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Jan. 13th, 2020

That light at the end of your tunnel...

Turned out to be a freight train, and you decided not to move, this time.

Dammit, CJ.

* * *

To be quite honest, we were not surprised to hear about his passing. Allegedly, he overdosed on fentanyl. Allegedly, his father found him. I say allegedly because all and any information I have regarding how he died has been secondhand.

But, again, not surprised. He, like Charlie, had mental health issues. He, also like Charlie, had drug issues and a drinking issue. Unlike Charlie though, CJ had a daughter that, one would think, would have helped him try to stay around longer. But life doesn't work that way.

So long, CJ. Say hi to Charlie for us and give Puped, that sweet dog of yours a big hug for me.

We'll miss you.

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Jan. 10th, 2020

So long, won't miss you.

I was unfriended on Facebook last night.

No big deal, I don't post there anymore and only commented a total of 6 times this month along. Well, 4 times now, since 2 comments disappeared when I was unfriended.


This person had posted a video of a group of guys- most of whom appeared to be black, or able to pass as such, problematic for other, sad reasons- who apparently used their *religion* (Christianity, to be precise) to "convert/cure themselves of being gay to being straight".

I replied that that was not how it worked. That wasn't how any of it worked. That I pitied them for having deluded themselves so badly.

She replied that they likely knew better than I.

I said, yes, they likely did know better than I. They likely knew better that they were deluding themselves into believing there was something wrong with them that needed to be fixed. Because that *was not how it worked*. That I still pitied them for having deluded themselves.

Whatever she replied with, I have no idea, as she unfriended me before I could see it and that post was, ironically, friends only.

Now, we'd been friends, well, distantly, for some years now. And I once followed her on Instagram. She still followed me. So I sent her a message there, saying that since she unfriended me over a difference of opinion on Facebook, she might as well unfriend me here as well.

And I learned something last night! I didn't need to wait for *her* to unfollow me! I could remove her as a follower myself! Which I did. And good riddance to such a closed mind, honestly.

If your religion, which pretty much says your god does not make mistakes, tells you , you can't be LGBTQ+, then maybe you need to reexamine your religion. Because if your god , who you say doesn't make mistakes, who created you in their image, created you to be LGBTQ+, then who are you to decide they did in fact, make a mistake and that you must be cured of said mistake?

Because obviously it's not your god telling you something is wrong with you, it's *your fellow mankind*.


In other news, went to let the dogs outside last night and while standing on the back porch, distinctly and loudly, heard an owl hooting. It was either in the peach tree or the mimosa, it was close.

I literally stood outside in the cold, jacketless, just to hear it again. Which I did, further away.

And I was reminded how *lucky* I was to live in such a place, where the deer wander through the back yard, opossums come on the porch, looking for cat food, an occasional fox wanders through the hayfield, a rafter of turkeys sometimes passes by, a hawk flies off down the driveway, clearly having been perched moments before in a tree in the front yard...


Pretty damn lucky.

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Jan. 1st, 2020

Good GP


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Dec. 13th, 2019

Catch up post of sorts...

So, back on Dec 4th, I became a great aunt again. My second oldest niece had her first child that night.

Being gamer geeks and all around nerds like us, they named the baby after a Magic the Gathering Planeswalker.

20191212_222712~2 20191212_222802~2

So, I'm making a special gift for the nursery centered around this Planeswalker. And thankfully, she recognized them right off. Heh.

I told her it'd likely be more of a Twelfth Night gift than a Yule gift at the rate I'm going, but she's ok with that. Family goodie boxes aren't going out until after the 25th anyway, I just ran out of time and energy.

Mark is off the week of the 25th, so he can help make cookies and treats for local friends and neighbors. That'll help immensely. Dojo is closed that week too, so no martial arts classes. We're not going to know what to do with our evenings. I expect we'll run through katas and practice ou weapons forms to keep up.

family and a few friends are coming over on Sunday for Mark's birthday, so back to straigtening the house I go.

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Nov. 26th, 2019

Over it...

So over this congestion and coughing fits. Bleh. Both of us have had it for over a week now. We've missed classes because of it. Tonight will be the first class in over a week. Hopefully we get through it without dying of coughing.

Already over Bloomberg's presidential run campaign ads. Seriously, up to *3* an hour yesterday. It's absurd. We get it, you're running for president, and you want us to know you intend to win. Whatever, dude, get over yourself. You're not even confirmed as a candidate. No one has been.

So very much over these stupid '2nd Amendment Sanctuary' resolutions my state's counties keep proclaiming.

They mean jack and shit. They aren't legally binding- federal laws trump state laws trump county laws trump city/town laws.

And if you're against universal background checks, mandatory waiting periods, being penalized for not reporting stolen/lost guns (I mean, *seriously*, you should be), private and public places telling you to leave your guns at home or in your vehicle, the problem might not be the laws, it might be *you*.

In other words, *no one*, not even Democrats, are trying to take your damn guns away. They're just trying to get you to have some more damn *common sense* when it comes to ownership and access.

Unless, of course, more dead kids, in a nation that is already having a decline in birth rate (gee, wonder *why*), is alright by you...

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Nov. 13th, 2019

Leaves like rain...

Yesterday started out rainy and overcast. Then the winds picked up and the temps started dropping. Leaves were falling like rain.

This year, we somewhat winterized the house. It's easier to do when you don't have a third person living with you, not actively contributing but offering unsolicated advice when you're doing things to get ready for winter.

So, to that extent, the two long front windows now have plastic , double layer, over them. And I put the window inserts in the double square windows on the sides of the house myself. The chill that had been in here is now gone. Though it was disconcerting to watch the plastic 'breath' in the gusts of wind, even if I couldn't feel any cold air, thankfully.

Monday, knowing this cold snap was coming, I made an outdoor cat shelter for Barny, the barncat that seems to have semi-adopted our property.


It consists of a plastic storage tote and a stryofoam cooler inside, with a entry hole cut in the front. It was then stuffed with dry leaves and had some catnip sprinkled in and around the front of it. I then took some brtanches that came off of Fezzik earlier and draped them over and around it, after placing it against the cattle fence where Barny usually comes trough to eat on the porch- which is also a covered feeding spot, with an old welcome mat underneath, so they aren't sitting on cold concrete while eating. Hopefully Barny uses the shelter.


Last night was belt testing. This is the last belt before we go for our 1st degree black belt. So very proud of how far we've come since we started. All the stiffness, aches and weariness we felt last night and today, after class, is so very worth it.

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Nov. 5th, 2019

No, he will not get my vote...

No matter how persuasive you try to seem at the entrance to the polls, or how helpful you want to be, by handing out *selective* sample poll sheets. And verbally telling us so and so would appreciate our vote, less than 40 ft from the front entrance.


So, yes, we voted this morning. Despite the clear attempt at electioneering, which is illegal here in Virginia.


During the times the polls are open and ballots are being counted, it shall be unlawful for any person (i) to loiter or congregate within 40 feet of any entrance of any polling place; (ii) within such distance to give, tender, or exhibit any ballot, ticket, or other campaign material to any person or to solicit or in any manner attempt to influence any person in casting his vote; or (iii) to hinder or delay a qualified voter in entering or leaving a polling place. (Va. Code Ann. ยง 24.2-604(A)) ( State Laws on Electioneering )

Working feverishly on Christmas ornaments and inexpensive scarves for the next, now 3, events, coming up over the next month. I'm going to bee sick of Santas, Snowmen, Xmas candy ornaments, etc.

Neighbors are officially moving. They found a house they like. While we're sad to see them go- all in all, they are some of the best neighbors we've ever had- it makes sense to move to your own house and not be subject to the whims of someone else. Especially when mold is involved.

Back to work I go...

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