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Day 3 of rain, add wind

(I tried setting it up to crosspost from DreamWidth to here, but I have no idea if it worked or will work. So if this shows up multiple times, it obviously worked and this one will disappear.)

So, so tired of rain now. And wind.


Especially when it does stuff like this. Yes, that's our driveway. No, that wasn't out tree. That Smooth Bark Sumac is 20 ft outside out property line. But, if we want in and out, we had to remove it ourselves.


Unfortunately, it was too heavy for me to move on my own. So I had to wait for Mark to get home. And we needed the chainsaw. Not 10 seconds after I took this photo, I kid you not, the chain came off. Yeah.

Wind. Rain. Chilly. Downed tree. And malfunctioning chainsaw. Fun times.


It took almost an hour, meaning we missed martial arts Zoom class, but we got the chain back on, got the tree limbed up and the main trunk cut into manageable chunks. And the entire 30 ft tree moved.

No, it didn't land on any structures, just a poor forsythia bush right there at the turn off for the house next door.

We're looking at roughly 3" of rain so far. And gusty, high winds. So I expect, more trees- hopefully not on our property or anyone we know- will be coming down.


The Canadian geese that come back to the ponds yearly to raise a brood, were on our side of the hay field this morning. They were maybe 60 ft away, and eyeing me up something fierce. Last I saw them, they were heading back to the thicket and ponds, with the rain coming in sideways from the south-southeast, which is unusual and *why* that tree came down- it leaned north-northwest.

My lettuce is loving this. Not sure about the rest of the garden. Heh.


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