Photo Dump- The Gardening

So you're warned, there's a lot of photos in this post.

We finally got the new bed I'd been wanting to do next to the carport dug out and built this weekend. Managed to get the Clematis, and morning glory seeds planted, just in time for it to downpour and show us exactly how much more good soil we need to add to it.

20200525_141143 20200525_141208

It entailed, digging an 8" deep, 1.5 ft wide trench. Laying in hardware cloth, and then backfilling again. Lots of earthworms, so that was nice to see. The daylilies, bee balm, and Black Eyed Susan, had the leaves and (most) of the weeds raked or pulled out. I have daylilies by the back porch that'll get transplanted over to here as well. The Haku Ookan Clematis is on the other end, with morning glories up the center, and a fence for them to grow up. I'll add fall bulbs and more black eyed susans as well as echinecea to this bed as well.

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Tomatoes and peppers are settling in nicely. The warmer temps these passed couple days have helped.

20200525_141243 20200525_141254 20200525_141258

The lettuce, spinach, radishes, carrots, potatoes are all going nuts. We've harvested lettuce and spinach 4 times now, as well as pulled several radishes for salads. Going to have to start giving lettuce away at this rate. Heh.


The center bed is filling in nicely. The Common Violet is bouncing back from the degradations of the voles, like I knew t would. The pollinator plants in the hardware cloth baskets are filling in beautifully. The Dill and Parsley are settling in, and I have Dill seedlings, as well as Cilantro seedlings. More food for Swallowtails. The Sage and Thyme that were transplanted from next door after they moved out and abandoned them, have tripled in size. The Asiatic lilies in the bottom right corner will be transplanted up by the house, with the others, next weekend. I hope to get some False Indigo to put in it's spot. Apparently there are several varieties that are native to my area.

20200525_141329 20200525_141420

*Finally* have some zucchini sprouts! Wooo! The butternut squash and cucumbers are *almost* big enough to require a trellis for them to stat climbing. We'll put up that next weekend. The Purple Tomatillos up the center have sprouted. Not as many as I'd hoped, but enough. Volunteer sunflowers along with ones I planted are doing well too. There's more in the lettuce and spinach bed as well, to provide some shade. Same with the beans and suragr snap eas. The beans aren't doing so hot this season. Had to replant more Blue Lakes up the center, to beef up the crop. The Royal Burgandy is ok, not as full as last season. But the sugar snap peas are going nuts too. They just need to start climbing now, instead of staying bushy. And yes, that is a giant Dandelion in the bean bed. Dandelion salad is delicious.


The butterfly milkweed has doubled in size this year. The Anise Hyssop moved to the center and other side of the bed, so it's not as crowded anymore. I think that'll help. Rather surprised it's got buds already. But I'll take them.


A friend sent me Borage seeds a couple years ago. They've sat in the fridge until this season. They sprouted beautifully. Hopefully they'll set seed after blooming, and I'll be able to grow more next year.


It's hard to tell from this photo, but our Black and White Asiatic lilies are budding! Woo! Can't wait to see what they look like. They'll go in a new bed by the back porch, with the smaller lilies (Parrot variety) and the native Spiderwort, as well as more Common Violet (they're native too).

Also found we have *3* American Holly seedlings under Fezzik, in the native shade garden. They'll be transplanted into pots and babied until larger. I like when native plants volunteer themselves onto my property. Heh.

Chopped back the invasive multiflora rose, japanese honeysuckle and bittersweet behind the nativar Ninebark bushes, on the fence, that's a twice, sometimes 3 times, a year thing. Gave the flowering quince a hair cut, walked the driveway and cut the Chinese Privet (which is blooming and smells lovely, but is oh so invasive. We've pulled out *3* in beds we didn't want it) back, so when it rains, it's not drooping down in the way. Can't outright remove it, as it's not our property. But we *can* trim it to keep our right of way driveway clear of hazards. You can now see our sign at the road from both directions again. And discovered there's evil poison ivy up by the sign too.}:( Already had to yank a dozen seedlings from the shade garden. Ugh. Mark has a job cut out for him in removing it from not only the fence, but the front of the shed as well, next weekend.

And now we're beat.


We've been in phase 1 of reopening a little over a week. Our curve is starting to go back up.}:(

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