anyone* with a name that 'they' think isn't 'authentic'.

I know this because they targeted me last week. I have used my name for over 20 years, in my personal life and as a pseudonym for my business. It is the name my friends call me, that my family calls me, that my customers see on their invoices. It is the name I use because I do not wish to be stalked and harassed by certain estranged members of my birth mother's family, to include her. In fact, I was found by one person about 5 years ago and the anxiety and fear resulting from it was so bad, I called my husband in tears, demanding that we move, right now, and I didn't care where.

They lie when they say that you no longer have to provide legal documents, as in a government issued ID. That is *still* required, even with any other documents you can provide with the name you go by. They claim it's so they can see that the birth dates match, whatever that's supposed to mean.

You have 7 days to comply with their wishes of verifiable documentation- and the verifiability of such is at their whim, and after those 7 days, your account is *still* suspended. You have absolutely no access whatsoever. To rub salt in the wound, if you set it up that way, you will *still* get email notices of things your friends post or their status updates, yet you can't even look at them.

You have no way to know where you stand in their verifying process either, the only thing you get is a notice that they will get back to you if they need more documentation (I'm waiting for that to happen, I have 20+ years worth for them).

They claim to have clarified the language to mean the name you go by in public, and yet, the TOU still says you have to use your real, legal name. And they get to decide whether that name is real enough, authentic enough or not. Not you. Not your family. Not your friends.

Their authentic name policy is not helping anyone. It is driving users away. I'm sure their investors must be so happy about that.

And no, I *still* do not have access to my personal page.

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May. 26th, 2015

Facebook's authentic name fiasco, part 2

So. I have 2 of the 3 'acceptable pieces of documentation' Facebook wants to verify that I am using my authentic name.

And then some. I have over a dozen various websites, dating as far back as 2003 with this name. I have an old USMC shirt from 1992 with my this first name. I have statements from friends who've known me longer than Facebook has even been around- by this name. I have posts from new friends who state this is my name, as it is the name I was introduced to them by.

I have a portfolio with this name, followed by Artist. I have signed cds from a local band with a large Facebook presence and whom I am friends with two members of, with this name on it.

My business packaging is branded with this name. It is on photos I took dating back to 2000 and earlier.

I use this name to keep my birth mother and her extended family from finding me, as I have, by choice, had no contact with her in 35+ years and intend to keep it that way. If I am forced to change it, then I can guarantee they will find me in a matter of days.

I have friends who have known me for 25+ years sending me statements saying that this is the name they know me by. I have fellow Akita owners who I've helped with Rescue offering to vouch for me, that this is the name I am known by.

If Facebook looks at all this proof/evidence and denies me my name, then no one is safe, no matter what name they may use, no matter how innocuous sounding.

We need to tell Facebook that this policy needs to be stricken from the TOUs completely. It is not only affecting transgender, crossdressers and Native Americans, it is now affecting Artists who rely on pseudonyms like this for their livelihoods, it is affecting people who have cut all ties with family members, it is affecting people who are trying to lead a normal life and still manage to hide from stalkers and/or abusers.

Enough is enough.

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May. 25th, 2015

Facebook and their 'authentic name' bullshit.

So apparently, Facebook has decided that my name is not my name and wants proof.

This is the name I have used for over 20 years online. It is the name 99% of my friends in real life know me by.

It is the name I introduce myself to new people by.

It is the name my business is run under.

It is the name *my birth mother cannot find me by. * And that is the most important reason I use this name.

In all ways, it is my authentic name. A pseudonym is just as authentic and real as a birth name.

And now, I have 7 days to prove this to Facebook without giving them private information such as a driver's license, a marriage certificate, etc or I stand to lose my account.

Yup. Good job, Facebook, you've succeeded in helping stalkers and worse win. So much for that victory by the Queens in order to use their authentic names. Because this archaic demand to know all things personal about a person, has NOT gone away.

And I will not change my name to a name I do not go by.

So. If I lose my account, fuck them. I'll go back to Twitter and straight blogging instead and take my business elsewhere.

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Jan. 6th, 2015

Too early for this annoyance

You know what bugs me? When food related websites put out an article detailing a 'secret spice' and it turns out, all it is, is a blend commonly known as Ras el Hanout. Nothing secret about that, it's been around for generations and is a staple in much of Middle Eastern cooking. The higher quality blends include over 100 different herbs and spices. You can now find a McCormick blend at the grocery store and have for well over a year now, for crying out loud. Pretty sure every Middle Eastern grocery store has a blend as well.

Calling it a 'secret spice' implies you somehow discovered this new spice that no one anywhere knew about. Not to mention, you can't simply walk into a local grocery store and find things like Sumac or [food grade] rose petals- which they also failed to mention that you can't just use any old rose petals you find. It's misleading, disingenuous and makes me not want to read your weekly newsletters because of that sort of tripe now. Ugh.

In other news, reworked my Checkerboard Scarf listing to include color swatches for all available colors. Photos of the three versions I've made so far have been added to the listing. All three have been sold already, but they give an idea of what the scarves look like in both 4 colors and 2 colors. After I finish the dice bag shells(see below), I'll be working up a black to white version that will be for sale.

Also running a 25% off sale on all Kumihimo cuffs and bracelets through next Monday.

In the mean time, I'm spending the rest of the month working on dice bag shells- weaving them, then hoping to actually sew at least 2 bags a week for the rest of the year, or until I run out of shells. I have nearly 50 right now, so that'll last me a few months before I need to make more. In between I'll be working on some more lightweight wraps and scarves, maybe trying out my idea for an extra wide one that if it works, will allow me to create throw blankets. Also need to make a tension peg for my Inkle loom, then I can get to work learning that.}:) (That's easy, I need a screw and a washer as I already have a dowel to use. Heh.)

So. Back to work I go.

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Dec. 17th, 2014


(Backstory- Duplex townhouse next door sold a few weeks ago. Since, it's been nonstop renovating- the driveway was graded and paved, the backhill was excavated back, the inside was gutted, and is now being put back together. New owner is a nice guy, but still, it gets old after awhile.)

Kill me now.

They're starting on the roof next door today. Before 8am. AND they're now whistling christmas carols.
*beats head on desk*

I will not kill them for throwing old shingles on my Crepe Myrtle. I will not kill them for throwing old shingles on my Crepe Myrtle. I will not kill them for throwing old shingles on my Crepe Myrtle. *pets Morrigan more*

Of course, it didn't help that I was awoken at 4am by Mark asking if I had gone and gotten Miss Sassy. Umm, no, why?

Turns out she had [finally] come upstairs and climbed on the bed on her own, wanting attention. At FOUR AM.

Then not an hour later, she's in the hall, hissing and snarling at poor Morrigan, which again, wakes me up.

Needless to say, I did not sleep well last night. So being woken up before 8am by wood being thrown against the fence and itself by the roofers getting started next door, was the icing on the cake.

It's going to be a long day.

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Aug. 20th, 2014

About that Ice Bucket Challenge thingy...

Don't bother ever tagging me in that ice bucket challenge thing. Because I won't do it nor can I afford to arbitrarily donate 100.00.
Good for those who do it or can donate that money.

There are two things I routinely donate to - Alzheimer's disease research and Akita Rescue. Because both are near and dear to me.

If that makes me a bad person (and we all know better, I trust), then so be it.

I started hiding all the reposts on Facebook. I should clarify that the reposts I routinely hide now are the celebrity ones because honestly, quite a few I could not care less about.

See here's the problem- once this ends, people will stop talking about ALS. IF they even knew that that was what this Ice Bucket Challenge was about in the first place.

It's the same with Alzheimer's, which yes, thanks to a few celebrities who have family members afflicted, is getting more attention.

We NEED to talk about these sort of diseases, because not talking about it solves nothing. It hides it from public view and the only way to get more funding and to make people care is to be vocal about it, every day, all year long, until there are cures. Not only when there's a fundraising activity going on, such as the ice bucket challenge, or the Walk to End Alzheimer's.

The more we talk about it, the more we share what we as family members or caregivers are dealing with, the more people realize just how prevalent these diseases are and that hey, it's getting worse, we need to do *something* about it now and every day.

My Mother In Law has Early Onset Alzheimer's. In just over a year, she can no longer drive, use the computer or operate the microwave. THE MICROWAVE?!?

Yet, no one talks about it. No one realizes just how BAD it gets. And if people with these sorts of diseases and their family members don't know that there IS support out there, because NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT, how are they expected to get through this on their own? They can't. You can't. Even addicts need a support system. Yet, no one wants to talk about it. Society has decided that talking about things that rob a person of who they are- ALS, ALZ, Addiction, Parkinson's, Depression, etc- is shameful and needs to be hidden away. We need to change that.

And yes, the problem with things like the ice bucket challenge is that too often the message is lost in the telling. My husband thought it was an 'either or'- Either dump a bucket of ice on yourself, OR donate money. He didn't know it was dump the bucket of ice AND donate 10.00 OR donate 100.00 if you don't dump the ice. And when this 'fad'- because yes, that is EXACTLY what it is, especially among the younger set- passes, the charity will be right back where it started with people not really talking about it or seriously donating. It's the same with the Walk to End Alzheimer's- once the season is over (it's an entire summer thing), then people stop caring as much. I imagine it's the same for addicts- you go to rehab and come out clean and people think you're cured and don't need support anymore, not understanding that it's a daily battle for you and you need that support more than ever.

We need to break the cycle and start talking about these things openly, frankly and doing it until the world ends or cures are found.

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