Black History we should know.

I do this over on Instagram, at least once a week. And I thought, there's no reason not to share things I learn over here as well.

These are things I never learned in school. And I know, if I never learned them, chances are, my white friends didn't either. So, my hope is that by sharing what I lean, others will be inspired to learn more too.

Especially since what I'm posting is a mere sypnosis, just enough to get you interested, in the hope that you'll want to dig deeper and learn more on your own.

So every Monday, from here on out, I'll repost here.


Marion Stokes. 1929-2012

Civil Rights Activist, Libratian, Archivist, Television Producer.

She single handedly recorded 35 years (1979 to her death in 2012) of television to prove news media bias. She succeeded. Her work is called 'Input'. She was amazing.

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