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Jun. 22nd, 2013

Caturday- Aries and Morrigan

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They've started sleeping near each other more lately. Something they only did when Max was around. Lately, they've been together on the bed. But this was too good of a photo opportunity to pass up.

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Apr. 10th, 2013

So, this and that.

Got around to doing the April Daring Cooks Challenge last night. It wasn't as difficult as it seemed. Only took 15 minutes to do the main part. And man was it good too. No, I can't tell you what it is for 4 more days.

I have all my windows open and have had them open, day and night, for the past two days. This is nice. Aries and Morrigan are loving it.

The forsythia out back is in full bloom. The mock oranges are leafing out. The Wisteria vines on the fence, that I can see from my desk, are loaded with flower buds that get larger by the day. Most of the irises have all come back and several of the daffodils and narcissus have either finally bloomed or will soon.

Whatever was causing Caena's skin issues seems to be ever so slowly clearing up, finally.

Almost finished with a new cuff. Just doing the last of the beadwork, then it can get photographed today for listing this evening. This was a fun cuff.


Mark got me a real Mah Jongg set. Hee. Now I just need to learn how to really play.

And I turned 40 today.

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Jan. 13th, 2013


I can't seem to stop beating myself up over Max. The voices keep saying what if... And it hurts. It fucking hurts so damn bad. I just want my Max kitty back, just for one more snuggle, one more chance to tell him I love him.

It' hurts nearly as bads as when we lost Dante. tHe difference is we KNEW Dante was leaving us, we'd already made that appointment, even if she did decide to go a week earlier than planned.

With Max, the was no warning, there was no sign that there was anything wrong. We had no clues. He was fine the night before. He acted normal. So to walk into the back room and find him there...

I lost it, I really did. I couldn't breathe for a few moments, the shock was just so sudden.

That was Thursday. Today is Sunday.

Nights are the worst. I keep expecting him to pop his head up over the edge of the bed , so I know he wants to come lay on my pillow and claim my shoulder for awhile.

I saw him Thursday night, trundling down the stairs, and when I followed him, he waddled into the living room and was gone.

I still half expect to see him upstairs when I go up. I still hear his 'mrowf' or his 'mrrf, mrrf' when he wants my attention or wants picked up at the back of my head.

Aries is still looking for him. Morrigan is now sleeping in his spot.

The days aren't so bad- he hung out upstairs mostly. They all did, except Mo, who would wander downstairs and up all day. With Dante, it was the days that were the worst. With Max, it's the opposite.

We got an urn we think will be big enough for both Max and Aries, when Aries decides it's his time. They grew up together, so it's only right that they be together after they leave us as well.

I miss him.

Jan. 11th, 2013

The Trio

I miss this. Dec 31, 2012

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Oct. 10th, 2012

It's definitely autumn here...

It's been in the low 70s to mid 60s during the day and high 30s to low 40s at night for the past few days/nights now.

It rained for 2 days straight- dreary, grey, cold rain. Made me rather glad I found some plastic to cover the volunteer tomatoes with. Also glad I brought in the plants that over winter inside on Friday too. The cats aren't real happy about losing one of their easterly facing windows for plants- well, Max and Aries aren't, Morrigan thinks it's grand because SHE fits in the window sill behind them. That would be the Peace Lily, the Anthurium and the Bay tree. Good thing I have cats not inclined to chew on leaves.

The Curry Plant, which has quadrupled in size since I repotted it, is in the bathroom, where it gets southeast light and a lot more humidity/moisture than it would elsewhere.

The clematis vines are dying back already, trees are putting on their fall colors now- quicker than last week.

A few leaves even fell past one of the kitchen windows earlier.

Meanwhile, my Russian Sage is budding out, the Lavender, Catmint, Chocolate Mint and Rosemary are still growing and I swear the Lemon Balm never stops growing. The transplanted Hollyhocks have new leaves on them, so I think they've gotten mostly established in their new bed for now, thankfully. It also looks like the Wisteria is finally stopping its growing to settle in- there's a few yellow leaves on it, and it's made a lovely nearly green cover over the wood fence now as well.

The feral cats are showing up again- a little black kitty, rather the same size Morrigan was when she showed up 2+ years ago, was in the driveway. No getting near this one though, it ran as soon as we tried talking to it. Either a feral or the resident hawk left a 'present' next to the CR-V for Mark the other morning- a gutted, half eaten rodent carcass was found. Fun times.

In the meantime, I've been busy making cuffs and bracelets and listing them, 5 in the last week or so. Working on a new Bead Soup cuff and have 2 more kumihimo cuffs in the works- they need beading and the clasps put on. So look for a big post containing photos of all those within the next few days or so.

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Sep. 11th, 2012

Morrigan, who talks to the Crows

At way too early in the damn morning.

A Crow landed on he edge of the roof of the house next door, putting it just above direct site line into our bedroom window. Which is open since it's nice and cool here lately.

We have a sleigh bed, with a slatted headboard and footboard. The headboard, dead center, is missing a slat, creating a space wide enough for the cats to go into the window there, Morrigan, in particular likes it.

She happened to be in the window this morning when the Crow came to visit.

She has the tiniest meow for a cat. Very dainty and low. The Crow, on the other hand, has a loud, raucous voice.

They decided to have a conversation. Seriously.

I heard sounds I'd never heard from a Crow before. Chortles, sighs, loud squawks, chirps- you name it, that Crow said it. And Morrigan would talk back.

I looked out a few times. The Crow would move from the edge of the roof, up to the ridgepole and back again, generally in response to Morrigan.

It would have been amusing if they hadn't have woken me up out of sound sleep with their conversation.

Finally, after about 20 minutes, the Crow flew off, squawking loudly. Presumably to tell his compatriots about the conversation he'd just had with a cat.

But more likely to tell his friends that the squirrels were eating all the food, hurry up and get to the back yard.

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Mar. 8th, 2012

There's a herd of elephants in my house.

Ok, so not really.

But there IS a puppy playing with Caena. And it does make a lot of noise.

We're puppy sitting the BiL and SiL's new puppy, Ashe(a German Shep/Lab mix, 2 months and 1 week old), for the next few days while they head to the BiL's parents, as his dad is in the hospital.

Caena is in heaven.Me, I'm wondering how many times they're going to run into my chair and where the devil did all this hair come from, since I just vacuumed the floor yesterday!

The cats? So not impressed. LOL.

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